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Thanks for watching, if u agree with the political views of the video comment “white guilt”
TechRax has hit a new low â–º

Low quality clothing â–º

Thumbnail by jameskii â–º


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Game â–º Postal 2

Intro / outro music â–º Whitewoods – Beachwalk

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32 Responses

  1. Pyrocynical says:

    Thank u for watch, I hope u all enjoyed this BuzzfeedViolet exclusive

    TechRax has hit a new low ► https://goo.gl/MFBm1R

  2. ivasa vaske da game says:

    i guess you could say….

    the scissors didnt cut it!

  3. Just feel D Byrne says:

    "i can attack any kind of white woman i want" pyrocinical 2017

  4. Idiotic Rock25 says:


  5. Nitro Maniac says:

    3:11 sound of cockroach dying

  6. Demonknight 124 says:

    Like the video if you give CPR with your foot

  7. Flying Games says:

    i’ve been waiting for almost two years for pyro to come into my house and cleanse me

  8. Soviet TheCommieMaster says:

    pyro wtf

  9. CrazyDude 1267 says:

    2k dislikes
    bunch of cunts

  10. GreenSnakeProd says:

    12:35 vince desu?

  11. jc re awx says:

    white guilt

  12. Bummel Kind says:

    Pyronycical is furry

  13. Monkey Bars says:

    19:08 Ive seen that place before as a gmod murder map

  14. boi boi says:

    subscrub plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. First Last says:

    Check out Primink, his channel is comedic and wholesome.

  16. World's Discomfort says:

    20:53 the most genuine laugh I've ever seen

  17. Dark dragon Guardian says:

    I hate all culture and order

  18. Mr. Wolf says:

    Oof I own a pp

  19. Lucy Heaton says:

    I like this content.

  20. Hydroelectric Jellyfish says:


  21. Peter Salamander says:


  22. Anon Dankman says:

    Postal 3

  23. ShantPlayz Live says:

    0:57 did someone put something in his drink

  24. Gaming Trap says:

    * Is on fire * * puts the gasoline out *

  25. AutisticFlam says:

    Those 2k dislikes are feminists

  26. OL Gaming says:

    17:22 like Minecraft

  27. OL Gaming says:

    This game reminds me of watchdogs

  28. Jaydansky1 says:

    That dog will always be remembered…*sings Amazing Grace off-key to a recorder version of the song*

  29. Triple Block says:

    I got a feministic ad about a mom vs dad playing the same puzzle level and the mom being smart and doin it fast while the dad is dumb and that he should die

  30. crazcake 101 says:

    All crackers watch out for this lesbian

  31. Luca MK says:

    And it never became a series

  32. Frederic Dumais says:

    Of course this is monetized

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