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Gender wage gap is one of the most important contemporary IR issues regarding Feminism. We hope by this video, you can learn a thing or two about Feminism and Gender Pay Gap.

By doing the steps encouraged by the UN for Women, we hope that gender pay gap would be reduced and equality for the genders would be increased.

We would like to thank you our lecturer, Mireille Marcia Karman, S.Sos, M.Litt, for guiding us throughout this semester in Introduction to International Relations.

We would also like to thank you our friends that are featured in this video; Jonathan, Joshua Adrian, Vianny, Michael P, Vanessa, Alexa, Eunice, Yohana, Yosephine Michelle, Gozali A, Ruth, and Richard.

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Bernadeth Franchika 6091801055
Muhammad Naufal Hanif 6091801245

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  1. Adi Ardanisworo says:

    mboten ngertos

  2. ALVIN ALFANUS says:

    Yes i don't have to read a book. Nays

  3. Kiyosaki Sebastian says:

    i feel smarter

  4. Djie Tjuk Sen says:

    Video jg bisa bikin kita semangat patut di tonton

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  6. Adrianus Andrew says:

    Wow aku dpt ilham

  7. Dave Astray says:

    semangat uas nya my maba friends 🙂

  8. edward wijaya says:

    wow, keren sekali. edukatif sangat. bangga sama kalian

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