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so tonight we are going to talk about genetically engineered babies. is that a good thing? How facebook is now hiring fact checkers for fake news., what is fake news? don’t worry google will nit let facebook down. it has it’s own story where its trying to make people forget the past it doesn’t agree with. Or the fact its being sued for sexual harassment. wait is that going to be forgotten to history?


designer babies anyone?

professor get mein kampf published

facebook hires fake news spotters

google to delete history

what is the “Right to be forgotten”

goggle seems to have a problem sexual harassment problem

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4 Responses

  1. Moz says:

    Dedicating and deducting is educating and reeducating spell check or speek change by the forces I'll leave it to your decisions ?

  2. Moz says:

    Dedicating is re educating

  3. Moz says:

    We laugh at sjw's but the truth is… They are the landing force of an invasion. The first showing of how elites are dedicating our system and deducting people into forgetting the world as you and I see it today. Then shaping it into the future they want to tomorrow. 4 generations from now, no one outside their doors would ever have heard of or know England, the west, or Freedom, mark my words.

  4. Moz says:

    Those who control the past, control the future, those who control the present, control the past. PRESENTly they are creating future generations of adults who would have never known, heard about, or have been part of a free society, the euro state will be the only thing in their knowledge that ever existed, the way it has always been, sovereign nations wrote out of history, through censorship and fake news. What people did to enslave them, such as George Soros, wiped from record. Imagine waking up in 1000 years and being told, yes mate socialism has ALWAYS been the only way, Imagine waking up and being told yes mate ' Sharia ' for 200,000 years has been the ONLY, religion in this region, comply. They have no knowledge, no argument against and when they Google search ? Everything backs up the " historic " claims ? How do you argue a point when you have NO ! Reference of how it was before ? We are being wiped from history. Through the slow and subtle change of education and information.

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