Honors Colloquium: “How Black Women’s Stories Complicate Race and Gender Politics”

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Speaker Melissa Harris Lacewell is an Associate Professor of Politics and African American Studies at Princeton University. Perceptions about race shape everyday experiences, public policies, opportunities for individual achievement, and relations across racial and ethnic lines.

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10 Responses

  1. Arminius Jones says:

    death to this racial hatred stoker

  2. sadelover100 says:

    She Really LOVE her Men..she mentioned boyfriends and Lovers "multiple times" 😉 lol…Seriously I enjoyed thinking and listening to this lecture… it lifted my spirits as well to know we still have Black women representing themselves, and US, in a Positive, Passionate way.

    I LOVE Angela, Assata Shakur, Frances Cress Welsing, Sharrazad Ali…women like this are my BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEEEEEAUTIFUL Sheroes

  3. Barry Fail says:

    The only people that give a shit about the color of a person's skin, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status in regards to life, liberty, happiness or voting rights are the liberal/progressives/Marxists! The rest of us treat people based on morals, behavior, personal decisions and individual personality! We couldn't give two shits about your skin color! The Harris-Stalin-Perry's of the world judge people based on skin color, sexual orientation and voting record!

  4. myfriend280 says:

    This is supposed to be scholarship? Reminds me of my high school student's power points in tenth grade


    you are stupid

  6. bichecarabiche says:

    The whole thing is a psychological warfare that majority of blacks are unaware of although their all bearing the scares.

  7. tom11zz884 says:

    In other words…Asian men are regarded as having small wankies.

  8. Tim de Visser says:

    I enjoy her lectures so much! I feel weird about watching this to cheer myself up. Such a wonderful woman, I can't believe how intelligent, and funny, and sensitive and confident she is everywhere she goes. Melissa Harris-Perry, professor of my heart.

  9. Jayla Katherine says:

    i dont think there's an issue with tyler perry i just think it's a problem that there's no other options

  10. BlkButterfly777 says:


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