Gender Identity Ideology and Women’s Rights: A talk and Q&A

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Featuring writer Meghan Murphy, writer/activist Lee Lakeman and moderator Mary-Lee Bouma

We believe a radical feminist or gender critical viewpoint is seriously lacking in mainstream discourse. The purpose of the event is to start an open dialogue; as such, we welcome attendees with differing views who want to engage constructively.

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29 Responses

  1. Meghan Murphy says:

    Please ask questions and we'll do our best to answer them.

  2. ZeroAffectation says:

    Very well done, ladies. Your courage is inspiring. Keep fighting the good fight and know that you have many "allies" in the true sense of the word.

  3. Alex G says:

    Jonathan Yaniv is a dangerous predator hiding behind the TrannyShield.

  4. Marcia Matthews says:

    Why must a feminist champion of women need to hire 14 security guards to have her say? The public needs to recognize women’s rights.

  5. Kelly Muldoon says:

    This is not working (live streamed 9 hours ago). Are you putting it up?

  6. Rachel Reed says:

    All three speakers are modern day suffragettes. Meghan, well done – though I have to say I find your views on cats as pets very extreme 🙂 Lee Lakeman – wow what an amazing woman. I've seen pictures of Morgane Ogre outside protesting and his narcissistic male rage seeps from his every being. What a hateful man.

  7. Sarah Blaquiere says:

    .."our opponents are not able to counter our arguments in good faith" – YES!

  8. Sarah Blaquiere says:

    So glad this event went ahead and that it's here and viewable.

  9. valleyrain says:

    love and support you meghan

  10. Mummy Sarah says:

    1h37m Yesssss!

  11. PBMS123 says:

    Video starts 20:46

  12. Leonardo da Vinci says:

  13. mark kavanagh says:

    For f…k's sake men have liberated women, and done it in gratitude of our own and our children's births. The mod cons, power steering, birth control, sanitary and sanitation standards, are all given by men to improve women's lives.
    Stop saying ALL men are the same, we range from Gandhi to Hitler, most of us in the middle trying to be good men. Do you not understand that we have to fear bullies too, that we are wary of violent men too.
    Do what ye want to do, when ye tell us we do accommodate it!, but acknowledge this truth…ye don't work so well in teams as men do, that is what is holding ye back, not us.
    Sorry, but am just sick and tired of the feminist narrative putting all men into the BAD category, for men are getting very disillusioned with this constant…for want of a better word….nagging.

  14. Sajber Vanderlast says:

    Lee Lakeman "Because this is the only place for feminist to speak". So proud of you Meghan for bringing her to the panel! 🙂

  15. Franny Connell says:

    I just want to comment here to say that Interval House deleted my comments on a Facebook post after I said that women have a right to recognize men as male, and they have a right to fear men. They had previously invited me to “unpack” my views on transwomen. I was told that trans women are women. After my comments about a woman’s right to recognize males, because males commit the vast majority of violence against both females and males, I felt that this shelter prioritized the safety of males over females.

  16. JJP Deelo says:

    Just to add to your response to the question about the 'oppression Olympics', I would also say it goes back to what was said earlier about the failure of some 'third wave' feminists to take account of capitalism, and the way in which socio-economic power relations create conditions of oppression on the basis of sex, race, and class. So for example, Caitlyn Jenner is not oppressed even though she is trans because she is rich, and white, whereas many trans people who are poor POC are likely to be exploited, as are many women who are poor POC.

  17. Hannah Terkes says:

    Thank you Meghan ❤️✊️

  18. Stacey Handler says:

    Brilliant! Equal parts moving and empowering. This ain't no sissy fight!

  19. JJP Deelo says:

    Thanks for this Meghan! Excellent, articulate and powerful.

  20. Meri dian says:

    Solidarity, Meghan!

  21. Constant Disappointment says:

    omg catphobic
    literal violence

  22. listerfiend says:

    I'm sorry but this crowd is full of retarded people. It literally sounds like the studio audience for The View or Ellen. "Oh, we're clapping now? DERP"

  23. listerfiend says:

    Came here bc of kiwi farms. Loving the unholy alliance!

  24. Elke Reali says:

    Wonderful discussion thank you so much!

  25. Lady Love says:


  26. Shellyvegan Norton says:

    Thank you for the informed talk and discussion afterwards.

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