Harvey Weinstein Denies Rape Allegations Despite Audio of NYPD Sting | Page Six TV

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Harvey Weinstein has been accused of rape, in the latest bombshell from the New Yorker. The investigation uncovered shocking audio of Weinstein coercing a female model during an NYPD sting. Despite the scandal, the movie mogul continues to call the Page Six newsroom to defend himself. “He expects to continue working and to come back next year,” reports Carols Greer. For more breaking news, tune in to Page Six TV.

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3 Responses

  1. AB BA says:

    You are pronouncing the name wrongly. This is how you pronounce it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWLBueM6aK0

  2. Jean D says:

    Good on him. Fed up with all the holier than thou "victims". Most willingly spread their legs to advance their career and now that Weinstein is pinned down by the media they suddenly find "courage" by jumping on the bandwagon

  3. Alfred Doten says:

    O.J. planed a come back as well! Yet no one wanted him back!

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