Great Reasons These Girls Are Feminist No.7 Will Shock You

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(Joke about thing being so last Tuesday here)

Its not even a cringe classic, but it feels like one.

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47 Responses

  1. fredericocr1 says:

    Mate, if a lot of people is able and want to hurt women they have no choice but to worry about others. That's where you are wrong. You don't have all the facts.

  2. Edward Gold says:

    The thoughts, the thoughts. Arghhhh! They are hurting my feelings. Make it stop! Oh the inhumanity. The FBI stats are much lower, but that doesn't move the SJW victim narrative forward, so these idiots make up their own. Is clothing. really a necessity? Not really but they are taxed. I'd like to feel safe as well but I'm a realist. Normal men and women prefer to look at attractive people in adverts. Personally I think all professional athletes are overpaid for playing games. I dont spend money on them at all and I dont watch any of them. Waste of my time. Women have allready taken away many of mens rights. What makes you think they won't take more? As to the rest, do what you want, but don't expect men to want to be with you if you don't shave under arms and legs. Yuch and plese stop whining about where are all the good men. If your expectations are not realistic, thats your fault, not mens. What a bunch of maroons.

  3. Baked Jesus says:

    Wait not looking to take away rights haven't there been some who advocated getting rid of due process for men

  4. Pony Person says:

    goat on car porn is just disgusting, I for one prefer mare on mare porn, thank you very much

  5. Oslier says:

    Women stereotype: objectified as a sex toy.
    Men stereotype: objectified as a walking wallet.

    Now serious: do they think men don't get sexually objectified too? Do they know how many times I have heard girls talking about how they would "eat" a man they are looking at the moment if they could.

  6. Reason Vision says:

    6:41 Would you look at that. I learned more about Feminist claims from an Anti-Feminist than all Feminists before that.

    Who could have ever guessed? (that critics of a movement have more understanding of it than the puritans who run it)

  7. Nabzarella Dare says:

    "Women get objectified for their bodies." And what? Men don't? It's called attraction, it's part of the unconscious courtship process humans do to decide if this person is suitable mate. Animals do it too, with far less decorum and sensitivity, mind you. Fuck off feminists, or 'defenders against basic biology and human behavior'.

  8. Floyd Looney says:

    I'd be happy to abolish taxes on just about everything

  9. Floyd Looney says:

    Sentences should not begin with "because"!

  10. Evan T says:

    I love the “unrealistic beauty standards” bullshite. They do know that attractive ppl exist, and that even a relatively unattractive person can increase how attractive they are with a few adjustments. On that same point beauty is subjective, changes from person to person. There may be individuals and types of looks that are more widely seen as beautiful, but generally speaking one persons definition of ugly could be another persons perfect beauty. There’s 7billion ppl on the planet, someone will fuck you, if you’re respectful and generally make an effort (and sometimes not even that) you’ll find your lifelong fuckbuddy. Stop trying to tell ppl what they should find attractive.

  11. Bill Dady says:

    Ban teenagers! lol – It's a sentiment I can get behind… now…

  12. Lottekamp says:

    I'm a feminist because women in a lot of countries are actually opressed, and this needs to change. I'm a feminist because I realise that not every woman has the chances she deserves just because she is a woman. Being a feminist means that you think women should be equal to men. And men equal to women.

  13. A McL says:

    Where I agree with much of what you say, I think you've fallen into the typical hole of male-privilege. You generalise and simplify from the lucky position of not suffering discrimination (perceived or actual). Yes there are laws in place to secure equality, yes people care, but yet girls do feel threatened and don't have the same opportunities.
    I like your channel, but this video is a bit disappointing.

  14. overlordcacius says:

    I mean gender identity isn't protected by most states in the US. the doj might do something. but under the Trump administration I don't think they're taking up those kinds of cases. so you can be denied a job or apartment for being trans in most of the US.

  15. Jesse Davis says:

    It's like one day you were thinking:
    " I'm going to make a Youtube channel where I respond to people, as if they're in person, completely casually, and as if they are rational reasonable people who have a sense of humor, and it will be glorious. "
    and it is glorious

  16. navigator of none says:

    Notice how all these feminists are all ugly, just as ugly as their ideology.
    These rejects embraced feminism because no sane guy wants to ever date them.

  17. purpleanex says:

    Apart from feminism, the thing they had in common that stood out, was that they were all unnatractive, some to the point of looking like pigs dressed in human clothes.

  18. purpleanex says:

    Women's disposable sanitary products are bad for the environment, so anyone who thinks that things that are bad for the environment should be banned or taxed heavily, should also strive for the banning or heavy taxation on disposable sanitary products.

  19. Jeremy Pitman says:

    I know this is a old video but America teaches sexy ed with both genders in the same room. At least my school does.

  20. Dylan Davis says:

    yo Sic for the last 20 years or so children's shows and shows directed at teens and even some shows directed at adults have been going out of their way to teach people that looks don't matter any were near as much as intelligence

  21. Pendragon's Twisted Metals says:

    I love how Pregure u commercial talking about masculinity being toxic

  22. Steven Seagull says:

    Here in america, breastfeeding in public is indecent exposure and illegal so actually there IS something wrong with it…

  23. DavidFMayerPhD says:

    Technical Issue: Voices of women are at least 10db lower than YOUR voice.

  24. Llywylln Gryffyn says:

    Feminism is the movement that wants to establish the 'Matriarchy' If you think or accept anything else, you are just oblivious.

  25. Jaded Old Joe says:

    I wouldn't fuck a single chick in this video.

  26. Brooke Stern says:

    Step 1 – Make a list of all the women you know
    Step 2 – Divide that number by 5
    Step 3 – That's how much abuse you know about, a fifth of all the chicks you know had it.

    Start to realise that there are 5 girls in your immediate family, that's the first one, 3 of these women have two daughters bang there is abuse victim number 2. Two of these daughters takes a bus to school each day, with roughly a dozen more girls on there. So that's the 2 we have close family, plus the 24 bussed schoolgirls from the 2 schools – so that's another 4 victims with the 5th one just a single girl away.

    See how that has to work for it to be true. Starting at 8:00am at home – I only counted 35 people out from starting at grandmother mother associates etc. I got as far as grandmother-mother-daughter-daughters associates at 8:50am so in less than one hour of my day acccording to this stat – I have already seen 7 abuse victims before the morning is out; and 10 mins before the start of the school day….


    That's fucking ridiculous, I know like 100 chicks in my whole life, and there are less than 8 who have been abused. 8 in 100 is still high, but it's nowhere near as fuckin stellar as 1 in 5! So according to the UK census, the rate of female sexual abuse is EXACTLY the same as the rate people get chlamidya that nasty ass sexual infection. I don't know about you, but I would kind of expect one to be maaaaaaaaassive and the other to be quite small.

    But according to these crazy ass statistics, you are just as likely to be abused as you are to catch chlamydia. Think about that one for a few minutes………..

  27. MadScientistGamerr says:

    oh, gender roles, i thought she said generals

  28. Zeph yram says:

    Meh, at least they're closer to actual feminists than the raging misandrists who pretend to be feminists.

  29. Of The Vacant says:

    No matter how meaningful and convincing they try to make the video, the ocean will always be deeper than their words </3

  30. JT B says:

    Here is the test on college rape campus. If it is 1 in 4(or 5) were true, when I tell my daughter she is going to college. She should brust into tears and scream, "why do you hate me?" No father would purposely send their daughters into harms way.

  31. Dot Nerd says:

    She is sick? She might be…
    Oh, wait, that wasn't her admitting something… crap.

  32. Charles Kehl says:

    Gotta say you were right, number 7 was pretty shocking.

  33. Alex Mitterer says:

    The way our schools in America used to be: elementary prepares junior high, junior high prepares for senior high, and senior high prepares for general life and college.

    American schools today: elementary…, senior high prepares you for college and not general life.

  34. MrCrowsy says:

    I wish all this crap would stop where one section has these 'supposedly' injustices in western society. The only way the people will get anywhere near a 'just' environment is people pull together and hope to get the best politicians that represent the whole society or most of it and not just bits of it. I'm disabled and know all about being harassed and these privileged women with first world problems should really put things into perspective.
    I do find it odd that where these muslim grooming gangs in a lot of cities in England that have been abusing young girls the Feminists don't have much to say at all, why is that?

  35. Irish German says:

    Why don't we call people who want equality egalitarian's?

  36. Sir Skelibate says:

    the one in five statistic isn't true and never was, everyone who spouts this statistic is siting the same paper, a feminist article who's claims are shaky at best.

  37. Les Brown says:

    We vote for holographic representatives.

  38. Les Brown says:

    A few women rinsed me for cash.
    Well, don’t do it again.

  39. Dwayne Young says:

    Still a subscriber, sir. But this video is the epitome of mansplaining.

  40. Earthdrumz says:

    Oh, my. I'm Thumbs Up #666. Did I just release something bad?

  41. Michael Giovinazzi says:

    Sorry! I must have dozed off. What were we talking about again? Feminism?!? Why is this still a thing?

  42. memoryalpha male says:

    Yes! Ban teenagers. Please can we?

  43. xAbominationx says:

    In the US it's legal to discriminate against trans people in nearly every state. This has gotten worse since the fakers and transtrenders came along with their made up pronouns and the like.

  44. Hooyahfish says:

    If a woman is breastfeeding in public she better be ok with me sitting next to her and watching.
    Watching a woman breastfeed in public is perfectly legal. 🙂

  45. ZombieRobot Sheep says:

    I like me some feminists butts!.. some..

  46. LinkinsMommy says:

    Im definitely the live & let live, it's just about equality feminist. I agree the majority of those who identify as a feminist are batshit crazy fucks. Here in America, women's health is being legislated & regulated according to others religion & that is bullshit. What someone's beliefs are shouldn't determine whether I have access to to procedure that is 100% legal. It's my choice. If an employer's health insurance is going to cover for a man's viagra, they should be willing to cover contraception for women. That companies religious beliefs shouldn't dictate what health decisions I make for my body.
    Forcefully grabbing women's pussies is not ok. Not even joking about it. That's sexual assault. Yes, it's only talk, but someone with those type of morals should never be allowed to be be a leader of a fucking country. Especially when there are over a dozen women who said he did exactly what he "joked" about. The tax on tampons, I couldn't give a shit. That's going a too fucking far. If condoms are taxed, tampons should be too. Tampons are most definitely a luxury when your only other option is pads. Why not stop taxing pads but tax tampons? They're only $4. You're only paying $0.21 in taxes. Our education here in America is bullshit. The elected GOP are giving money to charter schools & religious schools while cutting funding for public schools. This is why our education has failed across our country.

  47. xxDDnicoDDxx says:

    in europe women can breastfeed anywhere

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