HE Vicky Treadell tells women how to be leaders

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Can women achieve senior leadership and reach to the top to ensure more women decision makers in the workplace?

In this episode, Her Excellency Victoria Treadell, British High Commissioner shares insights from her years of experience in the British diplomatic service, and offers valuable tips on how women can make a difference in senior leadership.

“Leadership is about having a vision and knowing how to set the direction in order to delivery it,” HE Treadell says, encouraging women to acknowledge and maintain their strengths to have the confidence to be the best enabling manager in the workplace. She also advises women to “keep in mind that ambition is not just about the workplace but one’s total life and the balance within it.”

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  1. sandra jenkins says:

    Your Excellency,
    I've written a number of times about the injured Malaysian elephant chained at night at the Langkowi Elephant Centre in Malaysia but have only received a polite but nothing to do with us reply from one of your assistants. I actually fell it is something to do with you not many people in the west know much about Malaysia but this elderly elephant is getting a lot of publicity on social media and it's becoming the only thing anyone knows about Malaysia (elephant abuse at tourist centres.)
    Tthe government is being extraordinarily stubborn about moving her to a sanctuary. You talked n your TEDlecture about the power of the personal, please could you exert this to getting this elephant who has spent its life giving rides to rich tourists, a home for his final years.

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