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Man, woman, transgender, non binary – gender stereotypes are being challenged. Our documentary looks at traditional gender roles and how they are changing. [Online until: 01.12.2018]

The classic division of roles between men and women is eroding. Debates on sexism, marriage for all and a third gender have shaken up society and challenged centuries of tradition. Our documentary questions definitions of masculinity and femininity. The “old” world, where men were still men and women were women, where girls wore pale pink and boys light blue, appears to be collapsing. What role does gender play in our society? And what does it mean to be of indeterminate gender? Germany’s Constitutional Court has ruled official registers must in future offer a “third option” as well as “female” and “male.” Definitions of normality are being renegotiated. Just over three percent of the German, Austrian and Swiss population is classed as “between man and woman,” either because they have a different gender today to that when they were born or because they do not identify with either one or the other. According to polls, 12 percent of 20-year-olds in the US refuse to fit into the male and female categories, and Facebook users can currently select from 60 different gender options such as “fluid” and “variable.” But paradoxically, the division of the world into pale pink and light blue is as visible as ever, even though more and more products are supposed to be unisex. Stevie Schmiedel, founder of the “Pinkstinks Germany” initiative says that gender marketing reinforces old role models, and today, there are still pink cars for girls and blue ones for boys. Stevie Schmiedel has launched an award for companies that do not work with stereotypical images. But the tide could soon turn. Many people think “gender mania” and “gender confusion” is going way too far. This film by Constanze Grießler and Franziska Mayr-Keber takes a critical look at traditional roles and stereotypes and asks: “Typical man, typical woman, typical what?”

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