Globe & mail blames sexism in video games for girls not doing well in math

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Gaming is the root of all evil as well as toxic masculinity
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24 Responses

  1. Duceytheman says:

    Good video Bro 😀

  2. Nymphonomicon says:

    The allusion about the girlfriend that plays shooters, for some reason, reminded me of the sniper waifu from Black Ops 3.

  3. Yurii33 says:

    Can anyone tell me who that is starting at 5:20?

  4. lar har says:

    well, if she's pretty she doesn't need to know maths, or anything academic

  5. Bezol69 says:

    AHAHAHAHA! I often forget how many shit-stained rags there are for "news outlets", interesting how those companies stay afloat.

  6. Ghost of V126 says:

    I don't know what to say about this country anymore… I seriously just feel like giving up on life at this point.

  7. oskari61 says:

    SJW Agenda ?! Oh fuck you ! You mean an agenda like "we want people to not be assholes to other people".Like the nefarious gay agenda of "we want equal rights". Do enjoy your content though, if you ever do a positive video i think 90% of your incel fanboys would evaporate in a cloud of hateful sexual frustration.

  8. Josh Gilbank says:

    I played a shitton of games when I was younger and my math blows. Also you had a perfect setup for P+R joke you missed

  9. Andrew Acosta says:

    Keeping it real!

  10. Michael Franz garcia says:

    hey Bernie Sanders said terrorism is cause by climate change, what do you expect( hahahahahaha f**king moron)

  11. IssueTissue2142 says:

    If the girls are worried about games instead of math, they may want to check their priorities lol… Anybody who doesn't bother to study will fuck up a math score.

  12. Faris Nabeel says:

    Rainbow Six Siege is the only game with 100% equality, because each season it's always 1 Guy, 1 Chick. Some seasons have odd amounts released, but they eventually equal it out.

  13. Maxim Reality says:

    You should respond to the Red Dead Redemption "black face and red face" nontroversy that a native chick journo is fueling. Would be a nice counterbalance.

  14. unique link says:

    To be fair girls weren't that great at math before computers even existed let alone video games.

  15. Rafael Santos says:

    Women were doing poorly on math and many other intelectual activities long before videogames were even invented…

  16. Hughesnet Review's says:

    I can’t get dental insurance but sure as hell if I wanna get my dick cut off and get boob implants they will accommodate me.

  17. Ryan Turner-Walsh says:

    keep up the great vids mate… (at least till Article 13 comes out and is lawed fully)

  18. Gen Ohmni says:

    Can someone tell the so called academics that the bellcurve of IQ better explains differences in STEM participation than any post modern/SJW 'theory'. Cos I'm getting real tired of this dogmatic shite being shat out by 'academics' which is then picked up by virtue signalling corporations that pander to il-liberal madness which in turn is reported on by the alt media and it makes it looks like the SJW nonsense is actually the majority viewpoint when in fact it is a magnified and very vocal minority of society that for some reason has been given a load of power and put ona pedestal. ARghhh! I want off this ride:(

  19. Demiurge Shadow says:

    Personally I like your 20 minute rants.

    1) it shows you actually care and are frustrated by the industry nonsense.

    2) it shows you aren't just doing the bare minimum, extending a 5 minute video to 10 and they just uploading

    3) the rants are funny and relatable. Gundams law; anything that can go wrong can be compared to a relationship with a dysfunctional woman.

  20. Frank van Hoof says:

    >We see these correlations, therefore there must be causation
    I think I know why they're failing in math

  21. Ogami Itto says:

    All facts, B!! Dead Ass!

  22. MCPunk55 says:

    Well I a man who sucks at math. I always had female math teachers so that is pretty much the reason why. Regarding Twitch thots, though, they're being forced to pay taxes. Rather, they're being exposed for tax evasion. The world's a wonderful place, sometimes.

  23. Well Wisdom says:

    Long video, and yet, I enjoy every second.

  24. Trimbl says:

    @It'sagundam Don't forget Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice!

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