Feminist Tries to Interview People About Mansplaining

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24 Responses

  1. Bell Marie says:


  2. Ellie Charlton says:

    she interupted him

  3. ficus ciumegul says:

    What s the game you play?

  4. N o o d l e says:

    BTW, I'm pretty sure that video was also suppoeed to give a stable at feminists lol

  5. N o o d l e says:

    Manslpaining doesn't exist

  6. Betim Mustafa says:

    5:55 Ma ni**a

  7. Taylor Maxey says:

    Mansplaining is supposed to be a condescending way of explaining something.

  8. boulder blast says:

    I think this vid might be a joke the one he is watching but idk

  9. typical life says:

    It's huperson hu – person.
    Get it?

  10. Henrik Gullikstad says:

    Feminists Try manbreating next!

  11. Ven om says:

    That woman that interrupted the guy just gotta NANI?!

  12. It's ya boi says:

    First time I heard mansplaining

  13. inkd64queen says:

    What kind of pussy shit is this lmao

  14. Rafael Castillo says:

    480 dislikes,looks like a heard of those so called "Bluga whales" decided to hate on your video,bruh

  15. Shoto Todoroki says:

    These videos make me so disappointed to be a female

  16. ThICcQk BoI says:

    5:55 is gold

  17. AeroSlash says:

    definition of "man"splaining: a logical explanation. idk what the hell feminists r trying to achieve

  18. filho do darth vader says:

    Looks like kéfera

  19. Jack says:

    But… man spread his legs while sitting cuz it hurts when you got them glued together, it smashes your balls!

  20. Firemaster728 says:

    If this "mansplaining" and "manspreading" keeps up, our dictionaries are totally F***.

  21. Random Turtle says:

    Person- Oh are you a Woman, I just don’t want to misgender you

    Feminist- woMAN!!! How dare you! The correct term is Wo. Ugh how dare you

  22. Distructer Ultimate says:

    Only 480 feminists has watched this video

  23. Naitsirk gaming says:

    To all those feminists blaming men for man spreading. We manspread cos else our balls get crushed and sweaty as heck

  24. Lu Lu says:

    Then we have manbreathing, where men breathe up too much of the air.

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