Gender Equality and Sexual Identity, Tucker Carlson Interviews Author.

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Gender Equality and Sexual Identity, Tucker Carlson Interviews Author. 2/21/17
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Please watch: “Built By Men Made For Women – MGTOW”


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31 Responses

  1. Ursula. M says:

    I don't want to be like a man! No one will change my gender. I am a woman and not a neutral or X. Jeeez.

  2. robert ehrlich says:

    this bitch is crazy ….

  3. Dan A says:

    Sick of this shit. We are mammals, any male in animal kingdom will attract a female, protect, provide while the female has young, nurtures and defends. What's next? Put a dress on a silverback and tell him he has the right to chill out.

  4. Fla-bushcraft Prepper says:

    You can not abolish male and female. You can not abolish man and woman. A woman is a Woman because she is a man with a Womb. Womb + Man = Woman. And a Female is a Feminine Male. Feminine + Male = Female Your sex is established from the time the cells start making a vagina or making a penis. There is a difference in the body of a woman and the body of a male. A transgender man who wishes he was a woman, does not make him a woman. Just like a little girl who wishes she had a pony does not mean that girl now owns a pony. Transgender is a liar who wants everyone else to play along with the lie.

  5. up yours says:

    it seems to me this bitch dont want to lose the princess treatment or feel not put on a pedestal !!

  6. Adam Gronk says:

    Women are not the same…men created , fight, build, and are smarter …

  7. Diplo Fire says:

    This bitch said it's an attack on women? GTFOH. This is an attack on both sexes and to turn everything upside down so those in the fringe can prosper

  8. ScarletNight says:

    Although I don't like her female centric approach to the problems honestly portraying this as a female issue will be the only way to make change happen. Nobody cares about male victims.

  9. Reel Tech says:

    they need more protien…

  10. Primal Self says:

    Tucker Carlson white knights again!
    If men have to register for the draft, then women should have to register for the pregnancy service. Seriously. If it's men's job to protect women and children and women's job to have babies, then what's the point of making men protect women and letting women not have babies or abort their babies? If men are forced into military slavery, then women should be forced to have babies.

  11. Zen Maintenance says:

    Not an Original Thought in a womans head. Ever. Toilet paper is a better use of resources than this land whales book.

  12. Zen Maintenance says:

    Yeah right. Have a Woman Apologist on your show to "criticize" feminism.

  13. RapidRay01 says:

    Feminist what Equal Outcome and not Equal Opportunity  !

  14. lfrohling says:

    U soft balled her Tucker :/ why didn't u ask about a) lies about rape culture b) biological difference

  15. godofwar2k6reborn says:

    She's an idiot. The draft is sexist. Either women get drafted or abolish it altogether. Also, there is no sexual assault epidemic on college campuses. More feminazi propaganda.

  16. camsteremail says:

    All this confirms is that women will never be happy. Either way it goes they bitch and complain. They have the world they have been complaining and fighting for and the result is more unhappiness than ever and more complaining about their creation.

  17. samuski36 says:

    OMG this woman is such a twitt!

  18. Jim Johnson says:

    As a man I don't want to sleep with sombody strong like a man. that's why God made you women. Know Your Role

  19. delving deeper74 says:

    It is the power elite that are pushing this gender less social construct, people are much easier to control if they are confused about their sexual identity.

  20. Gabriel G says:

    Crazy stupid liberals ruining the US

  21. Antonio Inostros says:

    boycott and defund these colleges who are doing this crap

  22. Antonio Inostros says:

    gender identity is a stupid concept and should be treated as a mental illness like dementia or bipolar disorder.

  23. Carolina MGTOW says:

    Sorry Cucker Carlson, it's an attack on men not women. Women wanted to be equal to men, but they can't, so they had to bring men down to their level and lower to "beat" men. Also women are the most unhappy they have ever been, but women are never happy so who cares, opt out Cucker. Be free, go MGTOW.

  24. Foolish Demon says:

    This bullshit is only to make men be less like men and to put women ahead of us, won't work, we're out there on the front lines, we're out there dying at a way higher rate on way more dangerous jobs, we're the ones getting expelled from school based on a claim a woman made. We're the ones losing custody battles. We already live in a world that is catered to women, and taking away manhood.

  25. Saga Bhoy says:

    so I can punch her in the face if she hits me first without being called a woman beater?

  26. Rev- -Outlier says:

    Tucker actually didn't do a good job exposing misinformation this lady is spreading. I like Tucker he usually doesnt let guests spew nonsense. maybe he has a soft spot for women haha

  27. DrummerDanny says:

    fucking bitch, she wants all of the rights with no responsibility. Fuck her. Feminism is Satan's cult. It has ruin every western society. Thank God that feminism doesn't have power in Latin America. I'm still safe over here.

  28. Blue Diesel says:

    "Several times more women get anti depression medicine"
    Yet men are all killing themselfes more.
    I wonder if its because women get more help…

  29. Michael Sweney says:

    This is totally F*cking insane.

  30. DickJohnson3434 says:

    There is ZERO evidence of a sexual assault crisis on college campuses.

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