Feminism in Super Mario World

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Feminism in Super Mario World
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10 Responses


    Yes the princess of the kingdom has nevvverr worn anuthing nit a pink dress.
    Even know in mario 1 it was white in the sports games she didnt wear a dress.
    But no just by blissfully unaware of fact.

    …… Still looking huh?
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  2. Larry Ebrahim Abdoul Blaha says:

    Those two females are just frustrated cause the haven't met me, "Steel Pipe" Larry yet.

  3. we eating our breffiss dis mourning says:

    lmao that feminazi Bowser skit has to be satire. Please be satire…

  4. Faiz Khan says:

    Wario aint looking so bad now

  5. RetroBanjo says:

    You know she’s lying because the Princess is never in the world 1-4 castle.

  6. Man In Water says:

    Mario risked his life to save that ungrateful bitch.

  7. The Real Chris Brah says:

    Those two chicks needs to get laid

  8. BatsintheBarbell says:

    hahaha, Mario Going Their Own Way

  9. Fitness Jones says:

    Rape isn't funny. Especially when you're a princess and lie about it.

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