How much pocket money? Girls and gender equality: Julie McKay at TEDxCanberra 2012

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As the head of UN Women Australia, Julie McKay is more qualified than most to speak on issues affecting women, including those in a wealthy, first world nation like Australia.

Addressing issues of equitable treatment of women the world over, Julie uses an example close to home and provides some positive, powerful actions we can all take to bring about true equality between the sexes.

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4 Responses

  1. squiggle dash says:

    "living in a world that fundamentally values girls less than it values boys" WTF. What planet do these people live on.

    Girls and women have always been valued more than boys and men and always will be for evolutionary biological reasons.

    Thats why:
    Homeless : 90% male
    Suicide: 75% male
    Life expectancy: 6 years shorter than womens
    Health care funding multiples lower than females
    Worplace Deaths: 97% male
    War casualities: 97% male
    Victims of violence and murder: 75% male
    Legal system huge bias towards females.
    Education : University awards 60% female 40% male (and dropping!)

    No rational person could look at these statistics and say the females are valued less. The factual inaccuracies and wrong conclusions that this UN representative is making are astounding. And she framed her argument about women in the first world?

  2. squiggle dash says:

    "We are either lying to each other, we are lying to ourselves….." …OR you are lying to us….women are better educated than boys women now account for 60% of college degrees and masters degrees. Single women now out earn single men in metropolitan areas.

    Men are now earning less than their fathers did. Women only earn less when they decide to have kids because employers wont pay for them to stay at home to mind kids but a husband will so while he is earning more than her while she is minding kids all his money is spent on them. In the majority its the woman who decides to stay home and look after the kids its her decision not the fathers his choice is simple go to work and earn money for the family or go to work and earn money for the family.

    I don't know about pocket money but I remember my sisters getting a lot of make up cloths and shoes….I would be very surprised if they were getting less.

  3. george ormonde says:

    gender quotes are a backwards step to equality. though she makes some strong points

  4. Laedeydra xx says:

    Loved this talk. It's nice to watch one that's closer to home. Thanks for sharing.

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