Feminist After Kelly? Chance the Rapper Didn’t Value Black Girls or Women and Joyner Defends R Kelly

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White Feminist After R. Kelly and Chance the Rapper Didn’t Value Black Girls or Women
#thoughtcrimez #rkelly #survivingrkelly

ALSO, it was VERY disgusting seeing dusty adults try to use Jazmine’s death as an excuse to dismiss other Black girls being abused by R. Kelly.

Jazmine’s GoFundMe


Complex and VladTV Comes After Thought Crimez [Patreon]

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43 Responses

  1. Mikey Moore says:

    Don’t trust people that believe a victim should never speak out about being violated and/or believe there is an expiration date for it.

  2. Sassy Class says:

    I love this dialogue. Could it be black men disrespect black women because they found dislike in their mothers? Could it be their black mothers told them not to impregnate or be loyal to a black woman? I ask these questions because I've seen black women encourage their sons to cheat on his girl or not spoil his lady. What I've seen is black mothers not being present for their sons because they have to work two jobs to pay rent or struggling with some type of depression. Not to bash us but we have to consider the household that these men came from.

  3. Henry James says:

    Still waiting for the Weinstein documentary

  4. Grace Johnson says:

    Yes white feminist is behind rkelly but to get to him they push the black feminist too do the movement for them to cover what's going on with the white pedophiles in the industry

  5. RCH 32 says:

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  6. Yasmine Bacon says:


  7. cikidi harrison says:

    The reason why there's a conflict is because they're only going after black males where I come from we stand with our sisters. We have always pay tribute to Mama how many songs are there about father. So when you say we are not supporting the black woman you must understand there's a level of confusion in your argument. I'm not a supporter of R Kelly nor have I ever seen a video with him molesting a 14 year old girl heard about it was not that interested. Chance the Rapper comments mean nothing to real black men and women. I don't believe that it was offencive he grew up in the middle class you can tell. Take a listen Joe Budden's podcast how he use the word Nigga. The Way he feels about black women you can only imagine how he feel about black men in the ghetto. I'm a single parent who raised a black woman the best way I could. she is still my right hand woman, but I must admit it's a little harder for black women in certain parts of the society it is easier for them to get a job as long as the white female is not competing. even in education the white female may only need a high-school diploma but she is training these are her people so I understand meanwhile a sister with a college degree may get the job but she gets paid far less then white female.

  8. Nicole says:

    Didn't chance say he believe what happens to light skin bw and ww if something had happened to them. And to dumb ass bw who follow amber rose u see she ain't go against her man for playing r.Kelly. but she for women right smh

  9. cikidi harrison says:

    Rap music is only 50 years old that's just a guesstimation to certain genres of music rap is an infant a baby.

  10. FAITH SEEKER says:

    People dont be fool by the r kelly bulllshit we all know he's done but this is nothing but a fucking distraction from the government shut down thats already been taking place, whoever receiving benefits, pensions, government assistance, fundings or anything that benefits you are over. This country is about to go through alot of chaos and disorder bird box told yall that

  11. TheLeah2344 says:

    I wish I caught this live stream because I would have called in. Also I saw Chance the Rapper’s tweet on Twitter and I deleted his music after that. As a black woman, I have every right to do that because I don’t forgive him for that comment. I’m tired of black Women being expected to forgive people who turn a blind eye to the shit we go through because we are black women and we are expected to forgive them when they see the “ error “ in their ways. Black Women are not something you grow into. We deserve love and respect just like everybody else . We are HUMAN BEINGS !

  12. Remy LeBeau says:

    I’ve noticed that black men don’t give a shit about black entertainers a lot of the time until the entertainer does something heinous.

    Black women keep a lot of black men paid. Black women primarily funded R. Kelly’s career. As soon as he does something wrong, all his lifelong male fans come running over the hills by the thousands. Who are you niggas?!

  13. Mr. Dr0boT says:

    Black Peace is y'all biggest Troll.

  14. telly hooks says:

    What do you think of tharig

  15. TTSantiago821 says:

    Lena Horne was Cape verdian. Amber's mom has more than a drop of African in her, you can look at that woman and tell. Her mom would be considered biracial or mulatto. American is still a white woman but just to clarify, her mother has more than a drop. Her mom tries to deny having any African roots however smh. Amber's dad is Italian and polish. Amber rose is not black.

  16. Mr. Dr0boT says:

    I had to break down the facts with my cousin who as you said is focusing on his plight as a black man and not what black women are going through. It has alot to do with black women in his family sheltering and spoiling him.

  17. godofthisshit says:

    21 Savage looking like a real Atlanta Dusty. If you bought a R. Kelly ticket or album after that tape, KYS.

  18. severa jones says:

    off tomorrow so we can continue then good night>

  19. severa jones says:

    TCZ Network no reply! waiting!

  20. severa jones says:

    i never supported this nigga in my life never bought a album or went to a show , a lot of these people taking shit about him now did ,even after the video of him and the under age girl came out im not a R&B fan at all walked out of 2 concerts in my life one after i saw UGK peform and when they said Jagged Edege up next I was out and another in the superdome after i saw tenna marie beacaus i loved the stuff she did with rick james , funk. and after kanye west , i walked out and the hedliner was Beyonce sware on my life, i did that shit and to this day have no regrets , i am not dam R Kelly fan but niggas all of a sudden mad yall full of shit yall should have done this shit 20 yrs ago., oh yeah but back then R kellly was still making hits

  21. Tonya Choice says:

    I agree with one of the callers. I am tired of everyone making an excuse for this man. Just b/c he was abused when he was younger, doesn't excuse his behavior with underage girls. I was a victim of abuse (sexual and domestic), and I don't want to abuse children and others ever. Anyone who has went through this (in there right mind)are familiar with how it feels and wouldn't want to see or put anyone through it. Btw, r.kelly exposing these women doesn't matter at all. He's only retaliating to cover his a$# and want everyone to ignore his doings for another 20years. He is still an abuser, bottomline.

  22. pill author says:

    How did this become about black men not valuing black women? wasn't it black mothers(women) who allowed their daughters to go to a known Pedophile house for over the last 20 years are the not they just as guilty if not more? Why did it take a white documentary for this to even be a discussion-in the black community . its very obvious lifetimes motive is money white feminist motive is to destroy the black family. Further separate the man and women. why they still have their own family in tact . where were both black men and woman for over the last 20 years we all new this was happening yet his records continued to sell while he continue to victimize under age girls easy to blame each other or turn this into man vs woman when really its both that are equally at blame this is what white feminist know checkmate.. now we knew about Aliyah 22yrs ago wen did u quit listen to his music?

  23. 1988ThomasD says:

    I just want to say that I appreciate y'all opening the discussion for this topic and taking it seriously.

  24. severa jones says:

    and fuck your channel unscribed

  25. severa jones says:

    Yall old asses do , and knew about this shit for years, all of a sudden beacause the white media targets R Kelly to blow cover for all the white guys, yall mad fuck both you dumb ass coon niggas.

  26. severa jones says:

    his young ass don't even remember the R Kelly shit.

  27. severa jones says:

    thats old ass 21 savage footage,

  28. severa jones says:

    nigga you a fucking simp! SIMP, SIMP, SIMP

  29. severa jones says:

    this guy on this show is a fucking beta male simp!

  30. severa jones says:

    black people throw each other away to dam easily.

  31. severa jones says:

    why your mad at jouyner lucas yall niggas know if kanye or r . kelly yall niggas woud be sad as shit be honest.

  32. Duece Momm says:

    Biggie was with Lil Kim at 14, Jayz was with foxy 15, rhiana16, tiarri marie15, Diddy first baby mama was 16 he was 24. they all talking shyt about R.kelly but not on themselves.

  33. Suede Component says:

    Solomon's rhetoric on 21 Savage just completely changed in the span of a week. That's hilarious.

    As for the biracial thing. That was my point last week in the livestream. Everyone, including Thought Crimez are so picky when it comes to biracials. Last week you were claiming Jordan Peele until I mentioned he was mixed, this week Tyrese's wife can't be considered black because she's mixed. It's funny how mentioning that Peele is biracial seemed to cause a backlash when on this very show a person's biracial background tends to be so important until it's ignored to include them in some black film renaissance or what have you.

  34. Ra Horakhty says:

    I don’t trust the sincerity of chance simply because he still has the brother of the young girl who peed on as his drummer. This means that you’ve met this family and you know what she been through and what they did to silence her voice and quell her experience. I don’t trust him, he can be an opportunist and most likely removed himself from the kelly camp as a way to protect his brand by playing off the emotions of black women and their pain of being left to the wolves by their male peers

  35. redfitted says:

    I fucks with TC heavy….but it seems like A lot of generalizations and broad stroking. As black man of a certain age and certain life experiences in the real world as opposed to online, men like myself don’t require the chastising or over simplicity of a very nuanced issue in our community just drive home a talking point. I actually agree with the solid points made in regards to social responsibility for ALL of us. But the focus of this sickness and deplorable behavior only as it applies to black men against a back drop of the Hollywood fantasy land or degeneracy at its lowest denominator is a bit heavy handed and disingenuous to a degree. I know these celebrities are shit shows on display. I’m also aware of the atrocities committed against sistas at the hands of Brothas and mayos….and other sistas. Pedos are the topic of the hour and I understand, what I also understand role reversals and over compensating arguments that cloud broader perspective. Standing on the side of REAL justice for sistas(see the movie Drop Squad)..I see all of this on both sides and really hope we can gain perspective for real change through the finger pointing and deflection. Protect the babies and clean the whole damn closet…not just dark corner.

  36. Suede Component says:

    I honestly think he's just saying that to come off as woke. He was just hoping black women would give him some woke brownie points for repeating their rhetoric back to them. He's an opportunist and a performer. He would've made that album with someone who victimized white women, Asian women, black women, little boys of any race or whatever as long as they got away with it and he would not have cared. That's how most people operate in entertainment and honestly that's how a lot of people operate period.

    It's hilarious how the rhetoric of the livestream changed when Solomon began speaking. It was all "Fuck Chance" then suddenly completely changed to "Props to him for being honest". People are literally twisting in the wind depending on which talking head gives them a cue on how to feel at any given moment.

  37. Altravino Obrien says:

    Lady Gaga:liluth in the 7th house

  38. Altravino Obrien says:

    Amber Rose:sun(trine)liluth

  39. Marcus Marcus says:

    Just wanted to share this with y'all, TC. What's your thoughts on this video why people shouldn't trust this lifetime docuseries.

  40. FAITH SEEKER says:

    Imma humbley say my peace and leave it be

    I have 2 beautiful daughters and from watching all 6 parts of surviving R Kelly the only thing that i got from that story was monsters, pedophile, greed, devil, satans son, hypocrites, cover ups, guilt and the parents who sold their daughters to R kelly. As a black man i can honestly say the black community has fail their children all cross the fucking board because anytime the parents prostitutes their daughters to a monster for money especially knowing this mans background said alot about you parents, from the looks of thing the parents are worse than R Kelly i mean wtf is going on here you people are that low and trifling to sell your daughters out but wen the checks sttop coming in yall wanna speak out like really. I ask this question all the time who's the biggest monster behind it all the parents because the parents help this man become a bigger and bigger devil than what he was. The story was crazy but at the sametime bullshit and fucked up to see these parents tryna play victim knowing selling yall daughters out. The reason r kelly got off the trial on 2002 is because the elites got him off people still didnt peep game but now the elites turn their backs on r kelly because he's not complying to the rituals no more it gets deeper they wanna sacrifice him thats why they destroying him and he's now going to africa but R kelly ya time is up and Satan is coming for that soul, your brother bruce needs to die aswell.

    Now i say this from the spirit your worse enemies are your parents. Everybody surrounded him and on that show help this man get away with alot of shit

  41. Sugar Wells says:

    Wat about raz b and Chris stokes he’s putting on this b2k reunion tour

  42. Lordpraisethe says:

    Why cant i fast forward this video??

  43. UNIVERSALLOVE 878 says:

    Dixie Chicks got completely kicked in DA azz by the Industry after talking slick bout George Bush.

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