Illiberal Universities: What’s the Liberal Solution?

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I like solutions, so I look into how the politically liberal would handle issues like how will professors deal with students who are exceedingly illiberal and anti-freespeech?
*Hint* Scared Liberal Professors will just sit on their hands and wait for those who are politically conservative to save them… *facepalm*
I might need a healing circle after this video.

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Yes, Liberals Rule the Ivory Tower—But Why?:

I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me:

Fox News: Have Liberals Ruined College?:

Pathetic liberal professor Andrew Hallam:

College Students Describe What a Conservative Is:

College Students Don’t Recognize Reagan:

College Students Don’t Know What Decade Reagan Was President:

Carleton Conservatives:

Conservative Professor Dr. Matt Manwheller:

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6 Responses

  1. The Beachdancer says:

    I stumbled upon the madness of university tyrannical opposition to free speech and also the misogyny of feminism in just the last few months. (Perhaps I have been in a coma, or just on a long bender?)

    I am shocked at the whining emotion filled protests devoid of cogent statements or substantive issues.

    and worse I find my skin crawling as I have to turn to Fox News or RT for the facts.

    The mainstream media seem to be incapable of even comprehending, let alone reporting neutrally. It is as if they are blinded by faith.

  2. The Beachdancer says:

    It is the story of Frankenstein, the universities created a monster and it has turned on its creators.

  3. panos says:

    Good compilation of events relative to the story but the background music, although very nice to my musicians ear, is not back ground enough since it tends to distract from the content.

  4. James Kaplan says:

    It's great to see a young bright conservative.

  5. Vernaculis says:

    I think that a paraphrased George Orwell quote is appropriate here from his review of one of Bertrand Russell's works. And hopefully it can be appreciated despite him being something of a Socialist.

    "Most liberals are good at identifying problems, but terrible at coming up with solutions."

  6. N.C. Clark says:

    The politically liberal totally have a solution to the lack of freedom of speech on campus… just sit on their hands and wait for conservatives to solve it… great. Just great.

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