Instant Karma – Feminist Edition #4

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Instant Karma – Feminist Edition #4
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42 Responses

  1. Jorge Luis Calderon says:

    Is that first chipmunk Chi-chi Rodriguez?

  2. Danie Rossouw says:

    stupid fuckers

  3. Eric Rodriguez says:

    This wolrd is about to be cleanse.

  4. Seh Pu says:

    I seriously don't aware that "we can be racist against women"…

  5. Weston Wickman says:

    I'm so tired of spoiled rich white people with daddy issues screaming at me at how privileged I am. You know what, if white privilege is such a problem, how about you get a job at McDonalds and give the trust fund money your living off to a minority family? How about you drop out of your prestigious colleges and pay for a minority to go? How about you become a petitioner for some of these illegal immigrants and help them start a life over here? Oh that's right, because it's "only from thee, and not from me." Hypocrites.

  6. Tim Duerden says:

    The gift that just keeps giving!

  7. Prcdguy Australia says:

    Hit me an expect to be hit back bitchness

  8. Darren Crawford says:

    I saw this movie in the 80's it was called revenge of the nerds

  9. S P says:

    Crazy white women

  10. Akimoto4u says:

    video reported and unsubscribing as well…you fucking uneducated pig stop re publishing the same content over and over again

  11. Ranger bloke says:

    ahhhhhh the project is a New zealand show no they migrated to my country now

  12. Rex Alfie Lee says:

    Someone has fed these escapees some words & now the vomit is coming back up. Retards need to be treated better. Put them back into their workshops…

  13. Rex Alfie Lee says:

    How did this girl get out of her workshop? Take her back. Mad fucking witches, no, just some workshop girls who've escaped…

  14. Hereward the Wake says:

    Pathetic creatures.

  15. kubel83 says:

    When leftists think it reminds me of my old computer… "BRRRRRRRR DOINK!…. Windows.Exe Suddenly stopped working"

  16. Tsar Kasm says:

    Asteroid 2020!

  17. David Dorrizzi says:

    Can you imagine living with this woman?

  18. Paul White says:

    take out that blonde piece ( 5 : 20 )…and leave her with the food bill.

  19. Kalika Putra says:


  20. Ronald Higgins says:

    Morons without a clue . If you take a dozen of these dingalings , put them together in a bucket . Would you end up with the intelligence of a box of rocks ? I doubt it ! They sound like a gaggle of democrats .

  21. Des Kelly says:


  22. Marius Gheorghe Radutiu says:

    I think that now they are proud of Trump. He's a provider and now try to Be a protector! Nice!

  23. Scott Bond says:

    I am a retard

  24. WJ67 says:

    One woman said she was an Atheist and a Satanist….. She does realize that she is a MORON, you can't be both.

  25. Odin Force says:

    Human beings disappoint the hell out of me. So entitled, dependant and weak.
    Being a victim isn't a virtue.

  26. Daniel Brinlee says:

    Commenting on the first clip, I bet she’d shut the fuck up with a dick in her mouth.

  27. Jay Tissera says:

    'T am atheist, and I'm satanic' – dumbass woman who does not see the irony

  28. mitch ervin says:

    Robert you cry baby puss boy damn this shit is funny

  29. mitch ervin says:

    You don't have to pay baby I just fake a bathroom brake and leave your dumb ass..

  30. mitch ervin says:

    Jap cunt

  31. m Suarez says:

    If I saw those retards in Australia dancing with witches hats on I would send them straight to Christmas Island so they can live with their friends

  32. Silent Watcher says:

    I'm so glad there are women who are smart, unlike these lesbian hags

  33. freelandsm1 says:

    How retarded does one have to be to complained about "white supremacy" when you're WHITE!!!!!

  34. Fabio d says:

    What the fuck is wrong with these idiots. They need help

  35. James Alvarado says:

    I hope to God that first girl is a lesbian. So that mo man has to put up with that craziness

  36. Tom Penfold says:

    This kind of justifies why we killed witches back in the day.

  37. forbiddencrisis says:

    Toxic femininity. If it doesn't go her way first screech. If that doesn't work play the victim card

  38. geoff beyer says:

    Shit's gonna go down when Trump gets re elected next year!

  39. Alex James says:

    This is why trump won

  40. DARIUS DANIEL says:

    Being a woman is NOT a race, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA IT'S A "sex"

  41. Russ Smith says:

    Smack these bitches…thats all they need is a good smack to put em back in place…

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