Feminist Gets TRIGGERED Live On TV In a Heated Debate About Mansplaining

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Peter Lloyd triggers feminist in a debate about mansplaining.

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32 Responses

  1. Michele Lyn says:

    so funny cause u were horn dogs having sex without protection with a guy u don't really know get pregnant they leave cause ur nuts and it's men's fault yet compliance cause ur a single parent haha decision have consequences so if u shake up and don't date to get to know someone then bam get pregnant what did u expect

  2. Michele Lyn says:

    as if woman can't leave a man quivering with only her words haha all we gotta do be sexy and let them feel lile a man and they are at our command to listen to these idiot woman just cracks me up please I can promise a blow job and get anything I want shoooot….

  3. Mickeal Marvin says:

    Who cares???

  4. Gerald Lamp says:

    ‘I won’t do this show again if you don’t let me respond’


  5. TheModer8ter says:

    John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later, Simply believe in this and you have everlasting life.

  6. Big TRAV says:

    That guy Kate is scary.

  7. Svetlana Rozetti says:

    IM OK WITH THAT !!! CALL ME BAB LOV ….WHAT AN IDIOT I'm free to describe you hon Bab love I'm a woman as ND what is wrong with you ?????????? u out have a boo boo in your head !!! and DO NOT TALK FOR WOMEN most of us are not idiots like this one ……wow with everything that this idiot sees in the world she is ….))))))))))))))))))))))))) NO IT AFFECT YOU SICKO

  8. revspinnaker says:

    Peter the Triggermaster.

  9. WWG1WGA! USA says:

    Feminism is cancer.

  10. WWG1WGA! USA says:

    She looks like a man.

  11. Abalam de Paimon says:

    Owwww my feelings and emotions. No. fuck off you ugly feminist. Learn how the world works, stfu and make me a sandwich. Off you go.

  12. sick of liberals says:

    She acts and looks like a meth head

  13. bob jetam says:

    This was like 5 years ago….

  14. Michael Harvey says:

    There are giraffes envious of "Kate's" neck.

  15. Thoreau says:

    The feminist women….. look exactly the way I would expect them to look.

  16. Cali fornia says:

    Shut up bitch!

  17. Ratchet and Dank says:



    Fat slob talks about other's lack of responsibility, unironically, yet doesn't take care of her own health. Amazing.

    8:43 Provide specific examples, and if the women pursued a course of reprimand for those they say "harassed them." It's all bollocks otherwise.

  18. dislike injustice says:

    Being sacked for being pregnant is an entirely different issue than being sacked for being a woman.
    The fat, ugly bird in the video has problems because she is a fat, moaner not because she is a woman.

  19. dislike injustice says:

    I'm fed of women nagging men about mansplaining but hey fuckit! Let's just go for sharia law. That way, any feminist talking back to men can simply by stuck inside a burka and probably stoned to death for repeat offending.
    That way everyone wins. Feminists get to support Burka's and men get rid of nagging feminists.

  20. Jennifer K. says:

    Women like you are going to set us back 100 years, you do not speak for me or all women!!!

  21. Ric of Vic says:

    How bout get [email protected]! Whoo wont come on the show again.

  22. Peter deWolf says:

    "If you don't let me talk more, I'll never talk to you again!" Statistically, men are smarter than women. So there's always THAT. "His comments" aren't just "unnecessary", they're "very, very unnecessary"…see what I mean? What's unnecessary is pre-pending "very, very" to "unnecessary"! Intelligence has little need for hyperbolic expression. The disorganized style of feminine speech is an impediment to communication…interesting is the similarity to leftist speech.

  23. Sil Andrade says:

    I can't stand this anymore. Please go to Middle East, those women need feminists to fight for them. And stay there forever.

  24. David Semick says:

    Predominantly, women won't grab a jackhammer, operate heavy machinery, become an electrician, plumber, HVAC worker, work as many hours as men, etc. Life choices.

  25. Michael Victor says:

    I think there's some Psychological phenomena happening here, and its strange that i haven't seen anyone really talking directly about it. Iv'e come to realize that the more you allow yourself to become sensitive to something the more and more sensitive you become to it, until it actually becomes a psychological issue, like self induced fear of something. We as human beings are meant to go through adversity in order to develop strong character so we can survive a harsh world, but doing the opposite and willingly allowing yourself to become sensitive in such as way might actually be destructive to you psyche. I wonder if there any studies on it and even more so why isn't someone calling it out?

  26. Porfle Popnecker says:

    Mansplaining is nothing compared to nagsplaining.

  27. Alan P. says:

    Are most "adults" now acting like children? Lighten up all you babies!!! Men and women!!!!

  28. Wayne Friedman says:

    What kind of a loser sits around and decides what's appropriate and not appropriate to say?? My advice is to find something productive to do…

  29. Rashone says:

    I am a mature woman who is very irritated by sales clerks (women) calling me "sweetie", "honey", "darlin'…those are words of endearment and these people are total strangers. It's a matter of good manners and class to not call grown women you don't know "sweetie" or "dear." Beyond that….people should stop being so sensitive about words. Good Lord.

  30. Mike Vasquez says:

    Bossy is just a term that describes anyone who tries to exert authority that they have not earned. It's someone who's trying to act like that the boss of everyone sort of like I feminist to invalleds a space and demands everyone adjust their behavior according to her preferences. That would fit the definition of bossy. 2 solutions are available for this situation. 1 Realize that bossy is just a word. 2 not being bossy.

  31. Push Back says:

    I can't get over the fact that Kate Smurthwaite (or whatever the fuck her name is) calls herself a comedian. In a lot of ways, she's like the British version of Kathy Griffin. Hideously ugly, mentally infirm, and as funny as an insurance seminar.

  32. Nick DipaoloFan says:

    hahaha she proved him right by immediately getting offended when he said "sticks and stones may break my bones but there will always be somethings that offend a feminist". If she was smart she would have laughed it off, thus proving the statement wrong.

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