How to Get a Feminist to Make You a Sandwich | MSGA # 5

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Women are meant to be submissive, and find great joy in it. In today’s episode, I talk to my friend, a master of female psychology who has dedicated his life to understanding women. He has trained more than one feminist girlfriend to make him a sandwich, without even trying. We are blessed he is joining us today to share with us his wisdom on relationships, spirituality, and self-development.

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16 Responses

  1. Steve Fowler says:

    lol…makes me remember my undergrad Engineering College days. The radical feminist movement on college campuses had just started getting a little traction. I am a decently good looking guy and have always been confident in my own skin so never had a problem dating normal cute girls but I learned pretty quickly that if there was a hot feminist/Women's Studies babe (yes there were a few of them) that I wanted to get in her pants all I had to do was mouth the leftist/feminist talking points and Wham! I was in the club…they were some of the stupidest people I have ever met…but hey a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.

  2. Sophia Miu says:

    Then why are you with American women? That’s naive . There are Asian women, Russian women, European women, anyone better than America. So why are you suffering lol

  3. Damien81ful says:

    You give her money?

  4. mike wilson says:

    Let me teach you , I'm one of these guys who these idiots are calling us Chad, I fuck a different girl every week, most of them are feminists , all you need to do is to fuck her to the point she cant walk , I make them worship me as A God, I'm blessed with 10.5 inches monster plus I'm 6.3 compittitor bodybuilder, powerful sex will get any type of girls so submissive, fuck her to death.

  5. Ariel J says:

    Pls make a video on the new APA anti-male guidelines

  6. STDNT says:

    Would rather have a 10 min podcast with decent audio than a 1 hr podcast with terrible audio. Don’t wanna be bitchy but I can barely make out what he’s saying.

  7. Titus Cerbaro says:

    most of those cicks don t even know how to make a sandwich … this is very sad

  8. Knowbodys Method says:

    Great Work Yogi & Homie

  9. Sajid Hasanzada says:

    Bro your videos are shit now

  10. Daniel Castillo says:

    Dude if you are a real mgtow you shouldn't be jealous of anyone

  11. Coolman Coolman says:

    FUCK these Feminists.

  12. seek knowledge procure wisdom says:

    Thank you

  13. Daniil Dimitrov says:

    Did he give her drive in this car….

  14. Esteban S. says:

    Why do you always think in black and white? Why do you have to generalise everything??? (Women, feminists etc) you are just not differenciating enough, the only thing you do is hate women

  15. Tony Clark says:

    Step your game up brah. Why settle for just a sandwich. I'm getting sweet southern ice tea also, and a foot rub.

  16. Jami Nelson says:

    Oh my gosh, he is so cute! I would say that the culture is lying to guys. In my experience most straight women want a guy that is more dominant. However, a lot of women only experience dominant men who are angry and uncaring. I would prefer a man who is kind, but will stand up for what he wants.

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