From feminism to a gender equality movement

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The promotional video I made for my Canadian Association for Equality events in Toronto and Ottawa.

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  1. Stop the Philosophical Zombies says:

    This is so awesome. I wish I had discovered your book years ago. I was misled into many feminist dogmas as a youngster, and it has really caused me nothing but confusion and suffering. While I didn't have any interest in intersectionality or the even crazier stuff extant today, I was still raised as a self-hating male. It's not a good mindset to view the world with.

  2. Paul Wray says:

    Great, except that naming the proposed true gender equality movement 'Feminism' would be like naming a racial equality movement 'Whiteism'.

  3. bobshenix says:

    Like most ostensibly anti-SJW media figures who cling to the sacredness of the term "feminism" and simply cannot bring themselves to abandon the feminist label, IMO Cathy is more preoccupied with rehabilitating feminism than anything else. Just another feminist in damage control mode; albeit one of the more intelligent (and yes, reasonable) ones that can see the damage the feminist movement is doing to itself. Perhaps if she spent ANYWHERE CLOSE to as much time confronting the radical feminists doing the damage (or their well-connected enablers) as she does attacking those on the front lines actually taking the fight to the feminist/SJW machine — those with the nerve to counter the relentless subversion with more than empty rhetoric and futile appeals to "take back feminism" — i might be a bit more impressed with Cathy's shtick.

  4. BlackBeltMonkeySong says:

    Thanks for saying this Cathy — it gives me hope to hear it.

  5. Corpus Mentis says:

    Cathy I despair for the future of young people with the bilge they are consuming without many competing ideas being allowed to enter the sphere.
    Lindy West doesn't realise it but she has outlined a totalitarian state apparatus.

  6. Eric S says:

    I agree that these wars are not helpful. What I'm not sure is if equality is really possible and a good thing. Personally I think it's not. Before the law, in my opinion, there already is equality in western societies and other than that I don't know how far one should go. I mean would we want men and women to have the same haircuts, as a silly example? So we probably all want to have some differences between men and women. I understand why some people for example complain about the pay gap, if it really exists the way it's being purported. But then there is no law that says women have to be paid less than men and women make up the majority of graduates. So I say if you want it go and get it. There's no reason to complain in my opinion. If you want to be free it also means you are responsible for your own success.

  7. Paul Ivey says:

    Hi Cathy, love your work towards a fairer society.

  8. mathis8210 says:

    Thats seems to be a very fair and reality based assesment of the situation. I fully agree that both sides have some bodies in the backyard and both groups have bad apples. Now what I think we need for the heat to go down a bit is fair reporting on both sides by some outside media, but it doesn't seem like any major media outlets want to touch the burning coal. The only reports that i have seen from bigger outlets have been extremely biased for feminism. I hope that the airplay debate on GG will maybie have at least some effect on the reporting. If that happens i am sure that things will calm down a bit.

    But the overall experience with the Internet also shows that public discourse has become much more volatile with big culture shifts happening in just a few years and a spectrum of discourse from very intellectual to just pure namecalling (Not to forget that this is often also just for fun on both sides).

    I also think that the gender issues will always be especially volatile, because the genders are so close together and personal issues often bleed into the topics at hand. Also it seems that men and women who do not train how to analyze objectively percive the world very differently which further makes it much harder to cool the conflict down.

    Hope that triggers some interesting thoughts 😉

  9. Snær Pîlâjikson says:

    A woman or a man should get as much power and personal autonomy as they are willing to pay for with proportional accountability. The extent to which a woman (or a man for that matter) does not want to be held accountable for personal actions is the extent to which they should not be granted power and personal autonomy. It seems like common sense and is a core principle in business management, but we seem to have serious problems applying this basic idea to the rest of society. I seriously doubt even this can be implemented or achieved much less any "true" equality. I like you, Cathy, but you come off as naive. Just look around you. This ship is sinking, and, without chivalry protecting them, women are going to sink like a rock. Future remnants of whoever's left will have to pick up the pieces.

  10. JoePescisBoss says:

    is this really Cathy Young's official YouTube-channel?
    ….I subscribed, just in case it really is

  11. namefinder says:

    I really wish more people would hear your measured approach and stop listen to the extremists on both sides of the spectrum, who are caught up in their shouting match 🙂

  12. John Martinez says:

    I've always considered myself a supporter of Liberal Feminism as I understood it – equality before the law, universal suffrage, respect for individual rights and choices. Honestly, I think if you live in a Liberal Democracy and you believe in concepts like a free and open society, then all that stuff just makes imminent sense, not just when applies to women but to everyone (gender, race, creed, etc, right??)

    One thing that I've noticed, and I think you alluded to it, is that there is a huge disdain for individualism and individual rights in modern identity politics. I don't know if there is something that you can exactly point the finger at, but it's clear for instance when you hear a lauded feminist going on stage at an event and declaring that women ought not to be able to make individual choices that are "bad for women" (begging the question, who gets to decide what is bad for women?) that feminism has all but abandoned the concept of individual rights.

    So, at it's core, isn't this really the major issue with modern gender politics? We've simply gone past the point of allowing or supporting people to make choices that are correct for them, but instead these same activists are trying to enforce their view on other people? You can see it in how they instantly attempt to vilify anyone who disagrees with them – after all, isn't our history replete with authoritarian groups vilifying others as justification for their abuses?

    I think what needs to be done is that someone needs to provide an alternative identity that encompasses feminism, but frames it in a way that isn't combative to individual rights and choice. A safe and rational place where people who interested in equality and liberty for everyone can gather that's outside of the current strain of toxic internet feminism.

  13. Potter Suppositionalist says:

    Seeing has how gender wars will ruin civilization, I support moving beyond it.

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