How to Stop Andraya Yearwood from Beating Girls for Three More Years!

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Andraya Yearwood is a high school freshman who runs track against ladies. He won the state Connecticut state final in the 100 meter and 200 meter races. If you want to stop him from beating ladies for three more years of high school and going down as the greatest high school track runner in American history, then contact the CIAC with fax, email, and calls to raise your objections. Also, every lady who is scheduled to run with him, should simply boycott their races. Let him be the only one running every time, until he wants to compete with other young men.

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38 Responses

  1. Cc Bb says:

    Born females need to stand up and fight this matter.

  2. Cc Bb says:

    It’s not fair. Down right crazy and I can’t see why in the world they are letting this go on.

  3. T McIntyre says:

    I guess next he can play on the girls basketball team

  4. Karl Karg says:

    This athlete is taking advantage of the evil system obumbo created

  5. Leslie Jackson says:

    That is NOT a she. Stop the madness. I wonder howell he'd do against other boys? You are spot on bro.

  6. Evan Hall says:

    The blind man pointed and said "this is wrong. "

  7. TakeAShowerStinky says:

    He's a man and a coward just like Barry "Cocaine" Obama.

  8. MisterClassic77 says:

    Sensation my ass!

  9. Rob S says:

    Boys shouldn't be allowed to compete with girls

  10. Gale Daniel says:

    The girls should all get together and agree not to run against him. Let him run by himself

  11. zoompt 1975 says:

    Why stop him?
    Women will now lay on the bed made by themselves.
    Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch

  12. Matti Suutarinen says:

    this is the degeneracy the allied schweinhunds fought for in world war 2 for their jewish masters.

  13. 3 KIDS says:

    Something like this was always going to happen when political correctness tells us to play along with these mentally ill people’s games of dress up.

  14. Domitilla says:

    The individual has a moustache. He does not look anything like a girl. He is one ugly looking girl. The brains behind these problems continue to cause problems. Andraya vs Andromeda

  15. DurdyClaude says:

    A big thanks to all transgender athletes for making womens sports irrelivant……way to go buddy……

  16. Creflo Dollar says:

    If you want to be a Motocross Champion but have no chance beating Eli Tomac, Justin Barcia or Chad Reed you can always put on a wig, say your a "trans" person and mop the field of WMX womens motocross.

  17. Wendy Ferguson says:

    This is like Caster Simenya from South AFrica, dresses like a man, speaks like a man, acts like a man, and is married to another woman, but refuses to compete in the mens races, so she chooses when she can cheat and then calls RACISM AS USUAL ALSO A BLACK PERSON !

  18. Stewart Ferguson says:

    Disqualify any runner whose testosterone level is above X?

  19. 13 th says:

    They should also erase any record broken by any transgender competing in women's events. This is like a comedy skit from mad tv.

  20. radar 211 says:

    So .. scholarship?

  21. 2roly2 says:

    remove gender from athletic school programs , feminist groups wanted that equal gender rights let them have it let them lose at every athletic program . Let them play football so they can take a nice hit . Women can do everything a man can do right ? So they should be able to take a physical ass beating for the team !

  22. murozman says:

    Lmao this is good news.

  23. Carr Rexx says:

    Liberal Logic

  24. Carr Rexx says:

    This is only gonna get funnier. This is what happens when you give a society too much freedom and disregard common sense. We made it, enjoy the Show. UFC, The Olympics, WNBA, Women's Tennis, Soccer are next. And it only takes a few Men to dominate these Sports. Ratings Galore! Where's Waldo? EVERYWHERE!

  25. Kommanique Wallace says:

    Im from TX and I ran track in high school and college. I understand both sides but the times that are being posted aren't even super fast times. I would understand is she/he was running times that boys run but that isnt the case. If you watch the Olympics this is already an issue.

  26. Cheryl Brown says:

    this is ridiculously unfair to the girls who work hard to prepare a to compete smdh

  27. Trevon Jackson says:

    I hate you

  28. Shana Feste says:

    What a sad use of your time. A grown man attacking a beautiful, light-filled teenager girl. As I tell my toddler son, worry about YOU. Let this courageous woman shine.

  29. PŁĒXFŁĒX HÃÃÏŘ says:

    Hey middle aged man, can u stop. Like r u trans, no. R u gay, no. So don't talk about it. Ppl can be who tf they can be. If they want to be a violin, they can. So wat r trans ppl gonna stop ur heart from beating, hell no it's not. So let these HUMANS live. Would u like it if I called u a ugly pig, maybe. But stopping ppl who want to do something is outrageous. Have u ever went to school an they told u, u can be who u want to be, that's what Andraya's doing, So don't stop her. And yes am using her because she is a her, guys can be mean idiots to me, but what's that gonna do make my heart stop, no. This young girl can do what she wants to do, and the other girls need to work harder I they want to be on top. Some real girls r faster than boys. So who cares. Ppl try harder, and if they try harder they might get what they wear looking for. But if u stop her from doing her dream, u all r bullies in a way! Does it say in the bible that ppl can't be gay,trans,lesbian,or bisexual, NO! So why r all of yall hating! Use ur brains, ppl can be who they r! Do u want to stop a disabled person, maybe if ur cruel, but she is who she is, a trans girl

  30. Janet Wachter says:

    He he he

  31. guitta Dabe says:

    There is one immutable reality, whether leftists believe it or disavow it, that men and women are created different. Is there any better test to liberals' craziness than this gender fluidity bullcrap? Now, every law and norm has been changed in this country to advantage women or disadvantage men. Laws are there to tell women they are at least equal to men in everything, but better than men in certain things. Then come these boys and men that get to compete against girls and wipe the floor with them. Why would I want this to stop? I hope more boys do this and to such an extent that it drives girls out of sports just like entire men's teams were driven out of sports at universities by Title IX. Maybe, just maybe, women will finally rebel and accept that women and men are not equal in sports! Until then, enjoy the show!

  32. B. Real says:

    It's fair. Nobody is complaining about Bruce Jenner competing against women for men. Or is a race thing cause she is beating little Lilly white girls. Lmao.

  33. Is1 Spang says:

    Cuz yearwood is a guy

  34. PISQUE1969 Francis says:

    what hath O'Bama brought ….

  35. Christopher Grubb says:

    It turns out, all it took for her to not win another state titles was to take hormones which reduced her testosterone level. No need to protest.

  36. tanker2sh says:

    The deluded degenerates that push this gender identity narrative and the people who go along with it are the townspeople who say "the Emperor's clothes are beautiful" while the king is actually naked while people with common sense are the kid who said "the Emperor hasn't got anything on."

    They, especially feminists, will even deny the fact that women are the ones who are getting the short end of the stick out of all of this. Now we have a guy in a dress from spain going to compete in ms universe who stole that dream from the other real female candidates.

  37. Ruben Scott says:

    If gay ppl get it all if women get it all they better deal whit it why are you guys helping women out they want to make us dogs let women fix there issues they created them by helping the gay community evolve in to women always mad specially single women always calling my phone form small stuff I know they want to fuck but I have a wife and we’ll you older women are like young girls easy just be tall handsome and they all want to fuck

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