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28 Responses

  1. Евжений Кузьмин says:

    Heartbeat is not a life ! She absolutely right .

  2. Kalli 90 says:

    Feminism was a movement for equality and change. We have had it for many years now. I don't understand the problem. Men and women have the same laws. These new "feminists" preach equality but come across as prejudice. I'm all for standing up for what you believe in but do your homework and stop being an ass.

  3. Heather Moeller says:

    It’s funny that if you miss gender some one you get ear raped saying your a horrible person and a nazi

  4. Eric Delgado says:

    Gender do’s and don’ts need a new editor.

  5. Al G says:

    People with Mental Disorders scolding the other 99.9% of the population on made up words. FUCK YOU.

  6. Risky Sensei says:

    if i hafta ask you what gender you are twice and you dont give me a straight answer imma call you a fucking mutant

  7. Michael Kalfaian says:

    That first creature needs to be disposed of…in a hurry

  8. A.B.Pride.12 says:

    LOL… that first thing explained feminism perfectly, they wear the strong, empowered, & tough shoe when it's beneficial. The second that it isn't, they put on the weak, helpless & need trigger warnings because we are so delicate, shoe whenever that is beneficial. Folks are onto it, you can't be both, knock that dumb shit off…

  9. Emily Murray says:

    I don't care about anything that has to do with you at all, I care about how the whole "movement" altogether is being pushed on our children to make THEM change what's in their pants. You are mentally ill though. No doubt.

  10. Pho Ehr says:

    " B I S E X U G A Y "

  11. The_Dancing _Gamer says:

    This evil bitch in the beginning is crazy

  12. bob beaver says:

    telling me to google it, ill bing thxxxxxxx

  13. Wade Wilson says:

    Pay gaps been proven a myth for years now, why these idiot sacks of scabs still believe it, I can't fathom a good reason.

  14. Afrew Spines says:

    Why do you "SJW Fails", "Rekt SJW Videos", "Social Justice Fails", etc. creators all use the exact same, super annoying, cringe-worthy Australian intro where you always call the viewers "boys and girls"? Can just ONE of you do something more original?

  15. Kai Ali says:

    Wtf heartbeat is not life these fucking femtards

  16. allgoode says:

    Crazy ass cunts

  17. OfficialyTheMostRandom says:

    11:00 shut the fuck up

  18. Timothy Farrand says:

    Women don't hold doors for anybody. That was just stupid to say

  19. Brian Walters says:

    "I am that cancer that is spreading through society." Get fucked, cunt.

  20. Joseph Lemischak says:

    Human life in regards to medicine and science begins upon birth or the viability of survival outside of the womb. Many organism can have a heartbeat but doesn’t mean life without for instance the ability to sustain without help.

  21. Jed Morris says:

    Do you have a dick or a vagina

  22. Red Pill Rainbow says:

    "You just wanna attention because you want to feel special, gender is based on sex" is that um not true?

  23. deadfox0091 says:

    That pause after the heartbeat question is the sound of someone trying to swallow their own guilt.

  24. Fe Burg says:

    That skit at the end is so stupid no one talks like that ever. No real person anyway

  25. Brett Felton says:

    Feminists are worse than cancer. At least cancer is honest

  26. Garry Street says:

    biggest cringe is every time he says "boys and girls"!

  27. Keith Bartlett says:


  28. Guillermo Diaz says:

    The last bit.. ..she a girl! Quit lollygaggin

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