Feminism vs Capitalism Part 1 – MGTOW

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Fatherless Homes Breed Violence

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  1. Aeternus Doleo says:

    Again… Ectogenesis will eliminate the reproductive embargo. Men will be able to use technology to go around women for childbirth. Given liberal reproductive agendas, there is no moral ground to deny this. It will be expensive however. But for the moment, disengaging from productivity and starving Big Daddy State of tax income seems the best strategy. If you can't have a meaningful life, have a leisurely one at least.

  2. Johny Bravo says:

    Capitalism means merit, savage competition, excellence, perseverance and success.

    Feminism means banning and vanishing merit, savage competition, excellence, perseverance and success.
    Because women CAN'T compete and succeed against men.

  3. Anonymous MGTOW says:

    Men with a brain realise that there is no point in participating in the "competition" if there are no "prizes" be won. I've noticed unemployment seems to be a lot higher now especially for men in the U.K.

  4. Savage Reality says:

    Most people are immoral ignorant asses. Fuck the parasites.

  5. English Dave says:

    Women be like "gibs me dat"

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