From Suffrage to MeToo: Feminism in the Age of Trump and Beyond

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A caller lists milestones from the suffrage movement through the feminism of the 1960’s with Gloria Steinem and now up to today’s #MeToo movement, the caller asks what will become of this latest movement will result in any successes for women and girls?

Do you think the #MeToo Movement will help change the world for the better?

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9 Responses

  1. Jesse McCoy says:

    Feminism is NOT about equality (if it was then MRAs wouldn't exist in the first place)

  2. Rick Bishop says:

    Thank you. At the very least this movement will help us understand the magnitude of the problems.

  3. Ian Moore says:

    Feminism: that mechanism of shaming and blaming all men for all problems to gain privelige for women. any opposition is called misogyny, sexism, patriarchy, mansplaining, toxic masculinity to further shame and blame men.
    Feminism teaches Racism …black this white that… supremacist this and that.. what a vile movement it became.

  4. Scott Faya says:

    #MeToo is awsome, BUUUUUUUT i still believe in the KGB saying "trust but verify" I'm with you but dont be a fascist

  5. Blaise 2067 says:

    Women, keep away from feminism. It will ruin you.

  6. PoppONaya Shelly says:

    uh..i heard most WHITE women agreed with the KKKavenaugh confirmation. metoo, although birthed by a black woman was coopted by white feminists who bastardized it at the detriment of BLACK WOMEN to selfishly build their status.
    let's keep it 100..white women do NOT want to lose their privilege! DONT USE BLACK WOMEN as stepping stones for your agenda.

  7. hacksack1 says:

    With #metoo only safe why for men, till the marriage laws changes mgtow is the safe bet for men today.

  8. ValhalaFiveSix says:

    White Male privileg? Anybody can be taken out by this, that includes you too Thom Hartman….remember Liberal Al Franken? Any woman can bring up decades old allegations and wreck somebodies life. And as far as #Metoo one of the agiatators Asia Agregento was accused of statutory rape by her victim.

  9. ValhalaFiveSix says:

    Suffrage was about voting rights, feminism equal rights for women, #metoo is a witch-hunt. There is very little positive other then destroying lives.

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