Feminism need to leave Comedy NOW

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A feminist proves both that women aren’t funny and the feminism is a cancer

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7 Responses

  1. anthony lakich says:

    What was the joke… This is way 95% of Women Comics Suck once who don't are Tanyalee Davis

  2. Rubizel Murgatroyd says:

    If a man said ANY of that shit about women, would any woman in the audience be laughing? No. They'd be going "Look at this fat pathetic unloved tub of guts."

  3. Hammerhead547 says:

    I'm reminded of that old british cooking show Two Fat Ladies, the only difference is Clarissa and Jennifer were classy ladies who both possessed biting wit and loved making fun of themselves while they were cooking delicious food.

  4. whatever_it_takes says:

    She would be much better served in her own natural habitat, the Chinese buffet line!!! Why don't you go ahead and save me a seat and I'll be there for a double portion of orange chicken myself!

  5. LUM says:

    Can that fat lady get on a threadmill instead of making jokes

  6. rebal180 says:

    That must be one of those anti-comedy comedy shows I've heard so much about. They don't tell jokes exactly. They just tell fucked up stories and don't care if you laugh at it or not.

  7. aspirezakura says:

    You can't do a response video to a comedy bit without first letting us hear it. Comedy doesn't work when it's paused every few seconds – it fucks with the timing.

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