Friends Reveal Baby’s Gender While Skydiving

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A couple revealed the gender of their friends’ baby from 10,000 feet in the air. Dakota and his girlfriend Carolina helped surprise their friends, Kameron and Alannah, as the parents-to-be waited on a beach below in Mexico. Dakota and Carolina jumped out of a plane and, while skydiving, they used smoke grenades attached to their ankles to reveal either pink or blue.’s Leigh Scheps ( has more.

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19 Responses

  1. Daniel Graham says:

    I would hate to have young girls because they scream so loud

  2. sage six-paths says:

    reveal who the father is

  3. cheristar says:

    The beach looks beautiful.

  4. ThisCreatedAccount says:

    0:06 DAT ASS

  5. Camilla MSP says:

    I really want the baby to end up coming out as trans now. Just to show that this gender reveal was a complete waste of money.

  6. Anton Rosenbäck says:

    Isnt Gender Reveals Politically Incorrect?

  7. Hashtag Be yourself says:

    So creative

  8. I like kpop 123 says:

    That's so sweet I hope they have a wonderful baby girl x x

  9. Mercury Gaming says:

    Great another bad driver on the road, ain't we got enough people already

  10. Ray Mak says:

    Too amazing

  11. S. Tagerius says:

    So-called "gender reveal parties" don't even actually reveal gender at all, they only anatomy. Why do people place such a high importance on the sex of their child anyway. Please everybody, just stop.

  12. MrCreepyPlayz says:

    That looks orange.. not pink

  13. Filip Bachta says:

    Clicked because the brunnette looked hot.

  14. W.D says:

    -"He was still sitting there like…"
    His Mind -"Damn"

  15. TheSnowFoxParty says:

    How to waste money one on money?

  16. Kama Jiu-jitsu says:

    So basically it the friends hits the ground and splatters it could be a girl. And if they hit the ocean and drown its probably a boy! And if the friend gets hit by an airplane before they land
    it'll be a hermaphrodite! And God forbid, if they survive then you'll probably have a miscarriage and 7 years bad luck….Its so simply every friend should do it! Its more accurate then a fortune
    cookie! And you'r best friend will love you forever!

  17. SalsaCookies says:

    Isn't that extremely dangerous? I mean skydiving while pregnant?

  18. Casey Edwards says:

    That is a awesome way to find out the gender of a baby. I would never thought of that

  19. Matt Martinez says:

    Coulda accomplished the same end result with a colored cupcake for a few dollars.

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