FPV #55 Part 2 – Gender, Marijuana, Fake CPC Polls, Masculinity, And More…

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I still can’t cover all of it, but I feel a little better after this second part.

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  1. Misty74 says:


  2. Brane Storm says:

    Some of these violent threats could just be shills or trolls.

  3. KC Huston says:

    Sometimes I think that some people just want to sabotage the movement deliberately. I have said it many times. We must use the law and truth to defeat the left. Violence is their bag not ours.

    As far as the CPC. are proving to be just as unethical as the Liberals and NDP. Max is the result of it. The attack on men is just going to continue to excelerate until we stop it. I hate communism and Marxism. I am done with all of this anti Western and anti Canadian hatred and attacks.

  4. Fae Selja says:

    Trudeau has lost the Chinese vote over the murder of Marrisa Shen. The Chinese don't forget and they don't forgive when they feel they have been betrayed.

  5. Fae Selja says:

    Frank, you might be interested in listening to Janice Fiamengo (Fiamengo Files youtube). She is a professor of literature at the University of Ottawa, a former feminist and now anti-feminist.

  6. Sally Brown says:

    Frank how can you honestly say Trudeau's refugee policies border on criminal negligence when our brave and fearless leader HAS NO BORDERS!

  7. Sally Brown says:

    Thanks Frank can you send this to Faith Goldy she thinks that Bernie's should get back into bed with Scheer! God FORBID!!! I called her out loudly on it. I think she means well but she's young and buying into "vote splitting" getting Trudeau get back in. BTW excellent video thanks much!!

  8. Big Crow says:

    I don't agree with treats towards anybody. I believe in debate and free speech. That said. People have died indirectly because of Trudeau's immigration policies. CICS and the RCMP don't show up at his door, so i do understand their threats and and frustration.

  9. Griffin Walker says:

    Nobody I know buys GMO pot..it's too expensive.

  10. george pimentel says:

    I used to roll corn silk and smoke it for nothing. I quit altogether 30 years ago but they were the glory days.

  11. Robert Keating says:

    Regarding pot, they are laying people off in New Brunswick canibas, supply is not met. They couldn't run a pics up in a brewery

  12. Rip says:

    Ty Frank Excellent video

  13. Crazy Legs says:

    great content frank. keep it going….

  14. Zero Percent says:

    Even if an assassin was successful, another puppet would be installed. So we need to vote in a totally new federal party, when successful, we can bring mental health diagnostics to bear…

  15. Jeremy Squires says:

    You hit the nail on the head again sir.

  16. Bfly Bfly says:

    Alberta NDP gender identity handout. Boys being taken off school property without consent. ⚠️

  17. Loreen Howarth says:

    Great video Frank.

  18. Matthew D Duncan says:

    Thanks for the shout out and kind words!!!

  19. Space Cat says:

    My next door neighbour is a black market dealer and that orders through the mail and sells city wide. What bothers me? The foot traffic. 30 to 40 vehicles a day, often parking in my driveway and blocking me in. Ticks me off. And the bragging of money coming in that doesn't get subjected to taxes. They intend to throw down 100k on a down payment on the house they are renting for one year of selling. Ticks me off as well. We work hard, pay our taxes. That shit grinds me. I don't care about the pot, do whatever you want, just don't make my life shittier for it, and pay your part with society. Taxes are for all those services you get and want. Argh! Rant over.

  20. Space Cat says:

    I've had 3 babies in my life and breast fed each of them. It is such an amazing experience, the closeness and bonding that comes with it can't compare to any other method of feeding. I miss it. Wish I could have more but I'm too old now. Please don't pass up that opportunity, plus it's the best and healthiest option for your child!

  21. Darcie Tymofichuk says:

    You are absolutely correct. Unethical? Have they not heard about Collstrum which is crucial for the antibodies it contains. Masculinity is a problem,it’s absolutely true that women prefer men to be men. Who wants some sappy wimp for a boyfriend or husband. It was not long ago when women’s groups used to push family and breastfeeding. There was an actual society,(can’t remember what it was called. This abortion stuff has got to stop. I believe that sometimes abortion is necessary but not as birth control. I support Max Bernier and I think he has to get in front of the cameras and talk about making Canada , Canada again. Tweets are great but he needs to start pushing normal in video ads. Max even looks like a better leader than Trudeau. He is handsome and not a feminist. I cannot stand when Trudeau says that. After he is accused of sexual assault which it was is called groping. If it was any other male in Canada he would be accused of sexual assault. Hmmm…. interesting. If I still smoked pot I would go the old route. Legalizing pot is a joke and people fell for it. Now it has created all kinds of other problems.

  22. Morelli Khast says:

    well they are seeing it in the past so forgive them

  23. Morelli Khast says:

    oh Frank your on fire

  24. Charlotte Nilpart says:

    OK. Here we go. Pausing and listening. Whew! What a meme. Pondering. You make me ponder. Great word, 'ponder'. Until tomorrow.

  25. Fay Knox says:

    And don't forget Frank…since pot became legal…most apartment buildings have gone smoke free…not all of us can run outside easily to have a cigarette

  26. AV8TOR says:

    Don't make any threats to anyone online. It's just stupid and drawing unwanted attention to yourself. The authorities are watching all PM threats and you just look stupid. I'm so happy Frank brought this up. It's important.

  27. Fay Knox says:

    Lol…pot grows like a weed….

  28. Rants Derek says:

    He failed at university, he failed at being a dram teacher, ski instructor and camp councillor…. now he failed at being a drug dealer.

  29. Ray Sims says:

    You neglected to give Matt's channel name or a link!
    He sounds interesting!

  30. Brad Polmateer says:

    And the virtue signalling goes on uh um and um uh on

  31. stefan samotulka says:

    I can't stand Trudeau as much as the next guy but I sure as shit ain't surprised there's people saying they want to end his heart rate who then complain when their account is blocked or cops show up at their door. Matt is a solid dude. At the Eda meeting he apologized for Helping the Scheer leadership campaign.

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