How Much Does A Gender-Neutral Bathroom Cost?

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Stephen tests out Donald Trump’s theory that creating gender-neutral bathrooms would cost billions of dollars.

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42 Responses

  1. MistahMillah 42 says:


  2. JulZ 97 says:

    It would be good if public toilets had a women's and men's and a gender neutral in the middle, that way people you are uncomfortable with being in a bathroom with the opposite sex can still have some privacy and men looking to takes 30 secs to pee don't need to wait behind a line of women who are all going to spend a good 5 mins inside.

  3. Meme Knots says:

    HI ! I am NOT a transgender at all but i am part of a growing group of
    men who like to pee sitting down. Currently in this country there is no
    option for men in my "pee-dicament" to pee with dignity according to my
    pee-identity. DO YOU KNOW HOW UNDIGNIFIED i feel when some one walks
    into a mens bathroom and sees me sitting in the urinal??? DO YOU KNOW
    WHAT THEY THINK IM DOING IN THERE???? DO YOU?? Please everyone help me
    spread the word. Write letters, emails, pick up the phone and make
    calls. Let this world know that

  4. Gamecks says:

    This Great Nation has been to the Moon, but now we don't know which bathrooms to use?

  5. Jacob Fong says:

    I really don't think this issue deserves THIS much attention…

  6. steven schwartzhoff says:

    Mexico will pay for them, no problem.

  7. Rebecca Helen says:

    Uh, addressing both genders on this: If you carry a few sanitary wipes, the small, individually wrapped ones, you can give the seat a quick wipe off with it before, ahem, sitting. Common sense, like moderation, in all things, really is a life skill worth cultivating.

  8. adinfinitum000 says:

    People starve,climate is changing and we focus on trivial idiotic issues of deranged regressive leftists and feminists.

  9. Margarita M. says:

    I'm a female and that long-ass makeup routine in front of the mirror is the least terrible thing in women's bathrooms.
    Because they are so fucking dirty.

  10. Trekkie New Zealand says:

    Well its your fault for using $200 billion stickers.

  11. sitearm says:

    ah but you forget that "men's bathrooms really smell bad" so that's what would cost so much to restore equality because everyone knows that men erm… ; p

  12. wiiztec says:

    Sure it's that easy when you have 1 at a time bathrooms, but bathrooms meant to fit more than 1 person at a time are gender segregated for a reason. personally if you're a transgender person and you think you pass go ahead and use whatever bathroom you want the people inside will decide if you made the right choice

  13. M189T says:

    kennedy sent men to the moon, obama sent men to womens bathroom

  14. some person says:

    You didn't even need to take off the sticker. You could just put on an announcement saying the non-binary are allowed to use the handicap/family washrooms.

  15. Sleepy .Time says:

    Trump just makes shit up and pulls it out of his ass and his supporters eat it up, no wonder most are also Christians so i guess accepting complete bullshit as reality is in their genes.

  16. 2thomas k says:

    I don't see why we should have to change every bathroom for a small group of people

  17. CLIn7 l33tW00d says:

    If entire nation is focused on discussing bathrooms, then you know they are cooking up another WTC! 🙂

  18. MrZash says:

    The Left (the group I once associated with) has become a fucking Social Justice worshiping cult. What a fucking disgrace you people are.

  19. Atheist Jewish Messiah says:

    I believe trump is sort of right. its going to cost a lot just to build a whole new bathroom area to accommodate scared bigots with children. just let trans people use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. get a estimate on how much it cost to build a new bathroom in your house than tell me something

  20. TheRoflcopterGod says:

    Why not just add a third bathroom section labeled neutral, that way people who prefer going in single gender bathrooms can still do so, but those who don't care just go in the neutral.

  21. tntbandit5 says:

    It's 2016, we're America, we've got problems up the wazoo and we're….still stuck on the bathrooms. (sigh)

  22. squito94 says:

    If you're born with a penis and you think you're a women no one cares just use the god damn men's bathroom. Same for the women who think they're men folk. There aren't that many of you anyway. Majority rules.

  23. ind0ctr1n3 says:

    Cool, I'm sure there's absolutely nothing that could go wrong there.

    It's not like women on average spend twice as much time in the bathroom or anything.

  24. Douglas Thompson says:

    Mmmk, Just try making a generic bathroom with women inside and then have a group a guys stroll in to wait for a stall. That will go well.

  25. A Different Video of a Banana Every Goddamn Day says:

    Well, from an economist's perspective, the time it took to rip that label off has a cost

  26. jawahar vasu says:

    I miss those days when you type "Donald" in google search ,the first result you got was Donald Duck….:(

  27. typoded says:

    my only concern is that my school's student union building gender neutral and took out all the urinals. THAT's stupid. urinals are literally the best invention ever if i identified as a woman i'd still want to use the men's room because stalls suck ass

  28. Tom Brutis says:

    Scary thing that this transgender thing is even an issue. How many of these wacked outs are roaming around in civilized society that we need yo discuss this? Im not sure if Ive even met an actual transgender in person. If I did, I assumed they were just very ugly women with deep voices and shaving bumps.

  29. Shamlan Hasawi says:

    look at Trump at Kimmel, he just refused to put his own opinion on it because he doesn't want to lose his voters.

  30. Lord Reginald Peterson says:

    I do not support gender neutral bathrooms and not cause I'm a bigot but because vive known people who's job it was ro clean the bathrooms and the woman's is apparently a disaster area where as the men's might gave some puss on the floor and paper every where

  31. Light Hathos says:

    I used to be a janitor, and I'm completely against the idea of gender-neutral bathrooms for the reason that some women are absolutely disgusting in restrooms.

  32. russian potato says:

    I don't get why people want gender neutral bathrooms? does it really make a difference where you take a piss or a dump?

  33. Mike Honcho says:

    Colbert is obviously a democrat

  34. Daniel says:

    Trump: Mexico is paying for the gender-neutral bathrooms…Mexican President: No we won't…        Trump: The bathroom just got 10 feet higher…  Trump supporters: YEAH!

  35. Scott Faulkner says:

    John McAfee 2016

  36. Dave S says:

    rrroth, roth roth doth 🙂 roth doth

  37. Die20125 says:

    I know it is a joke, but making gender neutral bathrooms would actually be an extremely expensive expendeture that is quite honestly a waste of time. Just to please the 1% we are gonna waste money on making unnecessary things?

  38. agriperma says:

    Came across a picture posted by someone, of how one bar owner solved this, one restroom door had a sign " Standing " the other said "Sitting" .

  39. Birthday1313 says:

    I think there should only be regular and handicapped/family bathrooms. Really, dividing up the sexes when they are taking a piss or sh#t is stupid and costly.

    "Oh, but guys like to use urinals." give me a break, you can stand and piss into a toilet, you do it at home and not many people own a home urinal.

    "Oh, but the think of the children and women that 100% will get raped." look, buddy. If a rapist or pervert wanted to touch or terrorize a child or woman, they do not care what is on the f#cking door. If they are going to do it, they will do it, regardless if the silhouette on the door has a triangle dress or not.

    Also I hate that people nowadays assume that all men are out to rape or harm others. I thought feminism was to encourage equal rights among all genders, just like how the LGBTQ(A) is about acceptance/tolerance of sexuality. But, it's changed into women trying to take advantage and abuse their new power they earned over anyone, not just cis white males. Even those in different movements are using "women's rights" as an excuse to disobey law and harm others for personal gain. It's disgusting.

  40. CantStayAway says:

    BRAVO, STEPHEN!!!! 😀

  41. av4d says:

    Gender-neutral bathrooms means no urinal, which I'm all for. Fuck urinals. I always pee in them and it splashes back on my hand or shirt or pants and I'm like "fuck this pee trajectory bullshit!" so I always use the stall but I'm self-conscious that people think I do it because I have a small penis (which I do, but I don't want people to actually know that).

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