Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals – Feminism Fake Ti Authority Figures

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5 Responses

  1. Jansen Bence says:

    Any Empowered Individuals in Florida?

  2. Katrina Maria says:

    My stalking is almost exclusively set up by other women. Nobody believes it. This video is 100% true.

  3. Ultra-Ghost Silent-TWO says:

    Some perps are just paranoid, confused, and mostly WEAK MINDED. Laziness, and a lack of capacity. It's a lethal combo, but they never ever thrive, or succeed in life. Try not to give them too much thought time, clear out the trash in our lives, and install boundaries and barriers. Losers always lose, by default.

  4. The Critical Media Channel says:

    Anyone can be convinced to Gang Stalk – rich, poor, educated, stupid, smart. But not everyone can be paid PsyOp agents such as dr Horton who probably get paid by the minute.

  5. jared pfalmer says:

    This shit yaheard?

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