Feminist SJW Cringe Compilation *NEW 2018*

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Feminist SJW Cringe Compilation *NEW 2018*
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43 Responses

  1. R_ Reveley says:

    kill them, kill the minority dictators of mental illness and oppression of the majority normal people.

  2. David Miller says:

    I used to work in an office and it was freezing because all the fat hippo women in the office needed it on full blast to keep cool

  3. paulyj311 says:

    I know what their pronouns are….stupid c..nts….hahaha

  4. Pink Fluffy Sylveon says:

    I'm I the only one who thinks it's weird that they are explaining the concept of drag to kids. I consider myself to be more liberal but i find that disturbing. It's the way that they are doing it… It can't be just me. Right???

  5. Teresa Faye says:

    Kaite Welsh is cancer in human form. Or maybe an Orc. Either way, she is a train wreck. Also, maybe women get colder than men because they don't work as hard. Feminists & SJW's are running in the victim olympics.

  6. skahead63 says:

    Lol……freezing at your desk. Do a days work on a building site in January if you want to know what being cold really is.If not put a jumper on .

  7. liz San says:

    this kind of identity crisis should not be introduced to children…not everyone is a transgender.

  8. Br00tal Cabbage says:

    9:43 my female coworker and I (also female) go back and forth because she’s always too hot and I’m always too cold. But the AC is sexist, right?

  9. Just Curious says:

    Where are the aliens when you need them??

  10. NPC121212 121212 says:

    I'm a big fan of dress up? Haha. We can see that…

  11. Jeremy Lathem says:

    Fat English harpy. They laughed her off the show. Then Big Red showed up in the mix and outsquawked her by multiple decibel levels.

  12. Thomas McDowell says:

    That "kiddes" "show" is beyond fucking creepy…

  13. Runner3331 says:

    How come all the sensitive cunts ruining this world are almost always, FAT, SHORT HAIR, GLASSES!

  14. Tyler Hussin says:

    Just because you’re gay lesbian queer shit is important to you, doesn’t mean it’s important to teach our kids.

  15. bob brooks says:

    Getting cold does not cause a cold. Catching a bug causes cold.

  16. Izzy Jaded says:

    *gets hot*
    *turns on air conditioner*

    My trial starts next week..

  17. Jino Espera Burgos says:

    No men freeze their balls too, we just don't complain about it.

  18. patricia sloan says:

    To the lady on the last clip, but again damn jacket on!

  19. patricia sloan says:

    Seriously, I can't even imagine having two balls between my legs!!!!! I think it would get very problematic while trying to sit. Damn feminists, leave men alone!!!!! Really? That's the kind of shit you complain about !!!!! Your freaking idiots!

  20. Tristan Wong says:

    Where's the clip at 6:30 from?

  21. TNSxKrook says:

    LGBT. L= Feminism G= Is B= Fucking T= Cancer

  22. Jose Prado says:

    That fat cunt has three chins

  23. Austin Kensler says:

    Always feel nauseous when i cant tell if a he/she is a he or a she.

  24. Marcus Rosales says:

    Women can set the A.C. temp when they learn to use the thermostat! Just like opening a jar girls always ask the man to deal with it.

  25. Commander Comrade says:

    I don't know if I like pain, but I watch these a lot, and it hurts my brain to do so.

  26. Derek Spencer says:

    Batshit crazy feminism and far left liberal ideology will destroy western culture!!!!

  27. Metal Jacket says:

    Homos get an entire month dedicated to them and the deadliest of the Seven Sins.

    Veterans get one day.

    End me.

  28. Longbow Shooter says:

    That last one…

    Hey, if you are cold, you can put on a sweater, what are the guys supposed to do because they're sweating? Strip? I have been sitting in the house with a tank top on, sweating, and my wife would be saying she's freezing. At my job I was required to wear a necktie at work, women had no restrictions.

  29. Dawg the Undying says:

    The second one is an insult to my childhood.

  30. William Finnegan says:

    What a stupid person. She should skip lunch and read George Orwell’s 1984. Then listen to Christopher Hitchens,then read “The Road to Serfdom”. Then read Thomas Sowell. Then study Lenin and Stalin.

  31. Jason D says:

    anyone know the name of that UK talk show? please

  32. abntemplar82 says:

    here's a thought, if you are so cold sitting at your desk, PUT ON A SWEATER. dress more appropriately for the cold. it is not oppression that you are cold and I am not. after all aren't the genders equal in every account? oh wait that only applies when feminazis are virtue signaling, the minute they have hardships they cry out "but I'm a girl!" thus hiding behind their vagina, what an absolutely pathetic wastes of good sperm cells.

  33. C C says:

    Doesnt the chick with the HUGE nose at 10.00 look like she's wearing a fake nose & glasses set? Maybe if her nose didnt take up 3/4 of her face, she wouldnt get so many colds! Or maybe someone should tell this inbred feminist that you get a cold from a virus not from being cold. Small minded Idiot!!

  34. Kutlwano Maruatona says:

    The first part of the clip was too painful to watch

  35. Portgas D Ann says:

    The freedom of speech part is so frustrating. She's obviously tumbling in her logic, why can't she accept that what she's saying is not freedom of speech? Edit: and shouldn't journalism be objective, regardless of what the journalist subjective viewpoint is?

  36. Cajoboy California says:

    ….proven wrong…..change subject…..proven wrong…..change subject…..

  37. Jack Smith says:

    This is fucking retarded.

  38. Robert Netherton says:

    Why do women womspread. And why do,lakes smell like rotten vaginas ?

  39. AMagicalPotato says:

    Who goes to uni for politics, unis for getting drunk and getting extremely depressed.

  40. red32303 says:

    You don’t get a cold from A/C.

  41. red32303 says:

    Liberals are fascist

  42. Mike Baldwin says:

    Close your legs,your breath stinks!

  43. Martin says:

    9:46 and the fact that most offices are open plan these days and allow the transfer of bugs more easily has nothing to do with it?

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