Feminism Implodes at Women’s March!

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Summer White, co-host of Sheologians went to engage feminist’s at the Phoenix rally for the Women’s March on Washington! She spoke to men and women about their pro-choice positions, reproductive rights and feminism. You won’t believe what happened when these women were challenged.

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32 Responses

  1. lovewhispers68 says:



    When confronted with the truth, the only thing left to do is end the conversation. This is how the pro-choice/pro murder ideology thinks. If you call it murder, they run away. If you call the life inside a little woman, they run away.

  2. Nathan Gotti says:

    what tf is this? the patriarchy is literally my cock in ya mouth lmao

  3. Dave in the Shed says:

    That dude is a weak virtue signalling lap dog looking for a treat and Pat on the head from his feminist master's.

  4. CitizenKane380 says:

    That dude is a snake in the grass… All male feminist are

  5. McAllen City Corruption says:

    Wow, the first black glasses short hair blonde who isn't a lib. Amazing!

  6. Christian Tompkins says:

    Works of iniquity

  7. Baji Mantis says:

    WOW ! Lots of stupid ladies around !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Big Bad says:

    There is a reason the Democrats like and support the feminist movement…its because feminist play the victim. Democrats need groups that think they are victims…its easier to get a victims vote then a successful person, but they dont want to actually help…if they lifted up people of color or women then they may not be a victim anymore…that's bad for dems.

  9. Clubber Lang says:

    the guy @3:00 has a pussy.

  10. Mike says:

    Feminism is evil

  11. cc360 says:

    Some 20 year olds can't live outside the help of their parents.. should we be allowed to kill them. The law says under 12 can't be left alone becuase they are unable to take care of themselves on average. So should we be allowed to kill all children under 12? They can not survive on their own detached from their mother too. The logic of people defending murdering a clump of cells fails to realise that all humans are a clump of cells. The older each clump of cells gets, the more cells are added to the clump. Saying it's the law as a defense, well in India the law is if you get raped you can be stoned to death for cheating on your husband. So all you abortion supporters must think that's ok too. Slavery was the law for 300 years. So I guess you think that was ok too. Mans laws are flaud as proven throughout history. Please stop supporting murder. God bless you all and I hope everyone finds Jesus Christ as your saviour before it's to late.

  12. Michael Galvin says:

    she's very good, love to see more


    The guy thinks he can get pussies for being a male feminist.

  14. Brandon Burrell says:

    Modern feminism is self parody.

  15. J L says:

    Summer did a great job. Loved it.

  16. james murray says:

    1:49 …. this is what the friendzone looks like LOL

  17. Kylee B says:

    Most of the people in this video are just ignorant, but the most disturbing part of this video was the woman whose face was blurred out. She knew and readily admitted that abortion is murder, and yet she's still complacent. It's one thing to support abortion when you've been brainwashed to believe that unborn babies aren't people, but supporting abortion when you know all the facts? That's a whole new breed of evil…

  18. curve your toes Christians says:

    No Christian is a pro choice! To follow Jesus Christ is to be pro life!

  19. Michael Cunis says:

    Was there someone there to clean up the poop?

  20. Mad Martigan says:

    Ladies, one a scale of 1 to 10, how attractive is the male feminist? Seems woke af.

  21. Thelegendary4 says:

    Of course she chose to show the people that cannot argue their points. I believe that a baby is a fetus and is not a living thing until the heartbeat develops at around 6 weeks.

  22. Kt Carroll says:

    I wish she would have asked the pregnant lady if she was going to have a fetus shower glob of cells shower or a baby shower? It’s probably a baby shower even though it is still in the womb .

  23. Renee Delahanty says:

    Absolutely love this video. I believe more women should be active in this fight.

  24. Damien H says:

    None of these women who support pro choice would do so if their own life was on the line. How about we murder them and see how they feel. Abortion is murder

  25. CableCutter Inc says:

    Why did she use a bad word!!

  26. EverlastingPeace says:

    Having a woman do this is so much better. People are more open to talk

  27. Stephanie K says:

    These infuriate me. They have no foundation for making murder acceptable

  28. Melsi Habipi says:

    "If that's what you want to call it, then yes people should have the right to murder"!

    Ok I get it, you are on the street cause you want to claim the right to murder your child!

    So you if you are taking it to this point, can you then be angry at people who say use your uterus wisely?! After all what we ask is saving a life.

    Nowadays black is seen as white and vice versa.

  29. Melsi Habipi says:

    There are plenty of demonic doctrines nowadays.

    One of the most stupid is that of asking to have a baby born under conditions where food, health, clothing, wealth etc etc are assured. "No darling cannot have a baby till I get 100000$ in bank and a new house and set my career and this and that etc etc".

    For Jesus Christ sake!!! You cannot assure you will wake up alive your self in the morning! What do you think you are? Some kind of God?!

    Your baby can get sick e.g. cancer anytime so what can the money do then!?

    So should children be born under poverty? I would say children should be born under a strong faith in Jesus Christ, poor or reach does not matter!

  30. Amyra Batya says:

    Y'all don't believe me, but I keep saying… This is what female supremacy looks like. It's downright Hitlarian, but but plays the victim.

  31. MrCyclist68 says:

    Milo says you can start the countdown on many male feminists being exposed as some sort of sex pest Fanny botherer.

  32. session telemetric says:

    The absolute absence of logic. At all the little one's expense. Thank you God that I survived this age. Thank you God that I survived RoeV.Wade.

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