Feminism has lost..The sex dolls are the future..

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  1. mareczek00713 says:

    Hoooray, incels and feminists will die out due to nobody wanting them while only normal humans procreate 🙂

  2. Knights Templar says:

    When they make one that not only gives a great BJ but also irons my clothes does the shopping cooks the dinner and washes up then and only then I will buy into the doll till then a real women is the best

  3. 4SChris says:

    I doubt that men will want to fuck plastic dolls… Unfortunatly !

  4. Jared Smith says:

    The more and more I try to believe there is hope? In a decent woman being out there? I'm coming around to synthetic love, all the much more.

  5. Kur Norock says:

    I'm waiting for the prices to come down. I ain't about to spend thousands of dollars on a woman, real or fake.

  6. GordonVigurs says:

    The simple ELIZA program, which was written in the 1970s would go a long way to providing some conversational interaction. I perceive sex dolls as a useful development path for more general AI.

  7. Jake Condemn says:

    I'll smash.

  8. rick chermesino says:

    Sex dolls might replace women when we get a sophisticated AI that passes for human or close enough. But im thinking about hoping on the transwagon at this point. As ridiculous as it sounds, how would the girls react of ALL men got sex changes and lezed out? I genuinely believe this social divide is going to widen ten fold and not get fixed. I see a few futures where things work out but its highly unlikely

  9. kendo4242 says:

    Yeah but chicks like Harmony are so fake.

  10. Odins War says:

    These women think their pussy is gold. They walk around like demi gods and look down on men.

  11. Hydra Rick says:

    this is hilarious lol I mentioned this in a comment on someone else's video revolving around the future of society and I stated robotics are going to take over in fact I had a conversation about this with my mother multiple times who knows all the shit that is going on, she is not a feminist btw thank god lol but regardless, I told her I said men are refusing to date a woman because psychologically, mentally, and what ever else its just not worth it anymore, women have literally dropped out and have taken everything away from a man which includes his incentive for dating and being husband/father, not dex dolls who are programmed robots to form attachments and relationships with you,

    doesn't ever argue with you, doesn't ever make you feel like your a piece of shit for being in love with her, its that aspect is going to drive women out, whats going to happen is this is going to continue to evolve until we got fully automated synthetic A.I androids that will replace women altogether, what people are missing the point about it is the fact eventually we will be able to create robots that can reproduce and procreate, furthermore, be capable of fertilizing a sperm cell egg and incubating it to create males only fully ruling out women as a part of the human race species entirely, men have to look at this in terms of survival,

    females want to reign supreme over men, men don't like to be ruled, so to rule this out you stop having sex and procreating with real life women, you create a synthetic robot that can do everything a female woman can do but without tiring out without bitching basically without failure, and I hate to be that asshole to point out about his future that will be coming but it is and it will, human females are going to become an endangered species all because they just refuse to give men what they want by the natural order of things, what this boils down to though are ego's women's egos are too high they are going to sorely pay for it, men won't we will live on survive and inherit a new world where we can choose whether a human female is born or not,

    and I am sure they are going to make male robots but I mean all that is going to do is separate female humans from male humans indefinitely without wiping the other out so keep that in mind, but what this is ultimately going to accomplish is sky-net and robots taking over without having to lift a goddamn finger lol humans are becoming increasingly more lazier and increasingly less motivated as a species to work and do shit, eventually robots are going to replace humans entirely but until then this is what future I foresee out of human behavior lol. good luck Feminists you have no way out now, you got your wish enjoy your 40s through your 90s alone with no family and no responsibility and enjoy your suicide rates, this is your grave your hole that you yourselves have dug and you have nobody to blame for this but yourselves.

  12. Scott McLaughlin says:

    Cuck gubberment will ban dolls eventually.

  13. TOM RICH says:


  14. eric morris says:

    It's a bitter statement to write – but feminism/cultural Marxism has won, a decade or two ago. Government, education, social programs, laws – all cater to women or to protect women. Men/fathers are considered disposable now and women don't care because Big Government will take care of them using taxes taken from males.

  15. TOM RICH says:

    I MEAN


  16. TOM RICH says:


  17. TOM RICH says:

    OH YES

  18. ECKVue19 says:

    I cant… wat if it wakes up and starts interacting with you? Some annebelle type shit

  19. MushroomFleet says:

    Amazon Alexa can already control Vibrators. the hypocracy in this new criticism of sexdolls

  20. duane navarre says:

    2 sides of the same psyop, search youtube for "steinem CIA". This is all part of the depopulation agenda.
    Another variant of what John P. Holdren and the Neo-Malthusian death cult wrote in "Eco Science".
    They are packing ppl into giant metropolis and moving them off the land to create the perception of
    too many ppl, when the Queenie holds millions of acres no one lives, similar to ed Turner and their other acolytes.

  21. Safdar Kh says:

    This is absolutely a WIN WIN. I will definitely buy one!

  22. Kevin S says:

    Just think of it this way – with a sex doll, you don't need to lock up your guns, axes, and chainsaws because of PMS…..

  23. axelfoley20 says:

    Not defending these "feminists" but the people behind this movement aren't women and don't care about women or men, they are the "elites" who started feminism and funded it to create more divide so they could conquer us. We are allowing these people to divide us through these measures, the women are just as much a victim as the men.

  24. the black dog says:

    I'm surprised women haven't introduced legislation for sex robot "rights" and robot rape.

  25. The Goy says:

    MGTOW was created by the deep state new world order to make men hate their woman… blame yourselves you cant control them not the dumbass bitches infact its men who havnt destroyed these bastards that control us through the media and laws ..anyway its super fucking gay its more degenics to make us white men not want our own woman while our birth rate dies off.. pray to odin and become a warior dont just throw your own woman out the door retards

  26. pervert kun says:

    "Real wamen" are obsolete if I get the option to ether getting a bitchy girlfriend or a 5' 4 sex doll with elf ears and j cup tits, the chose is obvious imo

  27. Real Name says:

    Scientists need to create a skin that feels like real skin. The material they use now is plasticy/rubbery feeling

  28. DaMaster012 says:

    I personally abhor the existence of sex dolls: not only for being another coil on the downward spiral of hedonism, but because of the state of affairs surrounding them: that women have become so ruined, the gender dynamic so turned against itself, and men so destroyed by toxic femininity that fucking a life-sized, big titted Barbie doll instead of ensuring the survival of the species is even a viable option now says a lot about the miserable, pathetic levels we have degenerated to as a culture. (For what it's worth, I hate dildos just as much and for the same reasons.)

    If I could dictate one change in human nature, it would be that people were more conservative and chaste with their sex drives. Chastity kept the species going for thousands of years, and now we may be facing extinction just because too many people couldn't stop fucking and wouldn't control their temptation to fuck.

    Rampant hedonism destroyed the entire Roman empire; what makes you think you'll withstand it any better?

  29. inaicrnd says:

    She looks really sexy. Are her boobs real?

  30. Bardock215 says:

    I can tell the difference, but "she" is still much more attractive than the average "human" female. I do plan to have an artificial partner and I'm not ashamed, or embarrassed about it. What's shameful is that men are still willing to risk so much just to deal with these women. I'm considered attractive to women, but I'm no longer interested in these vile, selfish, hateful, moody, materialistic bitches!

  31. Dave Trindel says:

    HMMMM Someone who wants to tell you what to think and feel, or something that doesn't mind being silent? Ill take my current lady, until these become more fully functional lol

  32. Tom Stone says:

    Go watch the movie ( Cherry 2000 ) , describes this back in the late 70's early 80's .

  33. Ramon Vargas says:

    As well Failed Men & Women Who Raised these Shity Women, & Weak Men Caused All this Shit.

  34. Demonic Axeman says:

    There was a stupid news article a couple years ago that claimed sex dolls for women were going to replace men. LOL. It isn’t going to pay the bills, bitch! Women suck the resources out of a man and that is why sex dolls for men will replace women in reality.

  35. TRUTH SEEKER says:

    women are lazy lying horrors

  36. TRUTH SEEKER says:

    women today are trash no matter how pretty

  37. nt smith says:

    Harmony doesn't look real enough yet

  38. TRUTH SEEKER says:

    most women are scum bag leaches to suck you dry

  39. seekthelight andyoushallfindit says:

    Just one last thing. having bad judgment doesn't mean you have the truth. Just like hunting a bear with a shovel doesn't make you a hunter.

  40. seekthelight andyoushallfindit says:

    You are in dellusion if you think femism has lost. Of course it's a lost cause, but it still doing it's work. Mgtow , incel, black pills, etc… that the proof that feminism is having the intended results. living in fear is living in captivity.

  41. cointoss election says:

    A special kind of Hell exists for anyone that has sex with a sex doll that's some real sick twisted shit. I could understand it if the doll was advanced like Blade runner Rachael as one commenter mentioned and tricked you into believing she was real. That's coming soon and falls right in line with the Elites Agenda 21 plan.

  42. Pufy Cino says:

    The end of the white race because of the stupid women.

  43. Turd Flinging Honkey says:

    she wears fakeup… she a fucqueen liar.

  44. ModernSurvivalist 57 says:

    Wemen talked shit on us men.

    So we men have replaced them bitches.

    Works for me.

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