HIGNFY S50E07 Victoria Coren Mitchell, Hal Cruttenden & Jacob Rees Mogg

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14 Responses

  1. barbara wissinger says:

    I'm sure that Mrs. Rees-Mogg also finds David Mitchell extremely attractive, so it's all fine.

  2. T3t4nu5 says:

    The Mogg. Pure class and funnier than some of the actual comedians on that show.
    I don't even agree with the lad politically for the most part.

  3. krileayn says:

    I can't watch the latest crop of HIGNFY , it's all PC SJW garbage.
    They need to get Jacob or Nigel back on.

  4. vtrevlyn39 says:

    JRM and his Irish hedge fund. The utter hypocritical grub.

  5. Jason Smith says:

    This Jacob guy is a total posh spaz!

  6. MajesticDemonLord says:

    "All I can say is 'Jeremy Corbyn'"


  7. 9PWSS Camel says:

    Victoria – so foxy!

  8. Aryeh Finklestein says:

    Love his fearlessness and assurance in the lion's den. Not many Tories could do this – he handles them ( finally tames them ) with a combination of wit, intelligence, civility, charm and intelligence. Make him PM!!!

  9. Scott Gunn says:

    Hal Cruttenden is not funny… JRM is classic!

  10. WIDLEY1000 says:

    Hal Cruttenden is more fit for childrens tv.

  11. Golden Golly says:


  12. BackTheConformist says:

    Not the extended version.

  13. ROY FR says:

    When Jacob Rees Mogg gets more laughs than you…think about your role as 'comedien', Hal Cruttenden

  14. huw phillips says:

    Victoria does have quite a giggle on QI.

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