Feminist Things Womansplaining about husband’s Pay

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I don’t feel sorry for any of them, they didn’t even have two to three months worth of funds saved for a rainy day. These Things mis managed their hsbands money. PERIOD

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  1. Alchemister Surfboarder says:

    I was miserable everyday I was in the military, especially since they changed my "Guaranteed" MOS to what ever they wanted. Everybody I knew in there practiced some form of escapism i.e. alcohol, drugs, video games, bullying, marriage & debt. So many stories of STDs, transvestites, cheating, suicides, murders, punishments, automotive deaths, men giving up and turning into shitbags, awols & racism that's why EVERYTIME I mention I was in there people comment "Oh your crazy right?" I went In seeking a father figure and just got my ass handed to me. Discipline, three meals, weight room & travel was the only silver lining.

  2. Lion Judah says:

    Can't help but to I guess they have so much pride till they even care who hears them anymore.

  3. Lion Judah says:

    I see it and hear it all day long from these feminist I overhear their conversations a whole lot.

  4. Lion Judah says:

    Fort Campbell were I'm at.

  5. Raoh says:

    Crying for their cut of the pay check that they are entitled too.

  6. TSATrash says:

    My SMS in the Air Force came from Korea with his korean wife. As soon as they moved to Nellis AFB, she divorced him. I lived off base as a single guy in the Air Force. It is way better them military houses. 30 billion on illegal aliens. Wall is cheaper.

  7. Free Speech says:

    If the family needs money, why don't these mothers get jobs?

  8. BOB theMONK says:

    They are feminisplaning all the time. I was told twice in a meeting to stop mansplaning. since then, I listen, take notes and I shut up, Now, my silence in interpreted has an aggression. Now, every meeting I send someone else. F that, l now mostly stay in the shop, were its loud, noisy and dusty, a location were no high heels or skirts are present. Long live the free and happy men.

  9. Hammer Hand says:

    I had already set up to your channel, but if I hadn't, this would have made me. Thank you

  10. Eddie Imperial says:

    I noted the voice stuff too. To me they sound like valley girl talk of my generation. Like there not grown up from high school or something. But….. in actually truth most but not all never grow up because there emotionally 16 even if there 50.

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