How to Decrease the Gender Pay Gap

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This video was created by high school teenagers to inform people about the gender pay gap and change how people view it. We also want to give information about how to fix it and how to create an equal workplace. We hope that everyone enjoys this video and it provides useful and helpful information. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment! Here are the sources we got our information and graphics from:

– 7 Ways to Fight the Wage Gap
– 5 Practical Ways to Fight for Equal Pay
– How to Close the Wage Gap in Your Lifetime in 5 Simple Ways
– ladies get paid
– Facts about Pay Equity
– about wage gap with people in medicine
– about general wage gap in texas vs other state – 2017
Margaret Neale – why women have to negotiate and how / about her negotiation class shd teaches at Stanford
– survey on women and their negotiation and highlights and what you can do
– “For reasons not yet understood, one specialty appears to have eradicated the gap: radiology, in which women’s adjusted average salary topped men’s by about $2,000 a year.” (not specific to Texas)
– Professionally active physicians in texas separated by gender
– wage gap with physicians state by state breakdown, wage gap in texas is 35%
– free salary report and place high school teachers can fill out survey
-negotiating salary tips
-salary coaching
– myths vs. facts about teachers & their salaries
– teacher pensions
-video experiment men vs women negotiation
– how to negotiate (tips)
real stories of women who negotiated their salaries
why there are more women than men as teachers
take action for fair pay
tips for women becoming better negotiators
– increase of the gender pay gap
– a podcast episode by the creators of Ladies Get Paid, about salary negotiation

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