Feminism Did Not Destroy Atheism

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A love/hate letter to the YouTube atheist community.


I’m back with some new ideas after a long hiatus from YouTube. As you can see, I’ve been working on some basic video editing skills, and I hope the increased time and effort makes for more pleasurable viewing. I’ve always deleted my past videos, mostly because they were improvised vlogs that I was rarely happy with in the long term. I’m hoping to produce some new work that I’ll feel confident leaving up permanently. Let me know what you think.

Thunderf00t videos cruelly disparaged in this video:

“Anita Sarkeesian WANTS women to manspread!”
“How Feminism destroyed ‘New Atheism’”
“Why ‘feminism’ poisons EVERYTHING”

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Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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43 Responses

  1. Bath House Becky says:

    Thank you so much for this. It hit really close to home for me.

  2. MiyoBestGirl says:

    Like many others, the same story. Now after a lot of theory, I'm a trans intersectional feminist anarcho-communist.
    What a ride.

  3. Hirnlego999 says:

    Hitchens made debates interesting, there's not really anyone with a similar sledgehammer these days to attract as much as people.

  4. Kirt Kirt says:

    please do a follow up on how the atheist community turned so sexist & transphobic.

  5. Applejinx says:

    OK, a couple years 🙂 still, ya got there! <3

  6. 91d6c6aa 26449527bd says:

    you're the best, natalie

  7. Tanis Please Send Help says:

    I literally fucking love you to death, I survive of you in this hellscape, but you kinda misrepresented The Drunken Peasants. I had this whole skeptic centrist phase and I've seen tons of they're videos and for the most part they're hella liberal if crude and trolly?

  8. The Judge says:

    Oh my god the Blasphemy Challenge and VenomFangX are really bringing be back to freshmen year of college

  9. BlueMorningStar says:

    It’s really amazing how ContraPoints has changed and evolved over the past few years. She has honestly one of the most distinctive video making styles on YT, and it’s really crazy looking at an older video like this and seeing a completely different persona, different views, and with a style that is plainly borrowing a lot from RedLetterMedia. It’s kind of amazing how much she’s grown and changed in just 2 years.

  10. Stanley Chaney says:

    Atheism is Unstoppable

  11. Gram M says:

    That Lacy Green bit at 1:37 is really hot

  12. iron 13 says:

    I feel like solid evidence of a god's existence woudl destry athiesm

  13. Arthur RE says:

    You speak truth. Great job.

  14. John Adams says:

    I almost feel guilty for listening to your stuff rather than watching it, with how much effort you put into the visual experience…

    …but then I remember how much you love a little torture. 😉

  15. Kayden Stuff says:

    Jfjdkd jeez why are so many athiests like, genuinely awful people? I'm an athiest partially yes, I don't believe that god exists but I also hate how organized religion is a harmful culty tool to hurt people who aren't straight white cis men. My athiest and feminist viewpoints go hand in hand and are two sides of the same coin of how I believe that no one should be able to infringe on someone else's human rights, and pretty much all organized religions are responsible for disgusting human rights violations. I'm an athiest and a feminist and it's sad to see that some athiests are terrible nutjobs.

  16. George Mason says:

    I love how thunderf00t uses the term "the face of feminism in atheism", while commentating over a screen which clearly displays the video's view count under 4,000.

  17. Ignacio Granados says:

    7:24 its the best minute of the video

  18. Kalib Alsaeid says:

    this gives me hope for transition

  19. Provoganda says:

    I like looking at butts in games – creators shall pour in enough butt for everyone to enjoy.

  20. Dead Flowers says:


  21. dddslimebbb says:

    Two years late but I just want to say it's a shame thunderf00t doesn't have a clue about feminism, because his science videos were actually fantastic. I just couldn't put up with all the shit he made for the occasional burning diamond in the rough.

  22. 本刀に村正 says:

    the problem of feminism it has on the athiesm movement is… feminism is a set of morals whereas atheism is pure, data driven science used to debunk superstitious beliefs.

    feminism determines what's right and what's wrong whereas athiesm determines what exists and what doesn't

    the problem with being a feminist athiest is this: feminism is prone to making statements based on ideology-based pseudoscience (hint: wage gap myth, false rape accusations) which is in direct contradiction to athiesm which relies solely on data and anti-superstition

    feminism(as well as MRA's) and athiesm are mutually exclusive because feminism is basically feelings before science whereas athiesm is basically science before feelings

    feminism is not a religion. i can admit that. but one thing feminism has IN COMMON with religion is: both feminism and religion put feelings before facts

  23. Kilgore Trout says:

    Despite all the posturing, I don't know anyone who has done more to split the atheist community than Thunderf00t.

  24. Greener221 says:

    What’s the source for that “Lookin’ all over for Jesus” guy in the beginning?


    After watching this I just thought I should clarify that my name is derived from a strain of Alaskan marijauna I read about in High Times a looong time ago and thought funny.

  26. Ben Weigt says:

    What in the fuck does not believing in a god have to do with feminism? Why are these two groups even looking at each other? If I could stand alcohol, I'm certain this sorta thing would drive me to drown myself in it.

  27. Sumtinrandom says:

    "Why are these anti-feminists so oversensitive"

    I wonder about that a lot. Everyone takes offense to people taking offense. Might be the core of the problem, really: Everyone thinking they're special.

  28. P00NM45T3RFL3XXX says:

    Holy shit. Holy shit. You just answered what I've been asking myself for the last few years. About 7 years ago I got into my atheist identity (or thats what I thought) through thunderf00t, theamazingatheist, and armored skeptic. I think it stemmed from my "daddy" issues and untreated PTSD (a long with a slew of other mental illness issues). My best friend is such a fucking hero because never once did he avoid engaging me on the politics of feminism, and we sometimes would end up mad at each other for a week after I would ask dumb questions like "feminism has the world feminine in it so it must be about only women's rights". However we never stopped, and he I think is what really pulled my head out my ass on that issue. I used to think Anita Sarkeesian was the devil and the face of feminism. I was so wrong, and it wasn't out of hatred. I thought I was a women's rights advocate. I grew up in a house of women, a single mother who I loved dearly and my little sister who was my best friend as a child. I just thought it was "modern" feminism, but its not and these assholes like TJ skew the arguments by inserting little bits of fact, and on their other subjects they were credible. But I just grew out of that through real experience and now I'm proud to be a strong feminist. The women's march had even more of an impact on me. It was the single most powerful event I have ever seen. I'm glad I'm not that way anymore, and my mom has played such a huge thankless role in my life that it took me till I was 21 to really appreciate. The strength that women showed me changed my mind. I'm also really glad that you took the time to explain how people like me became disenfranchised with this weird conservative atheist fad. I've been wondering why I just unsubbed to all those guys and now I think I know. Thank you!

  29. Guilherme Souza says:

    This is so fucked up. I remember when Gamergate started because of that one chick slept around for positive game reviews for her "game". Then for some reason feminists and right-wingers got involved and it turned into a shitshow and kinda died out. Except it didn't and these people for some reason are still cashing in into a non-issue that has already been resolved. This nonsense even got a SVU episode based on it. Ugh.

  30. Samuel Malokov says:

    Atheists destroyed Atheism by introducing some bullshit called Atheism+ and by calling themselves “Skeptic”.

  31. Blaine DeYoung says:

    You finally made a video I have serious complaints about. If people like that quit representing themselves as part of the New Atheist community, good! I haven't. And saying that the New Atheism is "dead" more religious people's willful thinking. It didn't die. It went mainstream. Look at some polling data. If you want to know why people stop making public spectacles of criticizing religion, I suggest you try being more assertive about it yourself and see what happens. The irrational vitriol is staggering, and if you do it in public religious people will persecute you with sadistic glee. It's really disturbing.

  32. Occams Razor says:

    8:28 Has June (Shoe0nHead) taken the crown from Boxxy?

  33. Occams Razor says:

    Thunderf00t is rash, brash and full of trash. And I say this an an atheist.

  34. Oasch Loch says:

    Well, all the lazy self righteous asshatpseudofeminists on the tubes annoy the fuck out of me. But as long as I have to tell actual friends of mine that some of their oh so funny drunken sex adventures constitute fucking rape, feminism has an argument.

  35. Jussi Mattsen says:

    Feminism and Atheism have absolutely nothing to do with each other. It's pointless to inject one to the other, they deal with seperate issues.
    Just because some atheists are feminists or "eqalitarian" or whatever doesn't mean the whole "atheist" movement have to adopt those values.

  36. sithapprentic03 says:

    has anyone actually found contrapoints on christian mingle yet

  37. whiskeyhammer 90 says:


  38. Potted Aloe says:

    Wow, that post-end credit bit is… pretty prophetic in hindsight 😀

  39. Bread Thief says:

    @ContraPoints You have yet to address my question. Go you Natallie either way, I just want to know.

  40. Adam McHardie says:

    Problem is these few feminists have a platform which means they talk to thousands of people. So they influence these people watching. So they do need to be rebutted if they are spreading bullshit propaganda.

  41. rutger5000 says:

    For the sake of my fragile nonexistent sexual innoncence let most of those apps be fake.

  42. Jesus Christ says:

    Thundefoot looks like he smells stinky

  43. Christian Calcerrada says:

    Is Thunderf00t even relevant anymore?

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