Hotel faces lawsuit after woman claims worker filmed her in shower

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The woman claimed the employee at Hilton’s Hampton Inn and Suites filmed her in order to blackmail and extort her.



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  1. Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT says:

    Your life isnt over drama queen
    Yeah this is awful and disgusting that someone would do this but she is just showering
    Weve all seen a naked lady and its not like she was filmed having an affair or gay sex
    It was a shower
    We all take them and i assume we all take it naked

  2. Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT says:

    Thats not the companies fault
    Thats the employees fault
    She just wants lots of money and wont win because hilton has way better lawyers

  3. rosy Mendoza says:

    This is terrible.

  4. ASMR ForDays says:

    100 millions isnt a bit high ? if it true , 1.5 to 2.5 millions are the common numbers is these cases

  5. Jason Tung says:

    How did the guy video you through your shower? You let him in into your room?

  6. Mani says:

    I don't get this comments saying that her life wouldn't be over. She might be cooking up a story for money but if a person especially girls have been show naked online they will be ashamed of it and may consider suicide because of people making fun of them or some may even call her names. Maybe in western side it is okay but not on the other side, I am sure there are lots of stories out there where people chose suicide when they have been humiliated publicly. I am sorry if this somehow offended someone, I am just upset about the other comments. There are probably lot of people out there who don't even report the authorities when they have been filmed because they are ashamed to let anyone know. Just imagine the pain that person will go through and the parents will also be upset as neighbours may look down on them. Pardon my English!

  7. Azura Dawn says:

    I don't think the hotel had anything to do with the employers action but they do have some liability …but to sue them for 300million for the actions of one person is too much. Even porn stars don't make that much per video… I think she's way too in it for the money…

  8. Daniel Forte says:

    You people are all missing the point, she not suing them because someone recorded her naked. It's the fact it was that easy that a person got into her room, the fact the hotel couldnt provide any surveillance, being a 5 star hotel they should provide better security. I do agree she's asking for way too much.

  9. flipingboredcritic says:

    Hope she Wins. Because if the Hotel can't straighten out their staff, they deserve to be sued.

  10. Lightning Driver says:

    We need to see proof of this allegation.

  11. Heather Wiese says:

    What was she doing in that shower that her life would be over? I honestly wouldn't give a shit if it was just a shower.

  12. Alfa Romeo says:

    100million? Idk who's doing the extortion right here.

  13. burned oils says:

    Lol if I was her friend I'd tell her "omg this is outrageous!" Then I'd fap to the video lol muraika yeah yeah!

  14. Run hard Rod says:

    Sounds like a scam. She recorded herself, waited a few years to send the email to herself or have a person she’s partnering with to send the email. It’s a “get rich quick” scheme just like the couple who started that gofundme account to help the fake homeless man after he gave the lady who ran out of gas his last $20 so she could get home. Come to find out, the homeless man, the lady and her husband got together and planned it all. Trust me, down the line, they’ll be charging this lady with felony embezzlement and fraud charges

  15. outlawabyss says:

    Soooo. This is how black mail works lol it's a gamble.

  16. SwagDolphinFTW Quantekk says:

    100million… way to much.. more like 100k to 1mil…

  17. Misfit from toy island. says:

    Umm he waited almost four years to blackmail her?

  18. Holly Kenyan says:

    100??? Good business. Can someone record me secretly please??? I'll give you 30%

  19. Juju Ice Assassins says:


  20. Alfredo Alcantar says:

    Smell a scam they were all in it

  21. chris12321222 says:

    Lady there’s no way in hell your body is worth 100 million.. more like $10.

  22. Jaronamo Ward says:

    Hmmm this doesn't add up

  23. Chitown ShaSha says:

    100 million really?? Lol

  24. Gifty Agyekum says:

    Sister i know what that person did to you is bad but please don't say your life will be over because of this video.. Please

  25. win loose says:

    She had an affair in the hotel room

  26. Courtney Royce says:

    I wonder if she was engaged or had a man , and was hooking up with the worker , he got tired of being side meat , got her phone , did his thing to finally have her or exploit. Because I’d sure the hell like to know how the hell he knew her friends fam co workers .. email , info – cmon. Either that or he was findin her a drug hook up. How else could your life be so “OVER”. Hmmmmmm

  27. Victor Taube says:

    Perverts !!!

  28. Ethan Wyman says:

    If she was cooking or cleaning she wouldn’t have been filmed

  29. Ethan Wyman says:


  30. Eileen LeValley says:

    I call bullshit. Both of them in on it together. How convenient she went to law school…..

  31. Ben Bobango says:

    She must have a fucked up vagina or something

  32. Slunt Cayer says:

    Is she trying to hide her dick?

  33. Sandi Moore says:

    That's one creepy hotel anyway.

  34. fran koch says:

    So she rubbed one out with some toys in the shower. Who hasn't?

  35. Hector Ferla says:

    But why one hundred million ? Is she worth that much.and why will her life be over im pretty sure there are a lot of ladies that shower also .

  36. ErayQforgetU says:

    Victim Went to law school, and is suing for a hundred million dollars. Hmmmmm

  37. Patti - Cake says:

    Wait….. what are the chances this was done by her, for lawsuit money? I mean, people are proving daily that they will lie about stuff like this to make money, as people are supposed to immediately believe all accusations without questions asked, nowadays.

  38. Phatastic Meemo says:

    But why sue the hotel? Why not sue the guy? And for $100,000,000??!! I don’t care how “over” her life is, which makes no sense because everyone showers, she would have never made that amount of money in her life anyway.

  39. Justin Young says:

    This is such a fraud…

  40. rmb9311 says:

    Ok…So now my friends and family know for sure that I showered that day. How is that worth money?

  41. Sea Bass says:

    Nah, this is definitely a scheme. I bet she recorded herself or had someone to record her. She planned this for sure. 100 mil for what?! She's bat shit crazy, I hope she gets less than 5k

  42. 1 1 says:

    Can someone film me taking a shower so I can get 10% of that?

  43. [Insert name] says:

    She definitely had a case but she won't win that 100 million dollars she wants.

  44. KeepItReal says:

    How did "HE" send the video to the friends and family?..How did "HE" get those email addresses? Really?.. Come on… DUMB story..

  45. Vinny says:

    She and the suspect have had a relationship. Police should look into it.

  46. Laura Nope says:

    Didn’t this happen to Erin Andrews? & that wasn’t a “set up”

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