INSANE FEMINST GOES CRAZY!! (Feminist Cringe Compilation 2018)

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INSANE FEMINST GOES CRAZY!! (Feminist Cringe Compilation 2018)
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24 Responses

  1. Schleudertrauma says:

    9:34 this is not a feminist cringe clip, this is a male who is hyped for fallout he is on our side! sorry for the maybe bad english

  2. Heather Keniston says:

    What the fuck did I just watch.

  3. Corban says:

    half of these are old as fuck and the other half arent even of feminists, boy youre really trying to shit out these low effort videos for revenue huh.

  4. Johnny Chavez says:

    Congratulations, after 20 years you just made me pick up a bible and pray to God that my son doesn't turn into one of these fuckers in the video.

  5. Admiral_Chirkov says:

    we have reached levels of cringe that shouldn't even be possible to reach.

  6. Eric B says:

    Not really cringe. However it did give me rage. I've never wanted to punch someone in the face as much as I did those idiots acting like cats

  7. brook martin says:

    WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH. Tbh I barely lasted 30 seconds of this shit. Can someone who watched the whole entire thing tell me what is going on. There's to much cringe for me to handle.

  8. Jim R. says:

    Bronies? that has to be a troll……. right? right? please!!! tell me its just a troll.

  9. pash91 says:

    ….so no actual Feminism videos at all then…

  10. youtube #not says:

    At the beginning, i have autism now

  11. Steve Williams says:

    What in the fuck is an Anal Breath

  12. Snipeshot1202 1 says:

    I start the video and I'm in shock these retards will run the country

  13. stormcop55 says:

    WTF did I just watch

  14. Kevin C says:

    The guy @ 4:52 looks like Andy Capps

  15. Kevin C says:

    What the actual hell did I just watch?

  16. John Smith says:

    People please go out and vote in the upcoming midterms it is never been more important. Don't let these morons undo everything Trump has accomplished you must vote Republican. Nothing is more important than keeping Democrats out of power.

  17. DankLordDave says:

    I did not expect to get a facefull of UncleSamPatriot when i clicked on this video…

  18. vivek says:

    These shameless disgraceful disgusting pervert illiterate lunatic hippocrate unscientific unhuman micro morrons are up to destroy their own society own nation.. and driven by hatred ignorance and bigotery.. these Demon possessed immoral filthy scumbags need to be nuked ASAP..

  19. Vi Si says:

    XThis is not even funny. This lot should be locked up and the key thrown away!

  20. Sir Yeet says:


  21. Camsterdam says:

    So disturbing…

    The amount of ads

  22. Phantom Blade says:

    lol first video is of Rekt Media in his natural habitat

  23. Alejandro Suarez says:

    If she’s a cat does that mean she can lick her own pussy?

  24. Queen Kajina Kinoshita says:

    Look at all those ads!!!

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