Introducing Veganuary’s latest ambassador: Chris Packham!

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We are both elated and proud to announce Chris Packham as our latest ambassador!

Chris’s incredible career working alongside wildlife from a young age, together with his remarkable broadcasting skills and passionate conservation work, both charitable and professional, make Chris well suited to his ambassador role for Veganuary.   

Join Chris. Go vegan for the animals and environment this January, sign up to Veganuary today!

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8 Responses

  1. Jayne Tear says:

    vegan biscuits, Chris? Omg there are so many. . Tesco Dark Choc Digestives.. Droool.

  2. Anna Eagland says:

    Oreos and Party Rings are vegan…

  3. Cameron Hill says:

    Don't worry Chris. Oreos, many supermarket brands of bourbon creams, ginger nuts, and oaty biscuits are all vegan (depending on your views on palm oil).

  4. Surrey Vegan says:

    Love his honesty and how candid this is. Hobnobs… his whole face lit up! Bless him. Epic work guys! Chris we know you can do it!

  5. natureasintended says:

    Loads of biscuits are vegan 🙂 . Google it. My fave would be bourbons. Biscuits are high fat though 😮

  6. highroadtohell says:

    Awesome! The world is starting to realise what's best.. and that's veganism. For your health, for the animals, for the planet.

    At first you may slip up and make mistakes, finding your feet.. But it's fully possible and you will feel heaps better for not putting rubbish into your body.

  7. RipeLife says:

    What a guy!!

  8. Chick Pea says:

    I’ve always loved Chris and Michaela since the really wild show lol.
    We need more celebrities speaking up about veganism people need to know the truth!!

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