Feminist ads…What if the roles were reversed?

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Toying around with a trope I pointed out in a previous video of mine. I am an Egalitarian. A lot of gains can still be made for BOTH genders before you can truly say that equality exists.

BUT…since when has it become fashionable to step on someone else’s rights in the pursuit of your own?

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  1. thenewkidd says:


  2. zorro baggins says:


  3. isethoriginal says:

    Bwah, feminism war here on YT went completely nuts…not that it was interesting to begin with.
    I didn't see any problem with the third ad, why should people not be allowed to show it? A pity you didn't reverse the first one too though, the man leaving the handbag to the woman. Also these advertisements prey on prejudices of the society choosing the 'side' of the targeted audience: "Women can't drive and men can't take care of handbags". The ad is not what's wrong, it's the society that's bollocks.
    (…by the way, they wouldn't be very successful if they said: "you can't take care of your handbag? Don't worry we insure it")

  4. Christie Nel says:

    What's their phone number?

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