Here’s why Rolling Stone’s UVA rape story went viral | FACTUAL FEMINIST

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The recent Rolling Stone story about a gang rape at the University of Virginia has fallen apart. But why was it so easy for so many to believe it? Find out on this episode of the Factual Feminist.

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Partial Script:
The recent Rolling Stone story about a gang rape at the University of Virginia has fallen apart. But why was it so easy for so many to believe that nine unnamed male undergraduates were sociopathic monsters? I think I found the answer: That’s coming up next on the Factual Feminist. For several days many found it plausible that on a Friday night in the fall of 2012 in Charlottesville, Virginia, UVA fraternity members engaged in nightmarish, ritualized three-hour gang rape of one of their classmates. The account included several sadistic details, and was reminiscent of the horrors of Bosnian and Congolese rape camps. In retrospect, the story should have aroused immediate suspicion. That it was instead widely accepted cries out for explanation. Here is mine: Since the 1970s many academic feminists have claimed that American women live in a state of siege–constantly harassed, humiliated, and battered by men. Rape, they claimed, is not only pervasive but it is supported and sustained by cultural norms. Thus, the term “rape culture.” This grim worldview had little currency outside esoteric feminist circles–until recently. Public perception began to change around 2010. The term “rape culture” began to find its way into the mainstream. And everywhere we heard that one fifth of college women will be sexually assaulted. Take a look at this Google graph for searchers of phrase rape culture and the one-in-five statistic. {SHOW IT] The college rape epidemic meme went viral at the same time as rates of violent crime–including rape–were falling dramatically. New data from the BJS shows that the rate of rape or sexual assault for college women has decreased from about 9 victimizations per 1,000 in 1997 to 6 per 1,000 in 2013—or about 1 in 41 women over the course of 4 years. What happened in 2010 that precipitated the media blitz? That year, the Center for Public Integrity, a left-leaning institution that promotes socially conscious investigative journalism, teamed up with reporters at NPR to produce a massive 104 page study describing a hidden rape epidemic on campus. Campus sexual assault is a genuine, serious problem, but this report made it seem like the nation’s colleges officials were coddling the rapists. According to the report, not only were vast numbers of young women being raped by their male classmates, but when they reported the crime to campus officials they were re-victimized by counselors and deans who “create a hostile environment.”P.8 The report is the worst kind of advocacy research, full of anecdotes and misleading statistics. It is predicated on the claim that one in five female students can expect to be a victim of rape or attempted rape. These investigative journalists never thought to investigate what serious researchers and criminologists have exposed as a dubious statistic. The report includes 33 women’s personal stories of campus rape. They are all sad and disturbing, but most are classic he-said-she-said cases that are notoriously difficult to resolve, especially months or years after the event. The report deplores the fact that when women make complaints they are faced with a “litany of barriers.”But how can barriers be avoided when someone is accusing another of a serious crime? When the NPR/Public Integrity team confronted the Office of Civil Rights with its findings of rampant sexual violence and university complicity, the new person in charge, Russlyn Ali, assistant secretary of education, promised action. Here she is on NPR on March 5, 2010: “We will use all of the tools at our disposal including … withholding federal funds … to ensure that women are free from sexual violence.” The Center for Public Integrity boasted about the impact it was having on its fund-raising materials: Secretary Ali made good on her word.

Here’s why Rolling Stone’s UVA rape story went viral

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27 Responses

  1. Jamie MacDonald says:

    there is rape culture in movies

  2. Tenshi Kanashisa says:

    About a year ago, a friend of mine was accused of rape. He has not raped the female in question, but both him and her were heavily drunk – she did come home to him voluntarily(Actually asked him if she could stay overnight).
    Despite all this, the police treats him like he already did it. A surprise visit, rummaging through his home and taking him into custody for a day. They couldn't find anything and he admitted having sex with her.
    Then, a month ago…. nearly a year of nothing later, police breaks into his home, rummaging through his belongings while he wasnt home and even takes his computer for evidence(Mind you, a computer he did not own until a few days before this – there couldnt be evidence on there).

    This is something any woman can do to any man she had sex with. And it is VERY easy to do. "Guilty until proven otherwise" seems to be the modus operandi here.

  3. Sara Romero says:

    Obama repeated a false statistic, but even if he believes it, doesn't that make him a monster??? He sent Sasha and Malia to a place where he believes they have a 20% chance of being raped……?

  4. Charles Embry says:

    All the dogmatic 3rd wave feminist need to step up and address the sex crime disparity. We all know there is a epidemic of white females teachers raping young boys. And all women getting lower sentences for violent crimes. Maybe they need to check their white female priveledge and poc women check their female priveledge.

  5. Skythos says:

    If anything, I actually pity these hardcore feminists who perpetuate these false narratives. While it makes me angry that I am automatically assumed to be a violent rapist, simply for the fact that I am a male, in hindsight I am lucky that I am blessed with much needed common sense… because for having such a trait, when stories come out about these same hardcore feminists bemoaning the fact that men are no longer seeking to date them, or any women for that matter, and they wonder "Where did all the good men go?" I can simply shrug and ask: "Well what did you expect was going to happen? You constantly verbally abused men, calling them all sorts of heinous things, and you expected them to simply stand there and take it?"

    Don't get me wrong, I know it's not all women who do this, but I'm beginning to wonder. I grew up with the so-called 'dream home'… a mom and dad, little sister, two cats and a dog. I honestly grew up thinking that's how I wanted to live. Get married, have a kid or two, with the pets and a nice modest home while having a job I could live comfortably on. However, with things like this and what followed (MeToo), I'm beginning to wonder if that's even possible anymore.

  6. James Berlo says:

    I wonder how at U V have come forward to apologize for their condemnation and protests ?

  7. Fred Pauser says:

    I'm a traditional feminist — for equal rights, equal opportunity, equal pay for equal work. But the feminist movement was taken over by the radical extremists from about 1985. The dishonesty is truly disgusting and detrimental for society.

    Of course actual rape is certainly not to be tolerated but nor should be false accusations. Christina asks what can be done about it. I suggest penalties must be imposed for false or dishonest accusations — serious penalties!

    In the mid 90's Recovered Memory nonsense (inspired by radical feminists) was in full swing with many innocent fathers going to prison. That suddenly began happening much less when therapists were brought to court for misguiding their clients. Something similar needs to be applied to the dishonesty of certain campus so-called feminists.

  8. Adam Skinner says:

    There has to be much more publicity about the individual cases of bias and falsehoods in journalism, in the ongoing indoctrination of students by collage staff, of what individual staff staff members are saying publicly and the policies University Admin are implementing. These things need to be brought out into the sunlight and debated freely. There needs to be ramifications for false accusations as well as for bad behavior by staff. Mob rule by radical students can't be allowed to win. Rules need to be enforced evenly and must include punishment not reward or indifference for rule breaking.

  9. Filip Visnjic says:

    Please before making comparations check the facts first. There were no Bosnian RAPE camps. The story was invented during the propaganda war that was happening at the same time during the actual war.

  10. Daisy D says:

    Thank you for taking another link out of the chain of victimology that Democrats would enslave everyone in for the sake of growing $$$ their governmental bureaucracy and the votes that keep them in business.

    And thank you too for standing up for the actual victims of rape, who will be less likely to be taken credibly thanks to the Dem Victimology Biz.

  11. broomsterm says:

    The cultural Marxists are winning. Only the law stood in thew way of becoming just another piece of propaganda. Culture of Rape? Islam is a culture of rape; we prosecute rape here.

  12. ME 0020 says:

    well you could completely abolish gender studies that would be a start

  13. Robert Harvell says:

    the clouds parted and light shone through…. so refreshing to listen to common sense for a change.

  14. Will Moody says:

    "We will do all we can including withholding federal funding to ensure the safety of female students." Holy shit really?!?! How about the black student who was held down, had a coat hanger shoved into his rectum, and then had it drop kicked repeatedly past the point of bleeding. His rapists/assaulters/traumatizers were let off without any jail time, but yet, the out-roar is still only reserved for women.

  15. Michael says:

    Factual feminism is a great cause, third-wave feminism is a joke. Thank you for this intelligent and well made video – the world needs more critical thinkers like you.

  16. Jacob Galloway says:

    Rape and falsely accusing someone of rape especially if convicted are equal crimes in my eyes. When a man is labeled a rapist he loses his family his livelihood his reputation and ultimately his freedom, not to mention that while in prison for the crime he didn't commit he himself may be raped. That is an evil thing to do to another human being and it's a slap in the face to real rape survivors and it makes it harder for them to come forward. Shame on those wemon, just as much shame as the sadistic men that are actually rapists. In my opinion wemon don't have penises so that's how they rape.

  17. Tru metalhead on Maui ey says:

    When do you get to cry rape?Because the Frat party started to run out of alcohol? Or she has a falling out with a football/basketball player she,s involved with?

  18. Gabriel Lewis says:

    Thank you for making my job as a campus rapist easier 🙂

  19. Charlton Jones says:

    Dar FF, you and  if we ever met, might to agree on various points, but we do agree on the need for due process and basing judgements on facts, not feelings as much as humanly possiblr.

  20. Christopher Boose says:

    It's weird that no individual universities noticed that nowhere near 20% of female students were being assaulted on their campus and took the time to compare notes with other schools.

  21. Rob Robert says:

    As a man living in this craziness, it is such a relief to listen to intelligent rational women reject this scare-mongering with facts and logic. More and more women are jumping off the radical-feminist bandwagon, because it is becoming clear that it is all politically driven.

  22. True Cause says:

    Obama is a fucking idiot.


    I am at the University of Oregon and I have to take a sexual assault awareness class every year. If I don't, I will get fined up to $100 and be put on academic probation. I also won't be able to get any jobs on campus or be able to sign up for upcoming courses.

  24. HawaiiKnut says:

    If the 1/5, or 1/4 (depending on who you ask) "statistic" was true, who the hell would send their daughters to college?
    Plus, how many millions aren't in colleges today? The numbers would be astromical and outlets across the world would have mentioned it.

  25. ice_hawk10 says:

    how many young women actually buy this shit? that's the question i'm always asking myself, but am always too afraid to actually bring up in conversation for fear that it turns you into a pariah.

    you also wonder how much of this rhetoric affects the relationship status and the happiness of young women on campus. campus populations are already so female dominated, and you wonder how many guys are now just outright taking a pass on approaching women and instead indulging in empty sexual pursuits like porn, or just keeping their distance as friends rather than pursuing a relationship. i can't help but feel like everyone loses in the current climate.

  26. nemonucliosis says:

    47 fat ugly blue haired feminazis didn't like hearing the truth

  27. MrBeantrees says:

    Well now it makes sense, the office of Civil Rights threatened witholding of FEDERAL money. It's true, follow the money, follow the money, follow the money.

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