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20 Responses

  1. Søren Jannerup says:

    If you're nice to me, ill be nice to you :O)

  2. James One says:

    Crime allows government to grow larger and more powerful. They promise to protect but even the best can't be there in time and if they are and they fail to protect you. Oh well too bad. They need crime to grow and stay in power.
    . If they really wanted to reduce and stop crime they would allow people to defend themselves and their loved ones.

  3. American Tactical says:

    Nobody told me rape wasn't okay? who knew? If only someone let me know??? Ridiculous!

  4. PaladinGear15 says:

    Yeah no I sure as fuck wouldn't encourage throwing guns into the mix to prevent people from getting hurt….
    I mean, most gun lovers think of it this way, "someone draws a gun on you; you're defenseless; you're dead because you didn't have a gun".
    Most English people think like this, "no one draws a gun on you, because they don't have a gun, and neither do you, so no one gets shot".
    In a country full of guns where the rule is "someone got attacked? that's cause there's not enough guns in the country!" I'm pretty sure a rapist could get a gun just as easily as anyone else, and the attacker is far more likely to draw the gun first.

  5. Broken Gimp says:

    Not all men are rapists, nor are all rapists male. I don't care much for how any group just treat groups as all being the same instead of individual basis

  6. Kyra Doe says:

    I like what u say

  7. Oscar Mcmurria says:

    you can force me antime

  8. Oishi Bhattacharyya says:

    OMG thank you so much for this video! I wish feminists would stop acting like men grow up being taught to rape, like, what even??

  9. andrejagreen says:

    This is your best video so far imho. Great analysis of private and public safety.

  10. Brendan Lee says:

    I fucking love you videos Sydney.

  11. The Hammond player says:

    All men are rapists ALL OF THEM in the world of the woman on the TV. A man who gets off on rape will become a rapist. Most children are told not to steal so obviously nobody steals anything ever all is good then

  12. Abysmal-Devastation says:

    This reminds me of how one of my exes accused me of rape…
    …In a Long distance relationship…
    (In which she emotionally abused me)
    Slow clap

  13. Dirty Dairy Daddy says:

    Sydney……it gets worse…..take it further……those who won't offend anyways, many of those males, (not all), many of those males will "learn due to what they are being taught" that they are evil, and thus, and a TERRIBLE self-esteem issue

  14. QuietStorm says:

    Ummmm…. yeah. "Teaching Men Not to Rape" has nothing to do with teaching. It is codespeak that justifies further oppression of men such as ruining men's lives at will regardless of evidence or any due process. Feminists just want to cement their authoritarian role in society by teaching us what we already know. People learn not to rape by primarily by observing healthy well adjusted parents interact with mutual respect, not by lectures, fliers, or youtube rants. This just furthers the misconception that somehow equality is going to be achieved by running men into the ground. Feminism is seriously broken and their oppressive sexist strategies are very likely to backfire.

  15. Joseph E Cowen says:

    women can't rape a man if they are not aroused, but a they can be sodemized. It will imascate him. Men get ashamed of being raped. They need to man up and report being raped when they are.
    Women rape men alot, usually to get pregnant to keep the man and assure a paycheck.

  16. LeChevalierduLys says:

    I agree with all your points EXCEPT for the firearms point. Look at the number of School shootings in the US compare to Australia , but non leathal weapons should be a no brainer.


    couldn't agree more with you in everything you say ,the world has gone mad !

  18. thebas3rd says:

    I thought rape was about power.

  19. Faris Romani says:

    Teaching men not to rape? Well then, school.

    Also, don't woman rape too, so it's logical to teach them not to rape as well.

  20. ShadowCatGambit says:

    Women whom expose themselves to a situation where it's easy for someone to rape them are subconsciously pursuing what they want. Women want to be conquered by the men they desire, while being able to destroy men whom they do not want or need. Women objectify men as appliances, and if we aren't performing better than other appliances, then we are tossed OUT, discarded, not needed and hated…… Not even our opinion matters compared to men with confidence and skills with women. For men whom go through life watching women adore that one man whom they want to be FUCKED HARD by, while being treated like a venomous spider by the same women, why not rape women if there is no indication that any women will ever want consensual sex with him? Even rapists want to be adored and worshiped by women, but it's incredibly difficult to be good enough for women to have that true submissive desire for a man, especially with social media. I don't have much sympathy for most women; because I'm a gentle and timid guy (not in much control of my emotions), but I'm still considered less of a man than my abusive grandfather, because abusive relationships where a man keeps a woman in place are more successful than relationships with "Nice Guys," because most of the "rape" that women claim does not exist, and she usually made a small effort for it to happen when it does, and because I've seen a woman close to me slowly and painfully destroy her husband while he loved her (tried), respect her and give her everything she said she wanted….. Women will always want and need to be dominated, but most of them are relentlessly and sometimes visciously dishonest about it.

    This hurts to admit. I still struggle not to be bitter, but it's the truth. If we, the type of guy I am, do not change, then we aren't wanted by most women.

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