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Here’s a quick overview of feminists around the world (Kurdish feminists, Pakistani feminists, Israeli feminists, Russian feminists, and American feminists).

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  1. Sarah Daniels says:


  2. עמנואל Matthew 1:23אלוהים איתנו says:

    David you killed it with no words thank you I hope This will wake some American up. they are a shame for our generation,

  3. Walter Kerr says:

    How very sad.

  4. A. A. Gordokrilaya says:

    Well, if I had a reason I would serve in army. Christianity doesn't forbid it (for example Joan of Arc was a warrior), but I can't understand logic of feminists, they have all human rights to be whoever they want, but thy don't think so! I'm a woman and I would to serve in army, but I'm not a feminist ( I even hate them)

  5. Stefanie Medina says:

    So……you think women in these other countries don't protest? There are plenty of women in the US military. This video is Republican nonsense. I started liking your channel, not sure about that anymore…….

  6. Kirinkinkongkoy says:

    This is embarrassing hahahha

  7. Federico Mazandarani says:

    Nothing in this world is more comical than these American FEMINISTS. Fortunately they are a dying breed because no man is willing to fuck them any more and give them children whom they can turn into clones of themselves. The depth of USA's decadence is a dark black hole from which there's no escape.

  8. Biblical Beauty says:

    The dark skin Israeli Chick at 00:40 is so pretty, I didnt know they still had dark skin people from Israel, goes to show how little I know about Israel today.

  9. SedativeChicken says:

    American Feminists are horrific and as sinful as Mohammed

  10. Nice salty bepis says:

    What are those things at the end of the video

  11. bans banz says:

    Sorry to say, the American feminists look fit only for the whore house.

  12. Elisha says:

    Ideas have consequences, Darwinistas.

    God bless.

  13. majestic microbes says:

    thank you so much for this David. not only did it make me laugh, but it also made me realize that the women in the middle east are literally fighting for their own freedom. it's very sad, I hope the creator blesses them with victory.

  14. Jixxy Trix says:

    David, how much wood would a wood chucker chuck if a wood chucker would chuck wood? (You should legally change your name to that)

  15. OMG Girl says:

    the israel feminists were hottist

  16. Cleveland Street Preachers says:

    Let's take all American Feminists to Pakistan and see how they get away with their doggie barks. That should straighten them out and teach them to be respectful and submissive. They will come back to this country kissing the ground. Actually, some Christian women could use this training too unfortunately (too many fleshly pastors not teaching them to honor men…)

  17. Tony Candes says:

    The feminists protesting Trumps decision to ban the Muslims don't realize he is actually protecting their…. It's embarrassing to say it.

  18. Concrete Outcry says:


  19. Water Bear the Employee Mangler says:


  20. Water Bear the Employee Mangler says:

    Maybe a salad or protein dink would be better than a sandwich…

  21. aimal13 says:

    what countrie is kurdish?

  22. p4pboxingftw says:

    Kurds?? The same ones oppressing Assyrian Christians in northern Iraq !?!? They are below even the U.S feminists.

  23. eshaw2115 says:

    That about says it all…

  24. Unity&Diversity says:


  25. Dylan Biggs says:

    All Christian women who watched this, just puked…

  26. John Mckenya says:

    Lol, it's about danm time David starts attacking these sorry shits. I love this channel even more.

  27. Liu Shen Tong says:

    Russian feminists? Give me a break, they are as bad as american ones. I am russian and I know what I am talking about

  28. Aileen Bordelon says:


  29. Laine Gordon says:

    you and stefan molyneux should sit for a chat sometime, and post it. clear thinkers with a smirk

  30. The Old One says:

    The contrast is rather stark, isn't it? But I guess that's what you get if the likes of Madonna and Ashley Judd are the role models… The stupidity and grossness of people in large groups should never be underestimated.

  31. Koontah says:

    tugs brown bag over my head Maybe they (American feminists) were only joking… maybe? Cuz, clearly I saw no sense of dignity.



  33. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    1:24 icky. Imaybe because i'm gay but i don't get how men liek that stuff

  34. Ray Jacobs says:

    Great vid!

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