GamerGate – Everything You Need To Know! What is GamerGate?

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This video is an attempt to compile a somewhat comprehensive explanation of the #GamerGate movement.

The Quinnspiracy
Culture Critic Collusion
Mainstream Media Collusion
Gamers Declared Dead
Gamers Demonized
Anonymous Online Harassment
Social Autopsy Takedown
Zoe Quinn vs Candace Owens
PewDiePieGate / PewDieGate
Social Justice SVU / TV vs Gamers
Social Justice View of Reality
NotYourShield / GamerGate is pro-diversity

Footage was assembled from:

Joe Rogan & Philip DeFranco on PewDiePie Controversy

#GamerGate in 60 Seconds (mirror)

GAMERGATE! Gamer’s fight back! Guest video by TheInvestigamer!

Chris Ray Gun: Musician Battling Gamergate, Regressive Left and Social Justice (YouTube Week)

Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Paglia on #Gamergate | VIEWPOINT

Rubin | Sargon | Sommers: GAMERGATE

What critics of GamerGate get wrong | FACTUAL FEMINIST

The Truth About #Gamergate With Syrian Girl

Anita Sarkeesian Debunked in Under a Minute #GamerGate #NotYourShield

I am NOT A bigot. Are You?

Anita Sarkeesian – Online Harassment – The Conference 2013

Red Pill Black (Candace Owens) on Her Journey From Left to Right (Live Interview)

Social Autopsy Founder Unleashes On Zoe Quinn & Randi Harper

How PewDiePie, YouTube Star, Made Millions Playing Video Games | ABC News

Zoe Quinn Talks Project Tingler and Moving On: VICE Gaming Meets

Anita Sarkeesian: How To Be A Feminist Panel (Highlights)

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11 Responses

  1. Geek Owt Lowd says:

    Everyone unfamiliar with the specifics of Gamergate must watch this and share this!! Star Wars fans, Comic Book fans, Movie Fans… you need to know this stuff. Please Like, Share, Comment!!!
    Feel free to subscribe. 😀

  2. Real H a r d says:

    So apparently, because I like playing Pokemon games, I hate trans, people of color, women and disabled people? That's just fucking bullshit af right there.

  3. MonkeyDjelly says:

    Wow didn’t realize Quinn is that ripe a piece of shit

  4. Definitive Entertainment says:

    The Candace Owens bit is unrelated and insignificant. Social Autopsy was a nightmare in the making and it was just a stupid fucking idea. If Zoe Quinn said those things, those are the smartest words she ever spoke.

  5. Evangelos Killer mike says:

    Every time I hear someone saying that sometime as dumb & childish as video games are "sports"or"art"I ROTFLMFAO so hard since they are ignorants,sad,pathetics retarded adults acting like children(nowadays there are more kids that are more mature & smart than the adults I find on posts everywhere)games are just a dumb hobby(they don't make you smarter,stronger,etc)Anita sarkesian is also always right since these"gaming communities"(which are made of fake gamers who think outdated weeaboos shit is better than new games when it's obvious that isn't true)are toxic manchilds virgins until death & beyond who are afraid of vaginas(I know enable gamers since childhood,but then again I was a real kid with friends & played outside like a real/smart kid instead of staying 24/7 glued to a screen like the losers I mentioned)even if I insulted video games I'm not a hypocrite since I only mentioned the bad parts about it,but playing them without being a masochist who gets angry at them I play games that make me happy(doesn't matter if it's consoles,pc,phones,etc,anyone that plays games is a gamer,regardless of which devices,I play more phone games than consoles & pc nowadays since there are tons of fun free games on the AppStore & they can be play faster & anywhere else & that doesn't make me less of a gamer,in fact that makes me more of a real/hardcore gamer since I embrace the future instead of being a lifeless virgin until death & beyond troll pc fanboy or any other nonsense)I had to write all of this since it's about time someone isn't afraid of disagreeing with trolls(to others who are smart & logical like me,don't get intimidated by those losers I mentioned,they are weak & if you see them in real life you can kill them just by blowing air at them,since they are 24/7 trolling they aren't strong & their muscles are like jelly)it's about time someone wrote the truth & facts,these are the truth & facts(trolls will be reported & deleted,nobody cares about you anyway,but I don't tolerate bullshit.)

  6. Charles P says:

    Good god its scary how far the SJW movement has spread out

  7. TheCrowbar474 says:

    Quinn even made nudes which are still floating around the internet.

  8. Jaxon Moreno says:


  9. TheHunterWolf says:

    Thanks for the amazing and comprehensive video.

    Gaming journalism is what is truly dead, we need to make sure they never come back or achieve anything of prominence, they are pretty much an organized mafia at this point (as seen during GG and now recently during the Jessia vs ArenaNet incident).

  10. Hydrogen One says:

    The next thing to be called Sexist will be _____________.


  11. Hydrogen One says:

    Social Justice Products suck Therefore they must have Monopoly.

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