Full Panel: Shutdown politics could last ‘months or even years’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

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David Brooks, Kasie Hunt, Matthew Continetti and Former Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) discuss the ongoing government shutdown and whether Congress can find a way forward.

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38 Responses

  1. Kim Jong Don says:

    Almost all of US politicians supported and let American tax payers paid for Israel's wall(s), but these hypocrites won't found their own border wall? MIGA!!

  2. Amy Sugg says:

    Just imagine how many families will lose their place to live…they shud use the WH as a shelter when this happens and seee how much longer a shutdown would last then

  3. Precision Repair says:

    It’s January and the government is already out of money. Sad

  4. TU nguyen says:

    It was the eng french russian won ww2 in europe not USA .

  5. Precision Repair says:

    Ask yourself this question: who do you love be more, illegals or citizens?

  6. Precision Repair says:

    Why are their no opposing views on this show? How can you have a discussion with everyone having the same ideas? Sounds like a lot of posturing and ego stroking to me

  7. fishmonger says:

    The CBO estimates that American taxpayers would pay an additional $25.9 billion over the next 10 years if "Dreamers" were granted citizenship.

  8. Activated Oxygen says:

    Los Zetas cartel around Monterrey, just over the southern border, DOES NOT WANT A BORDERWALL.

  9. MuttinHead says:

    Republicans had TWO YEARS to fund a wall and never did. Now that Democrats took control of the house they want a wall!??! DA Fuq?

  10. Dixon Smith says:

    Who cares Democraps spent all the money.

  11. Thomas Ward says:

    Trump was elected on the Wall, keep it shut down for good

  12. Traci Stickel says:

    He laid it on the line to the DUMB-O-CRATS . They are a weak link in the chain and we r only as strong as our WEAKEST LINK

  13. Cecilia Norris says:


  14. MrHEYERG says:

    tRump needs to be taken down a notch or two so that he understands America is about Americans not about a family of corrupt swamp creatures known as tRump ! GOD KEEP US SAFE FROM tRump and the Republicans.


    I think to be fair if Trump won the election which he did after promising his voters he would build a wall then surely he has to build the wall and if the public vote in the democrats and they decide to remove the wall then that is equally ok.

  16. Scott Tutt says:

    Who cares about these government workers that have to wait for their paychecks. Welcome to what most everyone in the private work sector has gone through at some point and most likely they didn't get backpay.

  17. Pigdoc1 says:

    Mr. Brooks, NO NEW WALL! I can add phonetics if it is useful to your understanding.

  18. Heru- deshet says:

    NBC fear mongering.

  19. Ed Wilkins says:

    Pelosi's New DEM Majority seeks More for Blacks, Women, LGBT-Q +, Poor, Socialists, Secularists, Liberals, Democrats; Abortionists; and Less for Whites, Men, Heterosexuals, Rich, Capitalists, Christians, Conservatives, Republicans, Abolitionists? MSM led by NBC is helping Pelosi's New DEM Majority vilify President Trump and achieve what they seek? Surveys show that almost 90% on national MSM based in New York, Los Angeles and Washington D. C. vote for and donate to DEM's only?

  20. dj1835 says:

    Trump I'm with you!!! Build the wall!! ILLEGAL immigration is outta control!!!

  21. Lisa Merdy says:

    No one seems to care about the people NOT GETTING PAID !!

  22. notheissue says:

    It would be poetic justice if a illegal alien killed a Sr. Democrats very, very  close relative or just ironically killed Democrats by chance, that would be a good thing.

  23. isaac hubbard says:

    The dems are willing to sacrifice their own constituents over 5 billion dollars.

  24. Patricia Sheppard says:

    James 5:4 Berean study Bible – Look, the wages you withheld from the workmen who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of Hosts
    Job 24:9, 10 Berean Study Bible – The fatherless infant is snatched from the breast; the nursing child of the poor is seized for a debt. 10 Without clothing, they wander about naked. They carry the sheaves, but still go hungry.…
    Romans 4:4 New International Version – Now to the one who works, wages are not credited as a gift but as an obligation.

  25. Tanmarty60 says:

    The shutdowns that Donald Trump is creating throughout his presidency can only last for two more years because in the election of 2020, the new President (Republican or Democrat) will be able to solve this problem in a more effective and  mature way – this Wall that Trump is demanding will not cost 3 Billion dollars – he is, again, hiding the truth!!

  26. Patricia Sheppard says:

    1 Timothy 5:18 English Standard Version (ESV)

    For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain,” and, “The laborer deserves his wages.”

  27. Barbara Stirling says:

    THE WALL IS ABOUT HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Not to yell at anyone because it's not your fault that you don't know this. Please research. The news is lying. If you think they aren't controlled, ask yourself why they hardly cover the near full-blown FRENCH REVOLUTION? Is that not news?

  28. Len Ovo says:

    "we're getting close" …means "we're working on it". In other words, the facist regime is working on overturning the election !!!

  29. Noo Day says:

    The Wall Can Not Prevent an EMP.

  30. Maggie Seider says:

    The pain threshold will never be enough as long as the monster will say everyone will get their tax refunds. this one is such a liar, there is no way to comprehend the depths he will sink to.

  31. George P says:

    I see a big beautiful wall being built for National Security.

  32. Maggie Seider says:

    How can you compromise with a maniac who doesn't give a flying f..k about anyone but himself.

  33. Alea iacta est says:

    How can a country close the government ???
    USA. In No other country this is possible.

  34. kikidio kikidio says:

    It was allrepublican congress and senate and a republican so called pres why didnt they get the wall done hes been there 2 years and now he wants to blame dems reps have no moral credibility respect nor honor.

  35. ken5336 says:

    President Donald J Dump needs to back himself into three walls with bars

  36. Carol 70-year-old English NATIONALIST says:


    When you don't mind being controlled you become their serfs on their terms. You are happy to be a serf.

    When you value freedom of movement speech, you are unhappy being controlled

    This agenda 20 21/2030 planned decades ago taking away your choice @link removed," Sarkozy, we must breed out white people with blacks, but not Arabs" youtube

    We need to enlighten those not on the internet that watch silenced main media!!!
    No matter which western country you are in the globalists are controlling much of your people. For decades through school, university, through your governments, media, celebrities, film, books
    See Brian Kolfage veteran, removed from Facebook for supporting the president( youtube)
    You are lucky in the USA you have a patriot as president.
    Protect and support him.

  37. Mark O says:

    The Trump lower income, EBT recipient, uneducated, caught in the opioid crisis, and in some cases racist base would rather feed on their bigotry than actual food. Sadly this doesn't even account for the same demographic BUT don't even vote.

  38. abilitynorth says:

    The problem isn't the Democrats asking for too much – they gave McConnell his vote. Trump doesn't live to his promises. Give in and Trump will do this again .

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