Feminism: Dr. O’Dwyer Makes an Ass of Herself…in Front of the WORLD! I’M SPECIAL!

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Chick gets on a plane. Attendant called her Miss instead of doctor.

She clapped back, blew up the internet…

Entitlement is THY NAME Dr. O’Dwyer

No…she’s not an MD. She’s a lecturer in useless. I’m shocked.

And as for everyday sexism; I’m sure if one looks hard enough, and is OBSESSED with such a thing, you’ll find SOMETHING. Idiots.

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15 Responses

  1. MGTOW Lite says:

    England is full of these self-important women.

    Lots of time & energy spent in complaining about lack of respect – but actually trying to do something worthy of respect?
    Not so much…

  2. hacksack1 says:

    I would have address her as Dr. I love my self.

  3. spiritusmundi70 says:

    A PhD in philosophy technically qualifies her to be called doctor. But in an emergency I doubt that degree is going to help if someone on the plane needs the help an actual Doctor.

  4. oreox1000 says:

    I went to a church for years and interacted with a lady who called me the wrong name for most of that time. I spoke to her husband almost every Sunday and he knew my name. All that being the case, I didn't care. The lady knew who I was and truth be told it was too much work to make a fuss.

  5. rafa baraja says:

    This lady crazy yooo she needs some D

  6. Koshi Eternium says:

    I kinda want the airline to start calling her "Sir" if Miss or Mrs are so bad.

  7. Snore Lax says:

    A real doctor wouldn't have really cared. They get called doctor all the time and deal with clueless members of the public all day long. Setting the flight attendant straight on the matter isn't worth a spec of their time and effort.

  8. Hypnogogic Monk says:

    I could be wrong, but I didn't think titles such as doctor were on boarding passes; I call bullshit on this crazy twat.

  9. Incab says:

    Well, to be fair, if the airline attendant called me Miss I prolly would be offended also.

    The real question here should be was this woman wearing a large name tag that showed which pronoun she wanted to be addressed as. In reality she's most likely just pissed that she's so old looking that using Miss was showing respect for an elder.

  10. Bob Dylan says:

    well, hey, she is probably single. I could give her the mile high 1st class treatment.

  11. MrGchiasson says:

    PhD is stupid…and you just can't fix stupid.

  12. Mr. Shadow says:

    Dr?? Not about ego?? It’s always about the ego. Men, women, we’re all equal in this one. It’s ALWAYS about your ego. The human ego is about the most fragile thing we have. A woman has an even more delicate ego than a man does by far.

  13. V Dubs says:

    She's just mad because she blew up like parade balloon. Dr. O'Wall-Smashed.

  14. Majd says:

    Feminuts are so stupid lmfao.

  15. Robert Lockard says:

    I shall respectfully call her Dr. Evil.

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