Feminist Sex Panic: the new rules.

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Have feminists changed the law to make female participation in agreements legally non-valid? It appears to be so.

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  1. steve smith says:

    I have mentioned this in other posts, even with the updated Bill C-51 in Canada. Do not throw out evidence (text, video, email, voice mails, etc). If you get falsely convicted because the Judge exclude evidence. You can always file an appeal and also tell them you will release the evidence to the press and public, even if a Judge threatens you with more punishment for doing so, at that point you have nothing to lose. I can't see the provisions in C-51 excluding evidence in Court holding up in the long run.

  2. Etoine Schrdlu says:

    Therefore, all sex is rape. Since any documentation of prior consent is inadmissible, the act of asking for prior consent is, while being the courteous and proper thing for a man to do, totally pointless. It serves no purpose other than to sink a man deeper in the quicksand. Even if the woman rips the guy's clothes off and basically rapes him without his consent, she can still claim that she was unknowingly drugged, or somehow otherwise coerced into her actions, so therefore it was she who was raped. Sex is over. There just isn't gonna be any sex. There is no such thing as "Safe Sex" since all of it can be construed as man raping woman.
    Two more options:
    1. Bring back the old tradition of Eunuchs: voluntary castration. At least a guy could stop thinking about sex. This could be one of the many new "genders" legally recognized in Canada. Think up some mandatory pronouns for them.
    2. You can't get married without applying for a Marriage license and the application process supposedly ensures that the couple can legally marry. I.e.: they aren't related to each other, or underage, masquerading as the opposite sex, have a track record of being a serial murderer, etc. So, lets extend the concept and only allow LICENSED SEX. In order to have sex both participants have to apply for a Sex License. In or out of wedlock, it doesn't matter, you need to apply for a license. Both parties have to fill out a form, check off the boxes on the list of consented acts, sign, and each participant has to pay their share of the license fee. This could be a smartphone app: both apply on their own phones, a server links the two phones, both fill in what can and can't be done, they pay via PayPal or credit card, and then make whoopee. And to ensure the contract isn't violated they video the event with their cellphones. Simple. Problem solved! No?

  3. AcidicRegent0 says:

    The thought of having a sex chaperone makes me horny. I would prefer a woman because I don't I want a man watching me bang a woman but I guess Beggars can't be choosers. And the reason it makes me horny is because it excites me to have an audience while I perform.

  4. Joe Jones says:

    This content is needed. Solution oriented. I don't see anything like this anywhere else.

  5. BOB theMONK says:

    Obviously, another great video.

  6. Too Much-Online says:

    Well, we can all see how modern western women 'honour' a marriage 'contract', right?

  7. TechnoMageB5 says:

    "Women cannot participate in contracts." But only with men in sexual relations, because things like mortgages and credit card agreements are still valid, right? If not, I see a lot of women angry about having their finances cut off…

  8. Farrell Huff says:

    tuesday december 18 /18 . TPS board meeting comments . I will never lose my job because of this . I will never be confronted because of this . I will never be charged for anything because of this . I am just shoving their meetoo rules up chief Saunders ass . next episode january 24/19 .

  9. OttoVonKonrad says:

    Well done, sir. Well done.

  10. BarringtonDailey says:

    The Muslims already have point 2 in the form of their Ummah. This is a voluntary agreement between participants in the Ummah, this agreement over-rules any local laws. It is very difficult for law enforcement to do anything when the whole community has closed ranks against them. If Feminists object to this they are clearly Islamo-Phobic.

  11. TIME IN A BOTTLE says:

    Yeah men don't want to go near them, they're screwed now at this point they had the ultimate sex with themselves.

  12. Riff Magos says:

    Very well stated. Thank you for sharing the truth.

  13. UnamedSource says:

    Nice try. Unfortunately the only relief from feminism will be its own suicide. Limit exposure is the best bet. By the way, there is s simple fix to the problem of women in the work place. Fire them all, don’t hire new ones and avoid any that might be necessary. How you ask? When they take you to court then 1) Force them to prove they are actually women. 2). Make them prove your current employees are men. I’ll let you think about it.

  14. Sipho Thenjwayo says:

    Well let them attack men until there is no men approaching them we will see what happens with them

  15. Jay Double Gee says:

    What do you call a letter from a feminist? Hate male

  16. oliste says:

    Well done John, this is one of your best videos.
    Your solutions are are very intriguing. I think, however, that as the social compact which has been extant for centuries has finally been broken, it will be difficult to instigate a palliative to remedy this fundamental sundering of the traditional male/female paradigm. The days of courtly love poetry; cheesey love songs; and, men being machine-gunned down on battlefields fighting for their women at home have come to an end, primarily due to better information technology and social media awareness over the past ten years, together with the persistent prosecution of anti-male sentiment in the media and in the governments in Western society today. Women sixty years ago would have been far too cute to allow such a rift to occur. The irony is that the third wave of millennial feminists have never known of any physical or social oppression at any time during their lives, and their schoolgirl brains stupidly view all men as easy targets for bullying purposes. The institution of marriage is well on its way to becoming a dead duck and dating is heading South in that direction too. The big problem is that women are now being viewed as being dangerous and a potential liability to men's liberty, security and fundamental means of existence (loss of career, home, children, wealth and reputation) on account of governmental and judicial attitudes which are ranged against them, same of which is being egged on by radical feminists who have infiltrated both arms of government and the media in Western countries. Something is going to give soon, and it won't ultimately favour the feminist agenda which has permeated and currently pertains in our civil society.

  17. Turd Flinging Honkey says:

    person = surety bond fathered by the government. all persons are graven image masks used to rape fatherhood.
    person (n.)

    early 13c., from Old French persone "human being, anyone, person" (12c., Modern French personne) and directly from Latin persona "human being, person, personage; a part in a drama, assumed character," originally "a mask, a false face," such as those of wood or clay worn by the actors in later Roman theater. OED offers the general 19c. explanation of persona as "related to" Latin personare "to sound through" (i.e. the mask as something spoken through and perhaps amplifying the voice), "but the long o makes a difficulty …." Klein and Barnhart say it is possibly borrowed from Etruscan phersu "mask." Klein goes on to say this is ultimately of Greek origin and compares Persephone.

    In legal use, "corporate body or corporation having legal rights," 15c., short for person aggregate (c. 1400), person corporate (mid-15c.). The use of -person to replace -man in compounds and avoid alleged sexist connotations is recorded by 1971 (in chairperson). In person "by bodily presence" is from 1560s. Person-to-person first recorded 1919, originally of telephone calls.


  18. SESolutionsEngineering says:

    The salvation of civilization lies inside point #2:
    "Women can not participate in contracts"

    The originating case of this needs to get challenged, and pushed up to the highest courts– where it will almost certainly be defeated. Once defeated, and thus, the perspective that women are not capable of being bound by legal agreements, is held up by the supreme law of the land… then you pass a series of laws that effectively take away all female legal power. If they cannot participate in contracts, then they can't enter into business, hold a job, take out loans, vote, pay taxes, join the military, et cetera.

    Boom, problems are solved. No more divorce rapes, no more equal opportunity employment nonsense, and I promise you, the fertility rate will rise to where you no longer need to import rapefugees to maintain the population. If women are effectively children–in a strict legal sense–then they shall have no more power.

  19. Cully Schmetterling says:

    The only way to navigate the risk is to refuse to interact with women.
    Leave the plantation, become a MGTOW monk and keep on walking.
    Women chose their misery. They deserve it.

  20. Turd Flinging Honkey says:

    cunt scent = consent

  21. Tsunami! :o says:

    aaaand. what about killing a bunch of people and solving the situation by making the rules ourself? a knive is cheap, we are numerous.

  22. LifeAfterWomen says:

    We are headed back to segregation. The circle is complete.

  23. Turd Flinging Honkey says:

    AUTHORITY USURPATION IS LITERAL "FATHERHOOD RAPE"… every woman in authority is an authority usurper. Judges, Teachers, Doctors…
    use 1 Timothy 2:12 KJV against these evil women!!! etymology is legalese because the true sense (etymon) of words is found through the original sense. modern English is folk-etymology and corrupts the true sense of words.

  24. Caldwell Kelley says:

    Our girlfriends better take into account what that backlash is going the look like … once you convince the "Good guys" that you are out to destroy them.

  25. lp ad says:

    that it is, thanks bro!

  26. MGTOW Lite says:

    1:41 Maybe, but…

    No amount of "Mass Media" or social programming has ever made the masses of Men denounce their mothers.

    The female soul is just predisposed to wage war against Masculinity.

  27. Pao emantega says:

    Excellent reasoning and deduction john – keep us informed 🙂

  28. The Jazz Monastery says:

    I like your ideas, but islam is the apparent correction at hand to this evidently recurring mess and they've been very busy. Feminists are gonna love it (sarc). Check out John Mark's new channel for a possibly good solution.

  29. Castle Bravo says:

    I believe I've encountered the future of society. It will be based on gossip, innuendos, rumors and lies. When no male-based finding of truth is require, then any accusation no matter how unreal it may be is treated as actual fact.

    I know how this works since it was used against me at college. There is no finding of fact. Believe and prosecute is the rule. No need or reference to reality is necessary.

    If you read of how the Soviet legal system operated under the NKVD then you'll understand what I meant. You are guilty of being innocent of what you are charged with. Anything, even you're saying you're without blame is enough for a prosecutor to charge you with criminal conduct.

  30. Michael Keller says:

    what good does a chaperone do, if she's depending on the same signals and validity of words of the "consenting woman" as the man is? hint: the woman can change her mind AFTER the act, and if she's no longer consenting during the act, she does NOT need to communicate or show her "retreating consent", so the chaperone will be useless, similar to any written or videod form of consent…

  31. Drogo Baggins says:

    It's as if they think that they can go forward with their women can do anything a man can do only better line while trying to go backwards and undo their precious sexual revolution at the same time.

  32. Harry Schultze says:

    I have to disagree with you on this one John. Women are by Nature evil if unchecked. I believe you know as well as I do that women are essentially children who have an adult body tits and a vagina. Indeed they are mentally and emotionally children, that much is certain.
    Having been in the military and studied certain subjects civilians outside of the proper world would not have common knowledge of I can tell you what happens when Society collapses and children are left to their own devices.
    Essentially the children lacking a developed moral compass and the discipline to back it up become out of control Psychopaths. They become the most dangerous members of a collapsed Society having no rules no morals no empathy and no regrets when it comes to doing anything that they do, because they simply come to a state of having no conscience whatsoever.
    Women are emotionally and psychologically children of that there is no doubt and gradually men have taken away their supervision of women at Large in society. What you are getting now is chaos by degrees on the part of women. Whereas in a societal collapse situation this would happen all at once and children would simply run-amok and do whatever the hell they wanted this situation is happening by degrees to their female counterparts. soon women will be completely out of control. this is not going to end John, nor is it going to get any better until men Take Back Control over women or ironically Society collapses which will force women to turn to men for help rather than the nanny state which supports them and executes their will. When economic collapse occurs the government tit will dry up and women will be forced to seek out men as they once did. nothing short of this will stop women from running completely amok.
    Question: is this the kind of world you want to live in John? If not you may want to seek a safe place somewhere to hide until the collapse. Just sayin.

  33. global nomad says:

    no sane man would want to fuck under such conditions of tyranny

  34. Jason T says:

    I want a chaperone! Preferably a female MMA fighter who can "address" women who become physically violent towards me.

  35. ucapitanu says:

    The elite is the enemy number one. Smash illegal migration and cultural
    marxism. Open borders for israel, goyim are really angry. Stop
    antiwhiteism. Stop jewish suprematism. Find the rothschilds near you
    and bring them to the people ( jacob is at Eythrope ). It's freedom
    or death. WW3 IN 2020: the world's population will be exterminated
    from the current 7 billion to 1 billion. IT'S NOW OR NEVER. Fuck
    macron we don't want the crumbs, we want the baguette: rothschilds,
    support from Italy. MESSAGE TO POLICE AND MUSLIMS: your babies will
    die or get the chip too, choose carefully where to stay.

  36. read only says:

    well spoken, thank you for all your work ::: :

  37. ein says:

    women & manginas won't stop until civilization is destroyed

  38. Marc Grundfest says:

    No woman can ever be trusted as a chaperone, since by definition they are not required to honor contracts, and are no less incompetent under the law.

    Likewise no private contact which promises not to void other contracts is viable.

    The impending collapse of the rule of law will of necesity cause reversion to feudalism and klan warfare. There are no other viable options.
    Indeed it was the downside of feudalism that lead men to establish the rule of law in the first place.

    While waiting to see if the rule of law will be preserved, all we can do is pick which tribe to associate with.

    And hope…

  39. POOKISTAN says:

    The lives of men are not a price 'they' (women) pay – The innocent men pay that price. Forget who Tweeted that, but it was in response to some dumb bimbo on some vapid website/magazine who Tweeted about how 'that's a price she's willing to pay', referring to innocent men being imprisoned and having their lives ruined…

  40. Mountain Herb says:

    Chaperones should wear black and white vertical stripes and carry whistles.

  41. Dane Richards says:

    Thank you sir for the new information please keep making videos

  42. Bohemian Monk says:

    John, you are over thinking this. The only solution is to TAKE WOMEN'S RIGHTS AWAY and restore the patriarchy. They don't deserve them anyway.
    Be free, be safe, be a MGTOW Monk: it's the only way to survive in this insane, gynocentric world!

  43. Matthias Thulman says:

    Hey, do you write these beforehand and then read them?

    Or is it off the cuff? If so, you are a wonderful speaker. Either way, great content

  44. Back Waters and Back Roads says:

    I was able to follow almost everything you're saying here John, and it's all very rational. In my opinion, you're one of those MGTOW creators that don't get as much credit as you deserve. Maybe it's the Canada-centric element (like the 80s band anvil) 😉 or maybe you just go over the heads of a lot of MGTOW, because of your cerebral, rational take on matters. I can tell you that as I listen, I can't help but keep returning to the thoughts: if women can be so easily turned against us men–why should be bother to deal with them? Sex?? I personally believe that always the unspoken key element in this is, the "elite" or social controllers, or whatever you want to call them, want this exactly. When one realizes that everything is ultimately designed to keep families from forming and babies from being born, it all starts to make sense. Without adding that perspective, it always feels like a mystery that can get solved if we could just understand this or that. I hope this makes sense.

  45. Justin Peanuts says:

    Sixty years ago people would have laughed at the idea of love bots. People thought that men would never swap a woman for an Android.
    Its starting to happen in 2019.
    Once the love bots are “out of the bag” they will not be going back in.
    Laws can be changed with the stroke of a pen, once technology is developed it tends to stick around.

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