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Ontario colleges and universities must now have freedom of speech policies in place after a controversial provincial law took effect Jan. 1. The new policies needed to balance free speech with protection from hate speech.

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48 Responses

  1. Rancher says:

    How do you determine HATE SPEECH?

  2. john wainman says:

    Gyllian Phillips needs to understand, it is because she and students as well as staff like her, and the manner in which they protest that these policy changes have become a requirement. Perhaps she and others like her should engage in a course of civility and appropriate conduct for adults. It is always okay to disagree with someone, but not in the manner she would like to do it. I am all for this, sad to say.

  3. john wainman says:

    So, she has a problem with consequences for actions??? This is very simple, follow the rules and you don't get funding cuts (consequences). Clearly the Northbay individual does not like the idea that she can't just do what she wants to do.

  4. Daniel Brown says:

    Universities have far too many speech police in their faculty. An absolute waste of money in service of tyranny, not education. There is no free speech on Campuses. There is agreement with the socialist neo Marxist ideology, or being an outcast/outlaw. #DEFUNDUNIVERSITIES #DEFUNDTHECBC

  5. CC C says:

    It's ironic that the loudest, most outspoken and obnoxious individuals are the same people constantly complaining about their right to free speech being trampled upon. Sounds more like they don't want others to have the right to disagree with what they say.

  6. Fade Out says:

    This channel is pathetic. Is literally the same as a venezuelan news channel. Greetings from Chile.

  7. Alpha1Epsilon2 says:

    You can't regulate speech it's pathetic that free speech has to be enforced in Canada all because sensitive liberals can't handle other people's ideas or jokes

  8. Justin Hudson says:

    Free Speech on Ontario campuses are suppressed because of Anti-White haters on campus.

  9. joe mahma says:

    cbc story on free speech. that’s rich.

  10. V Thompson says:

    Nobody needs to be protected from hate speech. The founding stock of Canada need to be protected from the dysfunction and violence that nonwhite immigrant groups bring with them.

  11. Dirty Burger says:

    Going to school is good if you're an accountant, doctor, lawyer or engineer. Other than that save yourself and find some real money yourself.

  12. kawartha paddler says:

    This is one of many reasons I voted for Doug ,, well done

  13. Rob M says:

    Hate Speech to an Alt Leftist aka Turdeau/Wynne Liberal is any speech that doesnt conform to their warped marxist ideology.

  14. Rob M says:

    Good its about time! thank you Doug Ford. Any College or University Campus that feels otherwise should have its funding and charter revoked.

  15. vince pipitone says:

    If your trying to stop hate speech, your just ganna make all the students fragile babies.

  16. Hung Lo says:

    Cut all university funding now Doug! These feminazis have no intention of allowing free speech.

  17. alex valois says:

    The concepts of freedom of speech and hate speech are fundamentally incompatible. The only speech that is not compatible with free speech is speech that directly incites violence, any policies or laws which prohibit any other type of speech are by definition anti-free speech and should definitely not be practiced by any government who wishes to uphold the most crucial freedom there is. Universities should obviously try to follow suit as you cannot learn if you cannot think and express yourself freely.

  18. T crow says:

    Free speech is free speech! No such thing as Hate Speech…if what you say isn't a threat of harm then it's your right to say what you want. If people don't like it then ignore it, pretty simple. #fuckyourfeelings

  19. EclipseClemens says:

    Nobody is prohibiting polite speech, because the only speech that needs protection is offensive.

    Freedom of speech is intended specifically for rude and obnoxious, even taboo speech. Speech that doesn't offend doesn't need to be protected BECAUSE NOBODY OBJECTS TO IT. Anyone who has been convinced that the concept of "freedom of speech protections" is designed for polite or civil speech should ask themselves why we would need a law to protect something that is not under threat?

  20. M says:

    policy,,, then there is no free speech

  21. Summer Joy says:

    Silencing the people, while they try to advance their one world order.

  22. Namasta Man says:

    White Canadian need to learn to coexist with other race before it gets out of control and dangerous for all.

    Any white person who cannot coexist with other race in Canada should move to Europe and try making Europe white again.

  23. ARABKARL says:

    Of course any opposing view can be described as "offensive" by the opposing party and poof goes your free speech and poof goes your liberty.

  24. C W says:

    Really!!?? I am so ashamed of humanity !! there are so many atrocities things in the world… like Starving Children.. that don't know if they're going to make one more day!!! oceans being poisoned !! animals going extinct !!! and people are worried about free speech!? this is disgusting !!! we live in a world of petty petty issues getting more attention then things that actually matter!

  25. Jwell Jrock says:

    Freedom of speech must be absolute or you don't have it

  26. Take Cover says:

    CBC touts diversity but won't even put a white male in their stock footage, let alone on the panel. Instead they have three white women. Would you ever see three white men discussing anything on the CBC without some "diversity" added in?

  27. Will Liu says:

    Love speech isn't the only thing that's included in free speech. All speech has to be included for it to be free speech. Otherwise stop misleading people with free speech and call it love speech only instead.

  28. jj 767 says:


  29. Steve says:

    does this policy stop sensitive SJWs from shouting and yelling at someone from having a different point of view?

  30. John southern says:

    Gyllian Phillips, the woman on the right is JEWISH.

    So naturally she's opposed to this because 99.9% of the Marxist, censor happy professors in Universities and Colleges across North America are JEWS.

  31. H H says:

    Hahahha cbc a company that disables the comment section on alot of its videos is talking about free speech issues

  32. Amy Knorr says:

    Egypt fought Eastern Libya aka The Kobra Tauta circa 50 b.c. Cleopatra V with her #6 marriage roster spouse Mark Anthony led a seven nation army which included Rome, in the fight against Eastern Libya which was led by Tutankhamen aka King Tut.

    Egypt, the world's first Constitutional Monarchy, lost to Libya.

    The second war for Egypt was fought from Jordan, led by bloodline Soulmates Josef and Miriam circa 30 a.d. Again, a seven nation army was employed for Egypt.

    Egypt lost. This caused world devastation and the resetting of the Calendar to 1 a.d.

    The Eastern Libyans had a unique and complex journey but were too aggressive.

    After Egypt lost, the Egyptian people began a mass exodus because no one wanted to live under Tutankhamen and the Kobra Tauta.

    The hieroglyphs are of Eastern Libya not true Egypt. Egypt was the hub of civilization. Latin was the written and spoken language of Egypt.

    Mummification is of Eastern Libya. True Egypt used above ground crypts.

    Eastern Libya, later referred to as the Spartans, conquered Egypt, warred with the newly found Britain, destroyed the city of Athens and tried to invade Israel, between 1a.d and 600 a.d. before being exiled.

    The exiled Kobra Tauta invaded Mexico and took over the Mayans circa 650 a.d. Here they were the Az Tecs aka The Coil.

    After the Az Tecs tried to chase out settlers from India who established Mexico circa 500 b.c., the Spanish finally chased out the Az Tecs from Guadalajara.

    Tuki Brando demonstrated Josef of Jordan in this photo. Peter Murphy included the facial expressions of Josef in his composite. The Higher Father of Julian Casablancas embodied this photo session.

    Shakira demonstrated Miriam in this photo with embodiment from the Highest Mother of Amy Knorr.

  33. Dr.Ehrfurchtgebietend says:

    Ford is really doing such a good job. Love that she referenced the Chicago principles.

  34. Not A Pink Hat says:

    Schools shouldn’t be teaching morality, they need to stick to facts.

  35. Not A Pink Hat says:

    What does the Islamic Party of Ontario think of this?

  36. Piano Lady says:

    Just tell the looney lefties who have appointed themselves the Speech Police to go to Hell.

  37. test40323 says:

    Excellent interview. I totally agree, university is not just a job training campus and critical thinking should be a basic skill of every graduate. To that end, free speech without deconstruction and analysis is just giving a soap box to every nutbar much like this CBC comments section…..wait that includes me!

  38. MAURIICE KIING says:

    Canadian Universities are where you go to be programmed, deprogrammed, brainwashed, and reprogrammed.

  39. Linda Mertes says:

    We had free speech until they made a free speech policies…. what a joke n it won’t hold here in Canada for long…

  40. Adam Sultana says:

    The government and the Globalists can try to sensor any speech they want, I will continue to say whatever the hell I damn well please. They can go stick it!!

  41. DualTwinPro says:

    you cant have a balance of free speech! its everything or nothing! not a difficult concept

  42. Mike A says:

    There shouldn't be limits on free speech period unless its a direct call to violence, being offensive or saying controversial things is not illegal and those who want censorship are the problem here.

  43. jewa tokes says:

    We just lost freedom of speech. Wrong. Canada has never had freedom of speech.

  44. Anthony Sharp says:

    You had me nodding my head in agreement until I heard "if we felt it was a violation to the human rights code, we wouldn't allow it."

    Stopping or banning any words regardless of subject matter is the beginning of a journey down that bad road we've all seen before.

    Common sense, timing and good grace is a given, but don't tell me I can't talk about something because it may offend someone. Too bad! I feel the misleading narrative CBC puts out to be criminally offensive, but they have a right to do that, just like I have a right to comment here on YouTube.

    Canada is famous for trading away it's freedoms and rights for new laws we are told will be good for us. That has everything to do with the ridiculous Crown rules system we are being forced to endure. All hail the Crown Corporations.

  45. psp785 says:

    Universities in Canada has been taken over by sjws

  46. John McSween says:

    Free speech is absolute with very few conditions. We don't have it here and it's going to get worse, especially with authoritarian dictators like Trudeau.

  47. Josh Mcwillger says:

    This lady just said Giving ultimate free speech will limit free speech?
    Also she said not being able to discipline students for speaking freely will lead to less involvement in free speach?

    What the hell is this lady on about???
    Remember these are the people who are teaching your children!!

    Remember this has all come about from Wilfred lauriea punishing someone for showing someone else's opinion and thinking that 18 to 24 year old kids could think for themselves.

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