Feminist Wants to Ban Dragon Ball, Gets Hakai by Wahmen

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game over.

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25 Responses

  1. Memology 101 says:

    Dragon Ball Super – Ultimate Battle/Ultra instinct | Instrumental Epic Rock COVER

    Dragonball Super – Theme of Jiren (HQ Cover)


  2. A. Theil says:

    Gonna need a Senzu Bean for that one!

  3. DB Zard says:

    First you had my attention but now you have my DESTRUCTION

  4. Sunwardust 646 says:

    How about we ban you?

  5. IfYouReplyToThisCommentYouFuckPigs says:

    Um who r u?

  6. DB Zard says:

    Starting theme : Jiren's theme
    Next theme : Ultimate battle theme
    Last one : Beerus' madness

  7. TempestÜ says:

    What's next to ban? Manly shitting?

  8. Gabzloadead says:

    She got sicko mode

  9. Dr S says:

    2 things; Why did you block her name on her original comment and not her response to Monica. Secondly, I miss Launch

  10. DOUBLE LINE says:

    She had to be trolling, right?

  11. DB Zard says:


  12. Blue Velocity says:

    Normally I don't make a comment like this but, huh… android 18, videl, bulma and Chichi kicks butt in DBZ. Woman also like dragon ball, so does that make them sexist too? She clearly has no fucking clue what she is talking about. Before you state a ridiculous argument like that, actually look at what your complaining about. It's dragon ball it's not fucking real. How does it show people to disrespect woman? It's not the master roshi show.

  13. A. Theil says:

    Get em, Bulma- I mean Monica!

  14. void mayo says:

    Wahmen? Is that supposed to mean women ?

  15. Bill Wilson says:

    Link to full thread?

  16. Miguel Gordillo says:

    btw that "pam" is a brand new account and that was a first post. Everyone's speculating it's just a random troll.

  17. Chase LeValley says:

    I don't even like anime and I know she's wronger than wrong. And she got shut down by a fellow wahmen. That shows how stupid she really is.

  18. David H513 says:

    This video is just pure misogyny.

  19. Well just without the Yep says:

    The women got removed on twitter guess she really did get Hakai'd

  20. Ksavage2010 says:

    She literally told her who she was.What a dumb,ignorant cunt.Twitter has tricked these people into thinking they’re smart.

  21. Dante Zephilim says:

    Bulma? strong? Next joke.

  22. shovelguy19 says:


  23. M Hale says:

    Lol….feminists are attacking Dragon Ball and anime now?

  24. dRose says:

    Why these people even exist

  25. Aiden Wheeler says:

    Was that voice clip at the end from shoe0nhead? Sounded like her to me

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