“I don’t think changing sex is actually possible” | Transphobia Debate

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A billboard commissioned by a feminist group defining a woman as an “adult human female” was removed due to the perception of transphobia.

Matthew Wright chairs a debate featuring all the key parties from the controversial incident.

03:14 Paula Wright, an academic, joins on the line to offer her impressions.

06:15 Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull – the feminist who commissioned the poster, enters the discussion.

15:38 Harry Doyle – a councillor who fought for the removal of the billboard joins the debate.

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35 Responses

  1. jerrysmithsexy says:

    who gives a shit

  2. Sicilian Gecko says:

    I have a QUESTION why aren’t trans MEN who used to be women having the same issues as trans women aka women who used to be MEN ?? I’ve six transgenders in my family three Male to females and three female to males the latter do not get GOT AT at all no one gives a monkeys YET THE other three Male to female get so much agro and shit it’s unbelievable WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE IGNORANCE PARANOIA HYSTERIA!! That’s the problem!

  3. mediacenter man says:

    Transgender women will never be women. If they were, why would they be annoyed by the poster? Transgender is a mental illness

  4. laura gilmore says:

    I have no issue with trans men and woman wanting to lead the lives they lead being who they believe to be and them having the rights to do so. personally though I don't believe a trans man or trans woman will ever be know as anything else as trans people they  are fighting different issues to those who where born the gender they are living as. though they may feel they are a certain sex, have surgery to be that sex, biologically they aren't that sex and that's a fact. I don't know why they feel they need to be know as a woman and as a man why cant they just be trans men and woman? as long as they are treated with respect kindness and love that's biologically and  scientifically what they are

  5. dominic henry says:

    i would genuinly like to have a discussion with a trans person, unfortunitly i dont know any. the main reason is as a gay man i know for myself the i prefare people to question me and ask about the things they dont agree with or dont understand. it is basic respect for others veiws to enquire and be open to to the responce you get. to me saying it is not possible to change sex is not offencive in any way it is a fact. the word sex represents the biological make up of a person, it is gender that is a social constuct. so i dont get why it would be considored transphobic. i may be totally wrong in my interpritation of the issue which is why i would love to have the discussion because i do want to understand. for me right now i do get where the women are coming from saying they want to remain seporated from trans. the point that has been made about gay culture i.e. clubs etc. not existing anymore due to the straight community infiltrating and taking over these places i totally agree with its a dilution of culture they are on about. its not a place of hate but rather acknowledging the difference between the two situation. if there is someone that con explain the trans veiw of this to me and wouldnt mind me asking question to them plese do let me know.

  6. Eri Layco says:

    Thanks for allowing an actual debate on this topic and not just shutting it down. Civil debate is important

  7. Eri Layco says:

    If I tell everyone that it hurts my feelings when I hear people call the sky blue can I force everyone to call it green? Can I force people to never display pictures depicting the sky as blue? No because it's insane.
    Sorry bout your penis dudes but you are male. Doesnt mean you cant look pretty or dress however you like but you are male and I don't hate ya I just don't think it's right to force others to deny reality

  8. Brianna says:

    are we serious? if your trans woman your a trans woman to me your still a man i do not need to live in your delusion

  9. Dj says:

    Offended? What happens when you get offended? Nothing!!!!
    No one woke up after being offended with leprosy. Grow a spine for gods sake. When the real world comes at you you’ve got no chance.
    The real world will eat you alive.
    Pathetic virtue signalling victim status clowns.
    It’s pathetic.
    I fear for this world.

  10. Kit Bear says:

    Do you have a "Y" chromosome? Then you are not a woman, end of!

  11. marine corps says:

    . Is it not obvious these tranny people are fucked in the head. Almost as much as feminists. I hope they kill each other over this nonsense. The truth is hurtful to the delusional.

  12. John Missig says:

    Wow! The left is eating itself.

  13. GODDESS POWER says:

    That's identity respect

  14. GODDESS POWER says:


  15. GODDESS POWER says:


  16. Kiran McGoldrick says:

    “Common Purpose “ bullshit

  17. White Fang says:

    Transenderism is a mental illness, known as ‘gender dysphoria’. It’s closely linked to depression and suicide. The argument used by trans activists that the depression and suicide rate is caused by ‘oppression & discrimination’ against transgenders is false. Firstly in places like California where trans people aren’t only accepted but celebrated the suicide rate remains the exact same as anywhere else. Secondly ‘oppression & discrimination is not linked to suicide. African Americans under slavery had a lower suicide rate than wealthy white men. The fact is the suicide rate is high because gender dysphoria is a mental illness. These people need compassion and they need help. They do not need to be encouraged and the trans agenda does not need to be celebrated anymore than bipolar or scitzophernia

  18. Sapere Aude says:

    I love how none of the people in the interviews I have seen about this poster of the dictionary definition of woman can actually read a dictionary; ˈwʊmən' is the word 'woman' in phonetics and they all read it as if it is in English and mispronounce it as women.

  19. Comic Book Guy says:

    Most "transgenders" aren't what we're told they are, they're not psychologically-misgendered individuals compelled by a mental state to experience themselves as the opposite sex. Only a minority of "transgenders" are psychologically-misgendered people. Most "transgenders" are transvestites who mimic women to indulge a fetish, and/or mimic women to exploit the special attention and privileges society gives women. Or they (many so-called transgenders) are merely edgy teens who adopt an atypical gender just for the sake of non-conformity.

  20. Comic Book Guy says:

    The western world's dictionaries will soon be edited to censor the truth and promote a lie, e.g "Woman. an adult human female, or any adult that identifies as a woman ".
    They've already decided that "gender" is "typically (or especially) used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones" despite the fact that many, if not all english speakers use "gender" to mean male/female sex, and "gender" is still often used even in an official context (e.g medical records, insurance documents, etc) to mean male/female sex.

  21. LuvNotH8 says:

    The amount of transphobia and general ignorance in the comment section here is actually vile.

  22. loneranger 5 says:

    trans women are not women they don't give birth….they don't go through the menopause they don't share the history of the struggles of women…..whats wrong with embracing who they are which is trans woman????? And the history of that situation…..

  23. em D says:

    Omg that last caller is Oprahs asshole, Gary I believe his name is. We all seen how they communicate on the phone thanks to south park.

  24. em D says:

    Transgender is a mental illness not a civil right.
    You are not a woman you are a trans woman. Hair cut won't change it, hormones won't change it, surgery won't change it. That's just cosmetic. Biologically you are not a woman so it's people being offended by the truth.

  25. Leilane Sousa says:

    "but is not kind" GO FUCK YOURSELF

  26. Karl Korp says:

    White heterosexual men having to listen to this endless shit day in, day out. Most modern women are hysterical entitled brats and this gender thing needs dealing with on a chaise lounge before the scalpel. Man I fucking hate my country these days, – what a humourless Orwellian shit-hole it has become!

  27. Sarah Blaquiere says:

    Why can't we have women and transwomen, indeed? And why should they have to flag to the world that they "used to be men"? Well, in most cases, it's quite apparent just from looking at them…

  28. Sarah Blaquiere says:

    The debate is all about being "kind", apparently. But ::only:: to transwomen, not women, obviously.

  29. scoobydisney says:

    Peak lunacy: woman "offended" by word/concept "woman".

  30. ThompsonDB says:

    So basically we're being forced into compulsory kindness? Get fucked. Bored of these faux-offended attention seekers stop giving them the time of day. There's a difference between being allowed to call yourself and woman and being legally and scientifically recognised as a woman. You can shove your feminist equal representation nonsense as well. As near as possible we want a meritocracy not Identitarianism.

  31. K L says:

    Estop trying to put worms in that manWo's mouth MATTilda !

  32. allafleche says:

    The fact that this discussion even took place is proof the West is already lost.

  33. allafleche says:

    Nobody thinks a transwoman is a real woman even them.
    If tomorrow half of the government declared themselves women, they would not say we have achieved parity in politics.

  34. scoobydisney says:

    "…blah blah…just imagine a trans child going to school, KNOWING…" Knowing what?! That they're not actually female and that they'll never actually be a woman, as defined by the dictionary and as understood by the vast majority of not only the English-speaking world, but humankind? I don't think they need a poster to tell them that….. That's the problem, isn't it? The inconvenient, "unkind" truth, which doesn't give a shit how you "feel" about it?

  35. yeah bolstered says:

    This trans thing needs putting to bed, I can imagine future historians looking at this silly time and shaking there heads in despair. There are two genders boy and girl, there is also a lot of kinky people who like to try on cloths whilst nobody is looking, I prefer the old terminology for these people, perverts.

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